HHC Products

HHC Products

You are probably asking yourself what the heck is HHC, right? After learning more about HHC THC your mind will be blown, so best be prepared for the overload of an information journey you are about to embark on. Before you go looking for HHC stock and HHC for sale, at EF420, we not only make HHC products for sale available to you online, we prefer to educate our customers before using them. Hence, you understand their full effects and history. HHC cannabinoid products could quite possibly be the minor cannabinoid of the future. 

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What is HHC THC?

HHC stands for Hexahydrocannabinol and is a hydrogenated version of tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly referred to as THC. In contrast, HHC can be found naturally in hemp and occur in traditional THC plants. This very sophisticated process involves adding hydrogen molecules and atoms to stabilize Delta 9 and essentially take over its structure. By doing this, HHC and its hydrogen atoms will break the double-bond chemical structure that THC contains and instead replace it with that hydrogen. You are probably completely lost right now, but it will make sense soon. Just know that the psychoactive cannabinoids are not gone but are still there, just under a different molecular makeup. Cannabis plants can truly produce so much, and humans are just cutting to the surface to discover just how much a hemp plant is capable of.

What is HHC-O?

Try not to mistake HHC and HHC–O, they are very different when it comes to strength levels and an important distinction to understand when choosing various HHC products for sale. HHC-O, or hexahydrocannabinol acetate, is created by adding acetic anhydride to HHC extracts, thus allowing human cannabinoid receptors to bind more efficiently with HHC-O molecules and more than they could with just HHC molecules. Basically, you can get much higher off of HHC-O than HHC, so be on the lookout for both depending on how much you want to blast off!

Is HHC legal?

Similar to other synthetic cannabinoid discoveries like Delta 8 THC, the federally legal regulations surrounding HHC products for sale are always in limbo. While it is a naturally occurring process once the right chemicals are introduced in appropriate amounts, it is a stretch to say that when you buy HHC products, they are completely naturally occurring when substantial amounts are not. Since HHC THC is considered a synthetic material, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) created the 2018 Farm Bill that states all synthetically derived THC is to remain Schedule I controlled substances and part of the controlled substances act. 

There are many arguments that can state HHC is naturally occurring, and if derived from hemp plants and containing less than 0.3% of THC, those types of HHC products are in the clear. But any other statement that alludes to synthetic creation will be classified as otherwise if it does not meet hemp requirements. It would honestly not be very cost-effective to extract HHC naturally simply because there is not enough of it naturally occurring to extract, so using a scientific process involving hydrogen carbons is the next big thing. This is an ongoing discussion and there are many sides and opinions when it comes to whether HHC is a synthetic or naturally occurring cannabinoid, and if you have any interest in exploring this topic further we recommend you do some more research and you should find some interesting standpoints.

Effects of HHC

There are not too many studies on HHC and its full effects on the human body and brain, especially when compared to other deltas like Delta 8 THC or Delta 9. However, HHC products do produce very similar effects to THC consumption, often imitating a psychotropic effect that many users like. HHC is a pretty potent cannabinoid and HHC effects should always be monitored when taken so you can understand individually what HHC products and cannabis plants can do for you.

The strength of HHC products differ with each batch of HHC produced and also has a wide range of potency. When manufacturing HHC extract, most labs have a minimum threshold of 50% active to inactive compounds in order to be sold, so there will be psychoactive properties no matter what but that amount might not be able to be regulated or controlled completely. On average, HHC products are roughly 70% to 80% of the potency of THC. At moderate doses, HHC has similar effects to THC but is most commonly compared to Delta 8 and Delta 9 when it comes to effects and its relaxing properties. HHC-O is even stronger than HHC by itself and is said to be anywhere from one to three times as potent as THC. So you will get a high and have similar psychoactive effects like you would Delta 8, Delta 9 (conventional THC), and Delta 10.

Does HHC make you feel high?

