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Heady glass is not a specific brand, material, or even design. Heady glass refers to any extremely high quality glassware for smoking cannabis and often includes limited edition or collectable items that are highly sought after by 420 enthusiasts. Heady glass pieces can be anything from glass dab rigs "heady glass rigs", water bongs, hand pipes, bubblers, and so on. Even an exclusive dab rig attachment can be considered heady glass depending on its specialty and rarity and often not found in smoke shops. Most heady pieces are very rare and hand crafted by prominent glass blowers and glass artists, so collecting heady glass pieces can be a very pricy hobby. Many heady glass enthusiasts see their collection as an investment since prices for these one-of-a-kind bongs and pipes will skyrocket over time once an artist becomes more popular.

Unlike machine-made glassware that are mass produced and all exactly the same, heady glass pipes and heady glass heady bongs are made by hand so each smoking vessel is an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind work of art. Artists have free range over their designs and typically choose custom mixed colors and very intricate and detailed designs using difficult glass blowing techniques. For heady glass collectors, the beauty and the rarity of each piece is more important than its ease of use, but more and more glassblowers are combining the two elements. If you want to stand out from the crowd and have everyone asking where you got your cool bong, choose a heady glass piece. The design and functionality of heady glass pieces are out of this world and only head glass owners can understand the specialty and rarity of a piece from a heady collection. Join the club and see what the hype is about!

It is important to take into account that heady glass pieces are typically never on sale and are considered investment pieces for a pretty hefty price the more intricate the design is. The skill it takes a craftsman to make heady glass rigs and other heady glass pieces is something that shows in the final work which is why stoners are major fans of collecting heady glass pieces whenever they can splurge on such a rare and exquisite heady piece of glass. 


While heady glass deals might not offer the best selection of the strongest glass, scientific glass is probably one of the strongest glass for bongs that a stoner can find at any smoke shop or head shops website. Heady and scientific glass can go hand in hand, but scientific heady glass refers to borosilicate material that can be found at a reasonable regular price. Scientific glass is normally found in your typical glass setup, like dab rigs, pipes, and other glass pieces like bongs. 

There are brands on the market that promote unbreakable glass, and this mostly refers to scientific glass that is extremely thick. Borosilicate glass can break, of course, but at premium thickness it can become pretty difficult to do so. There are many high quality heady glass pieces that create that “unbreakable” type of feel but still feel free to handle with care so you can continue to use your heady dab rigs for the long haul. Heady glass rigs for sale can have both thick and thinly made materials so if you are looking for durable heady glass pieces make sure to take the design aspects into account during your search for the best heady glass rigs. 

Heady Glass


Are you ready to turn heads at your next smoke sesh? Then it's time to splurge on heady glass pipes and bongs that you normally cannot find at your local smoke shop. There are a few fan favorite pieces from the Everything For 420 heady glass shop . Our inventory includes some of the best heady glass bongs from top brands like Empire Glassware and GRAV, plus exclusive glassware from independent glass artists . Inventory is constantly changing so be sure to check back in every so often to verify what is available and in stock. When you browse for heady glass  accessories it can be a full day’s function before hitting checkout but rest assured the time taken to enter the heady glass shop and narrow down the best selection will be well worth the wait. Heady pieces are often mistaken as only for art, so the discretion of your smoking endeavors might encourage you to proudly show off your piece as home decor when guests are over. Detailed designs of custom creations are surely an easy conversation starter and heady pieces are excellent at sparking questions of intrigue and curiosity. 

Heady Glass 2

Empire Glassworks Small Avocadope Pipe

Who knew smoking out of an avocado would be so much fun? This three-inch glass pipe is the perfect way to say you are extra without saying you are extra. Lovers of avocado toast and extra guac will approve of the Empire Glassworks Small Avocadope Pipe that features a large central avocado that acts as the body and gives a comfortable ergonomic grip that easily wraps around your fingers. The realistic texture of an avocado will have anyone feeling like they can take a bite into it, so make sure to have your munchies nearby. Grab your favorite strain, because things are about to get avocontrol! If you are in need of heady dab rigs, the Empire Glassworks Avocadope Mini Rig is the perfect combination for the ultimate avocado obsessed stoner. 

