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📚Bongs 101:

Welcome to the ancient and noble art of the bong. No, seriously! The oldest bongs were solid gold and used over 2,000 years ago. So honor your ancestors by choosing a bong today.

So why are bongs still so popular? Simple, yet effective, the process of purifying smoke through water continues to create some of the smoothest, biggest, cleanest hits.

Over the last 2,000 years, smokers have discovered ingenious ways to improve bongs with different materials, shapes, and features you can learn about here ⬇️. Our bongs also come in dozens of shapes and colors, so find the one that speaks to your soul.

⚗️How does a bong work?

As you pull smoke from the bowl, through the downstem, and up the chamber, clean smoke moves through the water in the form of bubbles, filtering tar and ash and cooling smoke.

🤷Why use a bong?

The filtering and cooling power of water gives bongs a clear advantage on joints, hand pipes, etc. Water removes toxins and tar/ash from smoke, protecting your bodyfrom damage, and creating a more comfortableexperience.What you see in that murky bongwater is all the nasty crud that’s not going in your mouth, throat, and lungs. Bong water also cools smoke to a comfortable temperature that won’t burn your throat.

👍Choose the best bong for you

We carry a variety of bong types that can match almost any preference:

  • Straight tube/straight-shooters are your classic bong; the straight shape of the chamber creates the most direct hits, and they’re extremely easy to clean.
  • Beakers/bubble bottomshave a base that tapers out, allowing smoke to gather for a bigger hit.
  • Percolator bongs use various percs, which filter and diffuse smoke for smoother hits.
  • Multi-chamberbongs create greater filtration and smoother, more concentrated hits.
  • Carburetor/finger carb bongshave a small air hole instead of a pull-out slide; these are easy to transport, which is why most carb bongs are mini bongs.


  • Heat stable borosilicate glass: Clear glass offers great visibility, letting you watch as smoke build up, and see when it’s time to clean your bong. Many hand-blown glass bongs come in different colors and designs that let you show some of that winning personality.
  • Ceramic:Ceramic bongs are some of the most beautiful and cool-looking bongs available, and can even have detailed patterns. You’ll want to show these off in your living room.
  • Silicone:These flexible bongs are shatterproof, durable, and flexible which makes them easy to transport, plus they come in lots of fun prints and patterns.

Other features to consider:

  • Ice catchers -These indents in the chamber neck of a bong can hold ice, which helps cool smoke as it travels to the mouthpiece.
  • Percs- there are dozens of different kinds of percolators, but all of them work to filter smoke for even smoother, cleaner hits.
  • Downstems:Built-in downstems make bongs easier to transport, while percolated downstems add extra smoke filtration.

We want you to get the best bong for your buck, so feel free to contact us with your questions!

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