If you smoke enough amounts of HHC cannabinoid for sale you should definitely feel those high and psychoactive effects that Delta 9 commonly delivers. Since HHC is still relatively new, the hydrogenation process is still unknown when it comes to separating and fully controlling HHC molecules. When produced in batches in a lab, HHC products online are packaged to contain a mix of active and inactive HHC molecules, where basically the active HHC molecules bind very well with your body’s cannabinoid receptors, but the inactive HHC molecules will not. This pretty much does not allow manufacturers the ability to separate active and inactive HHC molecules because there would be no telling which is the active or inactive HHC stock until a user tries the batch themselves. 

For now, when you buy HHC online, there are typically balanced HHC products for sale that should give you a nice high that is somewhere in between the effects of Delta 8 THC and Delta 9. While you should not feel extremely high and disoriented, you should feel something more than what you’d experience when consuming something like CBD. Users might feel some effects like:

  • Euphoric or calming mood
  • Increase in appetite
  • Feeling relaxed
  • Feeling tired

Side effects of hemp derived HHC

There are a few side effects when consuming any hemp derived cannabinoid, and it is important to know that HHC THC will not kill you and you cannot overdose on it either. It could, however, make you feel uncomfortable, and depending on how much has been consumed, it could take some time to detox from a person’s system. Some side effects to be aware of when taking HHC:

  • Anxious feelings
  • Dizzy
  • Cotton mouth (dry mouth)
  • Insomnia
  • Paranoia
  • Increased heart rate (rapid)
  • Red eyes

Again, these side effects are not life-threatening, but they can feel uncomfortable, so if you are in a space where you feel HHC side effects, you should sit down, hydrate, and try to calm down. If there is CBD anywhere, that could be one remedy to help the HHC wear off, but it is best to relax and drink water, maybe eat a meal to soak up the extra high and uncomfortable feelings you feel. Similar to how you might feel overwhelmed or have a rapid heart rate from consuming too much Delta 9 THC, it is best to take it easy and attempt to balance your mind and body when you are feeling overwhelmed and need to come back to feeling grounded.

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How is HHC stock made?

Dating way back to the 1940s, a chemist named Roger Adams was the genius that discovered HHC by adding hydrogen to THC molecules and performing hydrogenation to create HHC. Since hydrogenation changes THC’s physical properties and molecular weight, it makes it more stable and thus improves its resistance to oxidation or exposure to air, which can cut down on shelf life. Basically, doomsday preppers will be stocking up on HHC THC because that is about the only type of cannabis that would be able to last for the long haul. 

It really is not very cost-effective to naturally extract HHC from a cannabis plant, simply because there is not enough of it to extract on its own. Recreating the molecular structure through hydrogenation has contributed to discovering such a potent cannabinoid that could be extremely helpful in the future of cannabis.

HHC and drug tests

There is some speculation that HHC for sale has a different molecular structure and therefore does not show up the way THC does on a drug test, simply because the molecular structure no longer matches. This is an advantageous moment for stoners everywhere, especially for those that could put their jobs in jeopardy if they were to ever test positive on a drug test from marijuana use. While we do not condone lying on drug tests, we are simply explaining that, technically, HHC does not have the physical properties and molecular makeup that Delta 9 THC or Delta 8 THC has. There are not enough studies or findings to make this a completely true statement, and it is not encouraged to mess around and find out if you truly need to pass a drug test. HHC and a drug test should be treated just like any other controlled substance and used with caution, as effects vary from person to person. 

Why should I use HHC?

There are many reasons why a customer might switch over to using HHC THC instead of using CBD, Delta 8, Delta 9, or Delta 10 products. While effects vary from person to person, users might experience the following that could benefit their daily routines if they have trouble with any of the following.

Increase of appetite

For those that need help with eating more (yes, this is a thing), using HHC might be just the trick for you. By consuming a bit of HHC, your appetite can increase and give you those temptations to want to eat. Maybe you do not want to consume everything in sight the way that Delta 9 THC might make you feel, but HHC has a nice balance of triggering hunger without going overboard with it.

