Collection: 420 Smoking Accessories for only $4.20

Nope, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. These cheap smoking accessories are all priced to please. Shipping is $4.20 & FREE for orders over $42.00. 

420 smoking accessories for sale

Our collection of cheap 420 smoking accessories includes glass bowls, rolling papers, dab tools, lighters and even pipes:

  • Glass Smoking Bowls - Cop a steal with our Diamond bowl, Clear Dotted Bowl or simple Single Clear bowl.
  • Rolling Papers, Pre-rolls & Tips - Our collection of rolling papers include some of the best brands including Elements, Zig Zag and Raw rolling papers. We've also got tips and pre-roll cones if you want to simplify the sesh.
  • Rolling Trays - Check out our cool mini rolling trays like the 420 Leafy Tray so you can keep your herb all in one place.
  • Silicone essentials - We've got silicone pipes and silicone mats for breaking up your concentrates. One of our favor pipes for just $4.20 is the Minions Pipe.
  • Dab Tools - Our collection of dabbers including the I'm a Pickle, Rick Dab Tool, American Dab Tool and Rick & Morty Dab Tools have an uncanny resemblance and will be sure to elevate your experience.
  • Lighters - Snag a clipper lighter or Bic lighter in cool designs for the next sesh.

Make your own 420 goody box

Mix and match your favorite smoking accessories to create your own personalized stoner goody box. Whether you're stocking up for the 420 holiday, have a birthday coming up or want to surprise the stoner bae in your life, you can create a custom collection of the best 420 accessories without breaking the bank. If that's too much pressure, you can also snag a deal on a curated 420 goody box or get surprised monthly with our stoner subscription box.

Best 420 smoking accessories

Add a cool glass bowl, weed grinder, rolling tray or rolling papers to your collection today! And if you're looking for 420 smoking accessories you've come to the best online headshop not only for cannabis accessories but also cheap bongs, vapes and pipes. Welcome to the EF420 family, check out the goods in our online smoke shop and let's light up!



How can I upgrade my bong?

Smoking accessories are a great way of upgrading your bong into a unique smoking piece. Smoking accessories like a new bowl, diffused downstems, cool or unique stickers and lighters are all great ways to upgrade!

How many types of smoking devices are there?

There are tons of different smoking devices out there that can be upgraded with some great smoking accessories. Consider upgrading your rolling game with some new rolling papers or rolling trays. If you have a bong, consider getting smoking accessories like downstems and bowls!

What bong accessories do I need?

There are a ton of different smoking accessories that can be added to your bong to make it a standout smoking piece! Check out our huge collection of cool and unique smoking bowls. We also carry every downstem imaginable for your bong, in all shapes and sizes! Try a diffused downstem for filtration!

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