Heady Glass 3

Unparalleled Glass Cactus Chillum

If you're looking for heady glass while on a budget, look no further than the eye catching Unparalleled Glass Cactus Chillum , a four-inch glass chillum pipe that is easy travel-friendly and quick to spark a conversation. This straight shooter pipe is made by the talented Chaiah Sullivan from Unparalleled that comes in different colors to match anyone’s vibe. With prickly parts to keep this piece funky and spicy, this is one of the more affordable heady glass pipes that can be a great start to any heady glass pieces collection. 

A heady glass chillum is a fun way to keep your heady collection small and test out whether you would like to continue investing in other heady pieces. Keep in mind that rigs, bongs, and even bigger pipes are usually more intricate in design than a chillum so when you take the step up in hardware you are also getting more in design. Chillums are easy to take around with you without necessarily worrying about breaking it or storing it as it is not a bulky piece in the slightest. One thing about a chillum is that it can go anywhere and be used any time, so make sure it is properly stored in your bag with some cushion and this will be the ideal travel companion on your upcoming road trips. Chillums are excellent for quick hits as it is a straight shooter, then dump it out and wipe it down and you are ready to continue on to your next adventure. 

Stegosaurus Rips By Cleveland Flame Works Glass

Prepare to be amazed by one of the coolest heady dab rigs you can find, the Stegosaurus Rips By Cleveland Flame Works Glass is a one of a kind hand blown custom dab rig that is sure to turn heads. The artist from Cleveland Flame Works Glass created an extremely detailed design of a stegosaurus dinosaur with a banger nail coming out of its back and ready to rip. When you are done with this heady glass piece it also acts as a piece of art and can stand on its own like a statue of sorts. This new piece is one of the more expensive heady dab rigs but well worth it as it can only appreciate in value over time as a collectible. And who can say they can get high from a piece of art they own? Only heady glass owners, that’s who. 

Heady rigs can be such a wise investment because dabbing with heady rigs is an experience not many can say they have had. The smoothness and filter of smoke is one of a kind and truly a luxurious experience that you can feel the love from the creator of the glass piece. Keep in mind that when adding to cart there might be some additional heady bangers you can add to cart as well if you want to switch it up but keep the same body of the piece in rotation. Go to our website to quick view all our products.




If you are still on the fence about buying heady glass smoking accessories, the key to understanding heady glass pieces and the skill of glass artists is to really immerse yourself into the world of these smoking accessories and try to see how much time and effort is put into these creations. More than just a glass bong or glass pipe, these are pieces of art that also function as smoking accessories that add value to a customer over time. Just like normal bongs and dab rigs, heady accessories have the same filters and pieces that a typical bong or rig would have just with a customized touch. The special part about owning heady pieces is that you might be one of the only ones that own that specific piece as everything is hand blown and never fully made exactly the same. Isn’t it amazing that glass artists are human beings but can hand blow something so plain into a masterpiece? And to top it off, a heady vaporizer or other heady accessory is just as functional if not even more so than a normal piece of glass that was mass manufactured. The time, care, and effort that goes into creating these pieces is what you are paying for, while honoring and credit someone’s work that has the skill not many have. 


If you're looking for heady dab rigs , heady glass pipes , heady glass bongs, and more you've come to the right place! The EF420 smoke shop has everything you need for the sesh and more. Head shops like EF420 offer cannabis accessories like heady glass rigs and heady glass pipes for the ultimate smoking experience. Whether you are vaporizing and dabbing or doing straight up marijuana flower, there are heady glass pieces for any kind of cannabis enthusiast. Various techniques are used when creating heady glass and head shops everywhere attest to how rare each heady piece can be and should be treated with care. 

Investing in heady glass is no easy decision, but if you are at that point in your life where the price is right and you are wanting to make a bigger purchase for your cannabis collection, heady glass pieces are the best way to upgrade any cannabis setup. Adding another cannabis accessory like heady pieces to a current collection is the best way to revive your other accessories with the saying, “out with the old, in with the new”. Investing into heady pieces can be a wise investment because they can only appreciate over time. As an artist grows their past pieces of work can appreciate in value as well, so not only are you shopping around for your next accessory to smoke with, you are also shopping around for a custom piece of art. The investment in that is unmatched and heady pieces truly take being a stoner to higher and more creative levels. If you are ready to take the leap into the heady glass world it is an exciting time to be able to jump onto the website and browse around for items that might interest you. Look on Everything for 420 Instagram for the latest glass artists and collaborations and see the wide selection of heady pieces available for sale. 

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