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How the operate, various styles, and a collection of must-see, must-have rigs.

📚Dab Rigs 101:

Dab rigs are a type of water pipe used for smoking concentrated waxes or essential oils. In recent years, dab rigs have become increasingly popular because of wax’s capability for concentration and efficiency. But waxes need to be heated to temperatures much hotter than usual, so bongs and other traditional pieces don’t have the filtration power to cool the vapors fast enough. And thus, the dab rig was born. Tah dah!

⚗️ How does a dab rig work?

Since dab rigs are a type of water pipe, they use bubbles to cool, concentrate, and diffuse vapors, much like a bong. But most dab rigs are smaller and more intricate than bongs, often having complex shapes with features which allow more water to flow through in order to cool down the wax faster and protect your throat. You can learn more about these features and the different parts of a bong below ⬇️.

🤷 Why dab?

  • Efficient - waxes are known for creating a more concentrated and long-lasting experience.
  • Better for you - Dabbing vapors do less damage to the body than smoke, since they contain fewer toxic particles like ash and tar.
  • Small and portable - Dab rigs are only a fraction of the size of bongs, making them easy to transport.
  • Cool, comfy hits - If you always find yourself coughing up a lung when you smoke, dab rigs will prove more comfortable than bongs, pipes, or rolled cigarettes.

👍 Choose the best dab rig for you

Parts of a dab rig:

  • Domeless nail - this is the “bowl” of the dab rig, where waxes are placed. Most of our nails are made of quartz, which produces a crisp, clean taste. Titanium is a cheaper alternative to the quartz nail.
    • Bangers are a type of domeless nail shaped like a hammer, with a flat bottom that allows you to heat it more evenly and and a curved neck to help control airflow.
    • Thermal bangers have a double-walled chamber which help you control the temperature of the wax.
  • Percolators or percs use small holes to create more bubbles, creating additional filtration while cooling the vapors more quickly. There are dozens of different perc shapes and styles, but the more holes, the more bubbles.
  • Downstems, which connect the bowl to the rest of the rig, are almost always built-in in a dab rig.
  • Chambers are often used to recycle water for added filtration and cooling power.
  • Joints are where the domeless nail connects to the downstem. These are often (but not always) at a 90° angle on dab rigs.

Types of dab rigs:

  • Recycler - these rely mainly on a recycling system, usually featuring lots of different tubes and chambers, to create more bubbles which cool and filter vapors. This creates a very neat swirling effect when used.
  • Percolated - these rely mainly on percolators with small holes to create bubbles which cool and diffuse vapors. Percs also add an intricate aesthetic to the rig.
  • Cylinder - this refers to the cylindrical body shape of the rig. These often have inset recyclers or percs.

Other features to consider:

So whether you’ve dabbed before or you’re just getting started, we hope this guide has helped you learn the basics to choose the perfect dab rig for your needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions!