Personalize Your Bong With These Unique Bowls

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glass bowls bong

Bowls are the most important part of your bong because without one, you’re just looking at a glass art piece with no functionality. Just like bongs themselves, bowls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs with pros and cons. Whether your buddy lost your bowl, or you just want to refresh your bong with a new look, there are endless possibilities when it comes to finding a unique bowl that shows off your distinct personality and style.

What to look for when buying a new bowl

It’s not just for looks, although that is a big part of getting new bowl. Choosing the right bowl for your bong will make all the difference in how your piece will function overall. Water pipe newbies may not realize that there are different sizes and not all bowls are compatible with every kind of bong. The main things to keep in mind while you’re shopping around are the size of the male joint, depth of the bowl, style, and of course aesthetics.

First, determine if your bong uses a slide style bowl or a non-removable bowl with a downstem and silicone o ring. Slides are the most common, but if your bong has a carb, then your piece uses a non-removable bowl. Next take a look at the size of the female joint on your bong. The most common size is 14mm, but some water pipes require 18mm. If you find a one-of-a-kind bowl that you just can’t live without but it’s in a different size, don’t worry. An additional adapter piece will be needed, but the bowl will work with your bong! As for the depth of the bowl’s depression, it really depends on your personal smoking style. Are you a smooth one hitter? Then choose a shallow bowl that packs less. Do you like to pass your bong around with friends or take massive tokes all by yourself? Opt for an extra deep bowl that holds a lot of weed at once.

One of the most important aspects for many smokers is aesthetics. Find a piece that you love to look at or one that matches the design and color palate of your bong. Bowls typically last a very long time (unless they’re stolen, it happens), so you want to find one that keeps you excited. These are a few of our most popular and unique bowls to get you started.

Pink Claw

The stunning clawed hand that wraps around this bow makes it a showstopper. It instantly evokes thoughts of maleficent or a wicked witch. Show off your evil side with this high quality bowl crafted from heat-resistant borosilicate glass. The  Pink Claw packs deep, so be ready for one wickedly enchanted evening.

Pink Claw bowl

Bat Bowl

Do you dress completely in black, spend most of your time in the darkness of your bat cave, and fight crime come nightfall? Well maybe not so much the last one. Just like Mr. Wayne, the  Bat Bowl is there for you when you need it most. This extra deep bowl packs a lot and will solidify your love for Gotham City’s favorite vigilante.


Bat Bowl glass


As the legend goes, one look at the  Medusa bowl and you’ll be...stoned. This intricate bowl features two of medusa’s cobras twisting around to create a heart-shaped bowl. The extra-thick glass makes this bowl long lasting and nearly drop proof while the high lips ensure that no herb ever falls out. Choose from glossy teal or an opaque jet black version. Will you be Medusa’s next victim to be turned stoned?

medusa bowl lit

Alligator Snap

Complete with two rows of sharp white teeth and a cherry red tongue, this bowl is just as interesting to look at as it is to pack. When lit, the hand-made  alligator bowl emits a soft green glow before chowing down on the flame. This is definitely a statement piece and despite it’s looks, it’s surprisingly easy to pack and clean. Just like the stealthy reptile, hits from the alligator bowl will creep up on you and before you know it, it will be too late. 

Alligator Snap Bowl


They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but you’ll need your real best friend to help you finish this bowl. The elegance and luxury of the  Diamond Bowl will add some glamour to your next smoking sesh. Pick from either a 14mm or 18mm slide in shiny black, green, blue, orange, or crystal clear rocks.

diamond bowl


“Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you?” Just like the Jedi Master himself, this slide is small, but powerful thanks to its gigantic bowl that will take you into hyperspace. The large ears act as handles to make pulling the shiny green bowl a breeze. Follow the ways of the  Yoda Bowl as it teaches you how to become one with The Force.

Yoda Bowl

Bart Bowl

This pop culture piece features the rebellious Simpson son in all his glory. From Bart’s spiky haircut down to the iconic yellow skin color and mischievous grin, when you pull this bowl out, you’ll be up to no good. The  Bart Bowl is 14mm and is made with thick sides for added durability. Since each one is individually hand blown, every glass bowl is unique!

Bart Bowl

Now that you know what to look for when choosing a bowl, it’s time to find that special piece to jazz up your bong! Don’t let your budget hold you back from finding a unique bowl. We know you want something special that not everyone on the block has seen before. Nearly our entire  collection of bowls are just $4.20 and the inventory is constantly being updated so come back often to find your next dope piece of glassware.

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