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Herb Grinders - Fine Grinding Tools

In the good old days, our hippie forefathers just took a whole bud and shoved it in their pipe. Or they would use their fingers to break things apart and mix them. This was messy, wasteful, and didn’t give a lot of opportunity for mixing. Luckily, nowadays, herb grinders are widely available and come in a variety of sizes and materials. Grinders make sure you get the most out of your herbs. They also make rolling easier and produce a finer, smoother smoke. At Everythingfor420.com we have metal and plastic rotary grinders.


We carry rotary grinders in metal and plastic and in a variety of sizes and cool designs. A rotary grinder’s interlocking teeth tear the herb apart evenly and then it falls through the holes into the chamber. This means potent oils and pollen aren’t left sticking to your fingers.

  • 2-piece grinders: These are the simplest type. They do the trick, and don't have too many loose parts.
  • 3-piece grinders: These have a built-in screen and a chamber below to catch the finer particles and kief.
  • 4-piece grinders: These have a kief screen and a kief catcher, and usually come with a small scraper. That means you can get all of the trichomes out of your herb and control when and how much of them to pack in your bowl.
  • Mini grinders:These are a great way to bring finely ground herb with you on the go, so you don't have to stuff your one-hitter with big chunks. 
  • Jar grinders: These double as a container, so you can grind and store herb all in one place.

At Everythingfor420.com all of our grinders at only $4.20! If you can't choose between two, just get both - it'll still end up under $10. And you won’t just save money on the grinder, you’ll save money by getting the most our of your flowers every day, with no waste.