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Beaker Bongs

Benefits of beaker bongs and a collection of our favorites.

Not only do beaker bongs make you feel like you’re conducting scientific experiments in your mad science laboratory (muahahaha!), they also give you some of the biggest, smoothest, best hits available. So why is it that smokers seem to love beakers so much?
Here’s what our 420 experts have to say about the benefits of a beaker bong:
  • BIG FAT HITS - The wide chamber base creates more space for smoke to accumulate and concentrate, creating ginormous hits that are sure to get you instantly zooted
  • BETTER FILTRATION - The beaker base can also hold more water which helps generate more bubbles filter smoke more efficiently
  • LESS WATER CHANGING - Since the beaker base holds more water, this also means that water gets dirty more slowly, so you don’t have to change it quite as often.
  • MORE CONTROLLED RIPS - Because you have to pull a bit harder on a beaker, you get to decide how big to let your hit grow in the base, and when to take it, unlike a straight shooter bong which is more direct.
  • TABLE STABLE - The wide base keeps it more stable and less likely to tip over. This is especially important if you want to add features like an ash catcher or a bigger bowl.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Beakers are effective, and yet still simple. That simple shape makes it easy to get all those ash and tar particles out of there.
But what kind of features should you think about when shopping for a beaker?
  • Splash guards - These ringed indents stand guard at your mouth to protect it from the evils of gross bongwater. These are a must-have for many.
  • Ice catchers - These indents do exactly what they sound like, letting you chill down your hits to extremely comfortable temperatures that taste great.
  • Removable downstems - These are easy to replace if they break or get too clogged up.
  • Built-in downstems - These are just one less loose piece to worry about, so it’s easier to transport your piece without worrying about losing the downstem.
Are you looking for monster-sized rips? Do you want a bong that won’t fall over but is still a classic? Are you actually a mad scientist? If so, a beaker bong might be right for you. Luckily, we have beakers in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for a great price below.