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With widespread legalization and decriminalization across the U.S., more and more people have access to cannabis products and the industry has taken off. Just look around. That suit wearing guy with a six figure income, your favorite influencer, and the girl that runs her own boutique all have one thing in common, they love to unwind and disconnect with a few bong rips or a joint after work. Long gone are the days where everyone believed gamers, unemployed hippie types, and surfer dudes were the only ones smoking weed. 420 enthusiasts come from all walks of life and brands have designed smoking accessories to meet the needs and preferences of every kind of smoker despite their age, ethnicity, or gender. Now more than ever, stoners aren’t just focused on function, they also want products that look great too. While women may be more drawn to cute bongs, men also enjoy an endearing design or mini bong because not all cute bongs have to be girly after all.

Why does bong design matter?

From straight shooters and big bongs to beakers, recyclers, and percolator bongs, there are dozens of styles to choose from, which can make picking one even that much harder. Start by deciding on the type of bong, which makes the most difference in the overall smoking experience since each style produces a different kind of hit and has a unique set of advantages and disadvantages, but keep the bong design in mind as well since it also matters. Not only can a quirky or distinctive bong design look super cool, it is also fun to watch when someone uses it, and is the perfect way to show off your personality. Cute bongs can set the tone for an inspiring and uplifting smoke session and come in every bong design imaginable, so there’s bound to be one that peaks your interest. Some of the most popular cute bongs for guys and girls are:

  • Character bongs - To show off your favorite superhero or television character, try a character bong that features a cute glass design that looks like a bobble head or Funko Pop! doll. It’s incredible how detailed glass artists can make a character look.

  • Mini bongs - Based on size alone, mini bongs definitely fall into the cute category. But don’t be fooled by their petite stature, these stoner cute bongs can pack a powerful punch and come in a wide range of styles including some with mini percolators for smooth and flavorful rips. Mini bongs also pack away easily and are a great size for taking along on a road trip or to the beach since they fit in a large purse or backpack.

  • Pink bongs - A dash of the right shade of pink can make anything cuter. We have a huge selection of pink bongs ranging from in your face hot pink to luxurious transparent glass with a hint of baby pink mixed in.

  • Minimal bongs - For a touch of elegance, a cute bong with a minimal design may be just what you need to elevate your next smoke session. There’s no need to hide it away in embarrassment since most minimal style bongs will match just fine with your home decor.

  • Heady glass bongs - If you want cute bongs that are truly one of a kind, take a look at our sought after heady glass bong selection. Hand blown with high-quality borosilicate glass, these cute bongs are works of art that no one else will have. Glass artists let their minds run free creating adorable flower designs, unique shapes, and using colors and techniques you can’t find just anywhere.

Are all stoner cute bongs girly?

It’s about time that every cannabis lover who likes cute things is able to find a bong and other smoking accessories to match their personal style. Let’s be honest, the usual red, yellow, and green colors are overdone and a bong covered with cannabis leaves is over the top and typically not what stylish, modern stoners are looking for. While most cute bongs are marketed to and purchased by women who are looking for smoking products with a feminine touch, men also gravitate towards cute bongs too. Do some men also like flowers, rainbows, mini bongs, bubbly-looking designs, and the color pink? Yes they do! It’s time to break the “cute bongs are girly” stereotype and appreciate the design work and artistry that went into making each and every hand blown bong on the shelf. And if cute bongs aren’t your style per say (they aren’t for everyone), there’s definitely a weed loving family member or friend that would be very excited to own one. Whether buying for yourself or as a gift, stoner cute bongs really add a sweet touch to any bong collection.

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