Lowering stress and anxious feelings

If you are feeling a bit down, especially in the winter months when the coldest (and loneliest) days tend to occur, when you buy HHC online, it could definitely help and is worth a shot. There can be moments where it feels like nothing can help your low vibrational mood, but giving HHC products a shot could do the trick or at least jumpstart you on a journey to discovering what does work best for you. Again, starting out in low doses could do wonders for your well-being and figuring out what your body actually wants!

Sleep aid

Are you experiencing bouts of insomnia and really about to try anything to get a solid eight hours in? Taking some HHC products and keeping them on hand can make all the difference during those long nights when you are nowhere near falling asleep the way you want to be. Insomnia can be pretty difficult to combat on your own, and if you have already gone the route of using melatonin and need something stronger, then HHC edibles, tinctures or oils can be very helpful.

Muscle relaxing

For those who experience tight muscles and are looking for relief, HHC THC does show a lot of promise in helping decrease inflammation. There are still a lot of tests that need to be done further to prove existing studies and HHC’s full effects regarding pain relief, HHC seems to be a pretty decent cannabinoid to keep around. If you are an avid gym goer or have joints that just need some greasing and extra care, HHC might just be the cannabinoid that your muscles and joints have been waiting for.

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Types of HHC products online for sale

There are several types of HHC products available on the market, all you need to do is find out which one works best for you! We suggest you try them all and make your decision after a few uses of each, it is a fun and hands-on way to know exactly what your body reacts best to, and who wouldn’t enjoy consuming cannabis for research purposes? 

HHC oil 

This is a concentrated form of HHC that is consumed orally and is a very popular method for cannabis consumption. 

HHC gummies and HHC edibles

HHC edibles and HHC gummies are an easy way to get a fixed dose of HHC cannabinoid products. HHC gummies safe are a very easy and travel-friendly way to hold your stash and make it even easier to keep on hand with all of your other Delta products. Plus, there are always so many delicious flavors available in HHC and HHC-O products sold. It is easy to add them to your existing routine.

HHC disposable vape cartridges

Pre-filled or disposable vapes containing HHC oil, are typically used with a vape pen or other electronic device and offer a convenient and discreet way to consume HHC on the go while staying out of the spotlight. 

HHC flower

HHC flower is often referred to as CBD sprayed flowers because it is the literal act of spraying CBD flower with HHC isolate. This coats the flowers and allows hydrogenation to occur, and essentially this is the process of infusing HHC into different flower strains. 

HHC tinctures

A liquid form of HHC that is typically taken orally and is used for its calming effects while being very easy to ingest. Pretty quick to activate in the body, HHC tinctures will still feel pretty strong just like a Delta 9 THC tincture would. 

Shelf life of HHC products online

The shelf life of HHC THC should last much longer than typical THC products, but it is also best to double-check the packaging and manufactured dates. The shelf life of typical THC products is two years, so regardless you should have more than enough time to consume HHC products. However, the real magic shows when HHC does not oxidize the way THC does when exposed over time to light, heat, humidity, etc. HHC is pretty low maintenance when it comes to taking care of itself, and it will not disappoint you when you come back to it after long periods of time because it should still carry its potency. While the psychoactive cannabinoids found in THC might degrade over time and lose their power, HHC products do a great job of keeping HHC's potency and maintaining their strength without being so easily affected by outside elements. The power of hydrogen molecules!

Where can I find HHC THC?

Besides looking on Google to search “HHC near me”, HHC for sale can be found right here at EF420 of course! With many products to buy HHC online it is easy to browse through our collections and see which HHC buy is best for you. We are always continuously adding more HHC products online to our latest Delta collections so make sure you stay updated and in the know!

Please make sure you check on our website at the top of our Delta THC pages which states we are allowed to ship to, this will help you to understand hydrogenating THC at the federal level as laws and regulations are constantly updating.