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Grinders make sure you get the most out of your herb, make rolling easier, and produce a smoother smoke so check out our collection top grinder brands of herb grinders!

Herb grinder types

In the good old days, our hippie forefathers just took a whole bud and shoved it in their pipes. The wisest among them would get their hands dirty, using their fingers to break bud up or scissors to cut and grind in pestle and mortar fashion. Although this seemed like the best and easiest option, the reality was messy, wasteful, and didn’t give a lot of opportunity for mixing and to ensure smooth grinding. Luckily, we're past the stone age of grinding and now herb grinders brands are widely available and come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials including metal, wood, acrylic, stone, magnetic, rotary, crank and electric herb grinders, you don’t need to be a licensed health care provider to understand the benefits! Some have additional features like kief catchers, mesh kief screens, extra large grinding chambers and clear windows for easy viewing.

Best weed grinders for sale

At we have most cheaper grinders like a solid selection of metal grinders, wooden grinders, acrylic grinders, aircraft grade aluminum grinders and rotary grinders. Our blog post Best Grinders for Herb details the many benefits of using a cannabis grinder, includes step-by-step instructions on how to use a herb grinder and some of our top grinders for sale. Whether you are smoking a joint, blunt or from a bong, pipe or vaporizer, a grinder is an essential stoner tool so you can enjoy your herb at its finest.

Best grinders and grinder tool types

We carry both metal rotary grinders and plastic rotary grinders in a variety of sizes and cool designs. A rotary grinder’s interlocking teeth tear the herb apart evenly and it falls through the holes into the chamber for you to pack into your bowl. This means that potent oils and pollen aren’t left sticking to your fingers and instead get packed into your joint just as it should be.

  • 2 piece grinders: These are the simplest type. They do the trick, and don't have too many loose parts.
  • 3 piece grinders: These have a built-in screen and a chamber below to catch the finer particles and kief which is rich in trichomes.
  • 4 piece grinders: These have a kief screen and a kief catcher and usually come with a small keefer scraper to get all the good stuff. That means you can get all of the trichomes out of your herb and control when and how much of them to pack in your bowl.
  • Mini grinders: These are a great way to bring finely ground herb with you on the go, so you don't have to stuff your one-hitterwith big chunks like old times.
  • Jar grinders: These double as a container, so you can grind and store herb all in one place, getting the best of both worlds.

How does a herb grinder work?

One of the most underrated and most necessary smoking accessories to date, an herb grinder is an absolute gem of a device that will make your stoner life a whole lot easier. There are so many different types of grinders available but essentially they all do the same thing: grind TF out of some bud so you can add some finely grounded marijuana to a bowl or joint to enjoy. Herb grinders have sharp teeth that literally grind together when you twist them back and forth, which is the act of grinding your weed. Twist as little or as much as you want, and the more you grind your weed the finer it will be, making for a smooth and glorious smoke session. 

How to clean herb grinder?

At some point with consistent use of herb grinders, a lot of sticky build-up can accrue and it might affect the performance of an herb grinder. Every now and then you will see that an herb grinder becomes way too sticky and pretty hard to use, which is a sign that it is time to clean your herb grinders. So how do you clean herb grinders and maintain their condition? It is important to know how to properly clean herb grinders so that you can properly care for your cannabis accessories to last you for years to come. Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to clean herb grinders.

1. Empty kief catcher

Many herb grinders these days have a kief catcher which is featured on the bottom of a grinder. Kief will build up over time, and only a little amount is needed to elevate a joint or bowl as it has high concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids to get you high in the clouds. Any herb grinder with at least three pieces or more will typically have a kief catcher feature, and the more pieces an herb grinder has the more features it will usually have. 

You will want to empty the kief catcher and make sure you remove all the good stuff before you begin the cleaning process. If you do not, the kief will be ruined so make sure you do not skip this step!

2. Put an herb grinder in the freezer

To make things easiest on you, placing an herb grinder in the freezer will help to loosen up the sticky material that is coated on the teeth of a grinder. This can also help to preserve the kief that is built up but did not detach when shaken out. Place herb grinders in the freezer for 30 minutes to one hour and you should be golden. 

