How to Choose the Right Bong

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What to consider when purchasing your new bong?

If you’re shopping for a bong to call your own, you’ve probably experienced a bong’s massive, deliciously filtered hits before. But as you shop, you might find yourself overwhelmed with choices and terms you never knew existed. That’s why we made this handy bong shopping guide guide to help you find the ideal bong for you! Here are some of the most important things you should consider while looking for that perfect bong:


  • Borosilicate Glass - If you like to watch your bong bubbles in action,  transparent glass  is the way to go. If you enjoy the  swirling trippy colors of handblown glass, many bongs also feature some funky aesthetics. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a bong made out of our sturdy, heat-safe, scientific borosilicate glass.
  • Silicone - Perfect for klutzes with fingers made of butter, these are shatterproof and flexible. So if you want to stuff your bong into a drawer or suitcase, or see how far you can throw it, silicone may be your best bet. These also come in some pretty  fun prints and patterns.
  • Ceramic - If you have a strong preference for colder hits, ceramic bongs are sure to please. Because ceramic has low heat conductivity, bongs made out of it cool smoke faster than other materials. These also come in some pretty classy designs that you’ll want to showcase.

Height and weight

Whether you want a bong you can stick in your backpack and bring to your buddy’s house, or you’re dreaming of a giant bong of epic proportions, you’re going to need to know how big and heavy it is. That’s why we specify both height and weight in our bong specs, so you know exactly what it is that you’re getting.

  • Under 6” Mini Bongs: These are great for anyone who wants something extremely portable that will fit into small purses or store in cramped spaces. These are also great for newer smokers who want to get used to taking bong rips.
  • 6” to 12” Medium Bongs: The most common bong height, these fit easily into most backpacks and tote bags. They’re a great middle ground between portability and potency.
  • 12” to 18” Large Bongs: These medium sized bongs are fairly common, and able to deliver impressively large rips. These are great coffee table staples for regular use.
  • 18” and Up Monster Bongs: If you want a gargantuan bong that creates equally colossal hits, then bigger is definitely better for you. Recommended for advanced smokers and/or actual monsters.


  • Straight-shooter/straight cylinders are ideal if you are looking for something that’s easy to clean, or if you want your hits to be very direct. These are classics and loved by many.
  • Beaker-bottoms/bubble bottoms are perfect for you if you like your hits like an MMA fighter: big, strong, and super concentrated. The shape lets smoke accumulate at the bottom, letting those rips get swole af. Much like your favorite wrestler, these are still relatively easy to clean.
  • Multi-chamber bongs are a great option if you have a sensitive throat, are health conscious, or simply want your smoke to be filtered twice as much as a regular bong. Since water is added to both chambers, they do twice the work of a regular bong. Double whammy!
  • Recycler bongs are also a good choice if you’re looking for supreme filtration. They also have multiple chambers, but water is recycled through them in a loop, making more bubbles. These also look extremely cool while they’re in action.
  • Carb bongs are an excellent option if you want something as small and portable as a pipe, but still want the water filtration and power of a bong.


  • Percolator bongs are another element that is ideal for someone looking for ultimate filtration and diffusion. There are many different kinds of percs, such as  tree percs,  disc percs,  turbine percs, and many other styles. If you’re looking for a neat looking bong with lots of decorative details, percs add style in addition to function. Percs can be featured on different bong shapes, so take some time to shop for your ideal combination.
  • Ice catcher bongs are right for you if you want your hits as deliciously cold as a Canadian popsicle. These indents in the chamber neck do exactly what they sound like.
  • Splash guards are a perfect solution if you that bongwater aftertaste drives you crazy. These indents catch those murky droplets before they get to the mouthpiece.
  • Ash catchers are ideal for anyone who wants to make sure their smoke is as clean as possible, since these catch large ash and tar particles even before the water starts to work. These come  built-in in some bongs, or they can be bought separately and  attached to almost any bong.

We believe that there’s a perfect bong for everyone, and we hope our bong shopping guide has helped you find your perfect sidekick for all of your 420 adventures. If you’re curious about how bongs work, check out our post How Does a Bong Work? to learn about the process that makes bongs deliver those huge, smooth rips you know and love.

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