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Not only do beaker bongs make you feel like you’re a mad scientist, they also give you some of the biggest, smoothest and best hits available.

Benefits of a beaker bong

Beaker base bongs have a lot of benefits over other bong styles including massive yet controlled hits, improved filtration, ease to clean and its durable stable table base.

  • Big fat hits - The wide base chamber creates more space for smoke to accumulate and concentrate, creating ginormous hits that are sure to get you instantly zooted.
  • Better filtration - The beaker base can also hold more water which helps generate more bubbles to filter smoke more efficiently.
  • Less water changing - Since the beaker base holds more water, this also means that water gets dirty more slowly, so you don’t have to change it quite as often.
  • More controlled rips - Because you have to pull a bit harder on a beaker, you get to decide how big to let your hit grow in the base, and when to take it, unlike a straight shooter bong which is more direct.
  • Table stable - The wide base keeps it more stable and less likely to tip over which is important if you're a bit of a butterfingers or like to host the smoke sesh at yours. This is especially important if you want to add features like an ash catcher or a bigger bowl. 
  • Easy to clean - Beakers are effective and yet still simple. The simple shape makes it easy to get all those ash and tar particles at the base and neck.
  • Reduced Splashback - The design of the beaker naturally reduces splashback unlike straight tube bongs "usual glass bongs". This is especially the case if your beaker also has an ice pinch.

Features to consider for your beaker

  • Splash guards - These ringed indents stand guard at your mouth to protect it from the evils of gross bongwater. These are a must-have for many.
  • Ice catchers - These indents do exactly what they sound like, letting you chill down your hits to extremely comfortable temperatures that taste great.
  • Removable downstems - These are easy to replace if they break or get too clogged up.
  • Built-in downstems - Also known as a fixed downstem, this is just one less loose piece to worry about, so it’s easier to transport your water pipe without worrying about losing the downstem.
  • Percolators - Consider getting a beaker with percolators, which will help to further diffuse smoke and cool down your hits. It's worth cosidering a fixed percolated downstem. This paired with an ice catcher and you'll be floating on an iceberg in Antartica IN YOUR MIND! In Everythingfor420 you can also find a tree perc beaker bong.
  • Glass thickness - Our beaker base bongs are made of borosilicate glass, which is used in in labs and high-end restaurants because it is temperature resistant, extremely durable and stands the test of time "it's really thick glass".

Best Beaker Bongs for sale

Cheap beaker bong for sale

If you are looking for a cheap bong, mini beaker bong, or a beaker water pipe that has a beaker base for concentrated hits and easy cleaning we've got you covered with some of the best cheap beakers online.

How to use a beaker bong?

Just like a normal thick beaker bong you pack a bowl, light it and breathe in through the mouthpiece. You'll see the smoke accumulate at the base and start to rise through the neck. Inhale at your own pace and you'll see the bubbles work their magic filtering smoke before you take in a hit. If you want to take a massive hit, you can remove the glass bowl once the smoke is concentrated enough at the base but as a forewarning, you may end up coughing for the next five minutes!

Buy beaker bongs online

Are you looking for monster-sized rips? Do you want a water bong or a thick glass beaker bong that won’t fall over but is still a classic? Are you actually a mad scientist? If so, a glass beaker bongs might be right for you. Luckily, we have cheap beaker bongs at Everything For 420 in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for smooth smoke.


What is a beaker bong?

A beaker bong is a bong is typically similar to a beaker you would see in a science lab. Beaker bongs have a funnel shaped base that can hold water, which allows filtered hits when taking bong rips. A beaker bong is usually made of glass, but can be silicone or metal.

How to use a beaker bong?

To use a beaker bong, first fill your bowl with the herb of your choice. Place the bowl into the joint of the beaker bong so it fits snuggly. While lighting a lighter or torch, breathe through the mouthpiece. The tube and beaker will fill with smoke, lift the bowl to clear the filtered smoke.

What are the benefits of a beaker bong?

Using a beaker bong has many great benefits! Due to the shape of the beaker base, you can take larger bong rips. The beaker bong can also hold much more water, so you can change it less frequently. Beaker Bongs also naturally reduce splashback when inhaling.

What features should be considered when choosing a beaker bong?

A beaker bong can come with many different features, so it's important to weigh your options. Splash guards help to minimize splash back, and ice pinches allow ice to be held in the tube of the beaker bong for chilled bong rips. Percolators further diffuse the smoke and can also chill the smoke.

Do beaker bongs hit harder?

Beaker bongs are a classic bong shape and there are several reasons why they remain a favorite amongst the cannabis community. The simple beaker bong design is well-known for producing massive, direct hits that are only outshined by straight shooters. If you’re looking for the hardest hitting bong, definitely try a beaker. Keep in mind that a glass beaker bong with lots of percolators will add resistance and drag, but those hits will be more comfortable to inhale. The shape is also perfect for passing around a group of friends due to the bottom heavy, stable design and long neck that makes a great handhold. Other designs may have smaller bases compared to their height and are easier to tip over accidentally. Compared to other smoking devices, a glass beaker bong is one of the easiest to clean due to its simple shape, but if you really want an easy bong to clean, try a silicone beaker bong.

Are beakers good for dabs?

A small glass beaker bong is actually one of the best options for dabbing. Overall, smaller dab rigs are more efficient; easier to transport, store, clean, and use; and are typically less expensive. Most smokers don’t realize that almost any water bong can be turned into a dab rig and vice versa so there’s no need to have a totally different setup. A glass small beaker bong is extremely versatile and can be used for dry herb or concentrates depending on the occasion and your mood. Just swap out the bong bowl with a compatible quartz banger and you’re good to go! If purchasing a bong or dab rig for dual use, choose one made of glass in a classic shape like a beaker bong, ensure the dab nail and bowl is easily accessible, and keep the features such as recyclers and percolators to a minimum for the best result no matter the smoking material. As mentioned previously, beaker bongs provide direct hits with just enough filtration and cooling that’s great for maintaining fresh, smooth dabs or hits. With a clear glass beaker bong, you’ll be able to actually see the water and bubbling in action.

Are you supposed to tilt a beaker bong?

To tilt or not to tilt. This is a hot debate that doesn’t actually make too much of a difference and really just comes down to personal preference. Some people find it more comfortable to tilt a medium or large beaker bong at a roughly 45 degree angle to take a hit. This is because tilting it allows easier access to the bowl and is more ergonomic when trying to reach the mouthpiece while sitting down. If you find it annoying to face down over the mouthpiece, you may want to try tilting it and seeing if there is a difference. When at an angle, the downstem needs less water to be covered, opening up more space in the main chamber for smoke to accumulate. Tilting your beaker bong is not necessary however, and both ways are acceptable when taking a hit. If you prefer not to tilt your glass beaker bong but feel that it’s not very comfortable when taking a rip, look for a beaker bong with a curved or angled neck.

Is your shipping discreet?

We take discreet shipping very seriously, so whether you know that your parents took massive rips from a beaker base bong back in their day or they are totally against smoking cannabis and you don’t want them to know, we’ve got your back. When an order is placed, our weed loving fulfillment team in Dallas, Texas gathers the items and packages them carefully in a plain box or mailer with no logos or mentions of 420. Most orders go out the very same day and take just a few days to reach your doorstep, so you can light up in style. Even if your nosy roommate, uptight landlord, or conservative parents get to the mail before you get home, what you decide to do on your own time is safe. We even go as far as using a nondescript business name on the shipping label and your credit card statement so not even the mail carrier will know what cool smoking accessories are waiting inside. Just be sure to open the box in private!

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