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Sherlock Holmes, Gandalf the Gray, C.S. Lewis, and Albert Einstein. What do they all have in common? Whether real or fictional, they were all great men with great pipes! O.k...Maybe we’re not talking about that kind of pipe, but at Everythingfor420.com, we carry an assortment of beautiful cheap glass pipes, ornate metal pipes, and portable one-hitters all for the incredible price of $4.20.

Hand pipes are a classic way and cheap way to smoke dry herbs and tobacco. You can grind your herb first (we carry a large selection of grinders) or you can tear it with your fingers, then you pack it into your bowl, light up and smoke on! Some people prefer the filtering effects of the water in a bong or bubbler, but there’s nothing beats the convenience and portability of a hand pipe.

Hand pipes are typically separated into a few categories. There’s the classic spoon with its straight stem and fat bowl. The carb on a spoon is on the side of the bowl. A carb is a small hole used to clear smoke and change the airflow. Below you will find a rainbow of glass spoons.

Next is the one-hitter. These are great for concerts, ski lifts, or just chilling out. As the name implies, these pipes have a small space for enough herb for one hit. Their small size makes them compact and discrete. We have a selection of one-hitters in glass, metal, and even on a keychain.

There’s nothing worse than dropping your favorite glass pipe and watching it explode into a thousand pieces on the pavement. If you’re prone to slips and drops, you might want to consider a light, virtually indestructible metal hand pipe. Obviously, metal conducts heat. That’s why these types of pipes are covered in an insulating layer of plastic or other non-conductive materials around the stem. Whether you’re looking for a simple, classic style or something really ornate, we’ve got a metal pipe for you.

At Everythingfor420.com, we have tons of classic spoons, one-hitters, and metal pipes to choose from! If you’re looking for a small hand pipe that’s a little different, check out a beautiful flat ceramic hand pipe or a cool magnetic metal pipe. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for below.

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