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Straight Tube Bongs

Benefits, unique features, and top quality selections.

Straight as an arrow and shoot just as hard, straight tube bongs are a classic smoking accessory that creates some of the most direct hits imaginable. The benefit of a direct hit is that you get zooted faster and get a fresher flavor from the smoke since it doesn’t sit around in the bong for too long.
But with so many options out there, what makes straight tubes (otherwise known as straight-shooters) such a popular option among smokers around the world?

  • EASY PULL - You don’t need to pull smoke very hard to get great hits, which is great for the lazy or impatient smoker.
  • GET BLASTED FASTER - The straight tube shape creates super direct hard-hitting rips for a more efficient high, which is ideal if you like your hits like you like your coffee, straightforward and strong.
  • PERC-ABLE - Straight tubes can have percs or diffused downstems which use dozens of tiny holes to create bubbles that filter and diffuse smoke for smooooooth hits. Check out more of our percolator bongs.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The simple shape makes straight tube bongs extremely easy to clean, even with percs.
  • EASY TO PASS AROUND - Straight shooters are generally a great size and shape to grip with one or two hands and pass around at a party or just chilling out with your friends.
Here are a few other features that straight tubes can have:
  • Splash guards - these rings protect you from getting a mouthful of nasty bongwater.
  • Ice catchers - These let you pile in a few cubes of that cold stuff, for ridiculously fresh and easy-to-take hits. Ice catchers are a must for many smokers.
  • Percolators - Our percolator bongs have many different types of percs for any smoking or aesthetic preference.
  • Diffused downstems - These are downstems with holes that work almost as well as a perc for creating more bubbles and filtering smoke
Our bong collection is full of affordable and high quality straight tubes for anyone who wants nothing more than a classic and excellent straight-up smoking experience. Check 'em out below!