3. Wash with water and dry

No one likes the isopropyl alcohol and salt taste, so it is best to wash out the grinder thoroughly with water. It is best to lay out herb grinders to dry for a few hours to remove the alcohol smell by airing out herb grinders naturally. Wiping water off with a towel will get the job done as well but the harsh smell might still be present. 

Grinders should always be cared for regularly as it completely sets the tone for a smoke sesh. Have you ever shown up to a smoke sesh where there were no herb grinders in sight and you had to struggle to get some decently grounded weed? It is an absolute nightmare compared to using herb grinders that can grind your weed in less than a minute. Giving herb grinders a good cleaning once every month at the very least can make all the difference in the quality of shred it delivers. Herb grinders might not have seemed serious to you before but now that you think about it, it is the foundation of all epic smoke sessions!

What are the best grinders and best grinder brands?

There is no one answer to the question of all questions: what is the best herb grinder to buy? It all depends on a few key factors: how many pieces you want your herb grinder to be, whether you want a kief catcher and screen, size and material. If you're looking for a long-lasting grinder made from high quality materials, these are some of the top weed grinders brands to keep in mind:

  • Marley Natural
  • Aerospaced
  • Cali Crusher

What is a kief catcher?

A kief catcher, also known as a pollen catcher is a screen for kief. You may wonder what is the point of a kief catcher and is it really worth it? Yes, hands down. The real question you should be asking is if kief get you higher than bud and the answer is simple: most definitely. Rich in resinous trichomes kief, also called cannabis crystals, is highly concentrated in terpenes and cannabinoids and can be as much as 50% higher than herb. All legal dry herb grinders for tobacco usage have will at some capacity catch your kief, but 4 piece grinders have a section that makes it easy for when the mood strikes and you want to turn it up with that fine grind.

How much is a grinder?

Grinders range in price, but cheap herb grinders normally range from as little as $10 - $25, while more high-end generally go up to $100, depending on the quality of the materials and large grinders used. One of our best grinders is the Marley Natural Large Wood Grinder, which is made from black walnut wood and features a hidden scraper tool at the bottom, so you can collect all that poll.

Cool herb grinders

  1. Marley Natural Wood Grinder - Made from sustainably sourced black walnut this grinder features anodized aluminum teeth for the finest grind.
  2. Rick & Morty Grinder - Fine toothed 4 piece grinder, selected at random for all the Rick and Morty fans out there who like a little mystery!
  3. Rasta Dubs Grinder - Great hand crank grinder available in two shades, rasta and blue.
  4. Dark Side Grinder - Star Wars grinder by the Darth is a super stealth 2 piece grinder that looks like a Vader figurine, so mom will never know!
  5. Black Out Grinder - Sleek 4 piece grinder in glossy black with pop of color topped off with a kief catcher to collect that nectar.
  6. Banana Brothers Otto Grinder - If you're all about smoking joints and pre-rolls then you'll love the Otto grinder which is made for filling pre-rolled cones. Technology these days!
  7. Revolver Grinder - This novelty grinder will make sure you're locked and loaded with its stealth compartment at the bottom to store your herb.

Grinders near me

At our cannabis grinders and many other grinders are super affordable and you’ll save money by getting the most out of your flowers every day, with no waste. Check out our smoking accessories, vaporized substances and best weed grinders with user submitted reviews found on our website for sale to see if something catches your eye and be sure to share your personal experiences kief too! Find your best new grinder here!


How To Use a Grinder?

A standard weed grinder is easy to use, follow this guide to grind up your herb. You'll first twist open your grinder and insert your flower. Once the weed grinder is full of herb, simply twist back and forth to shred the contents of the weed grinder. Open the grinder to find your shredded weed.

What is the best material for a herb grinder?

There are many different types of materials used for weed grinders, and have different benefits. A plastic weed grinder is light and compact, but can break if not careful. Anodized aluminum is very popular for weed grinders, due to the strength, ease of use, and reliability. 

Are there different types of weed grinders?

There are many types of weed grinders. In most cases you'll find that a weed grinder comes with different parts, or compartments. A 5 part weed grinder would come with a lid, storage, grinding chamber and multiple kief screens. A standard 2 part weed grinder would only grind your weed.

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