Collection: Bong Bowls & Bong Bowl Pieces for Bongs

Bong bowls, also known as bong slides, are one of the most important parts of a bong. If you’re ready to smoke a smoking bowl and want a statement piece - check out our Bong Bowls!

Customize your bong with unique bong bowl pieces

They say a bowl by any other name would toke as sweetly, but the truth is that not all  glass bong removable slide bowls are made the same. While most of our bong pieces already come with a glass smoking bowl included, you may want to choose your own personal favorite bowl piece. 

  1. Design: Bowls come in all sorts of crazy designs and shapes, like bowl shape, for a glass screen like the Diamond Shaped Glass Bowl and Clear Dotted Bowl , so they can be a great way to express your personality or show off your favorite character.
  2. Color: You can choose a color that will accent the design of your favorite piece or tie it into your room’s aesthetic.
  3. Finger grips may help some butterfingers keep a hold on the bowl, but others may not prefer their appearance
  4. Affordable: We have high-quality, yet cheap smoking bowls available for as low as $4.20, so they’re a great way to treat yourself or give a little gift to someone special without breaking the bank.

What's my bowl size?

The bowl sits in the joint of your pipe and holds your loose herb. At Everything For 420 we have male and female bowls in 14mm and 18mm, so sure to check the size and gender of your joint before ordering to make sure your new bowl will fit! If you're wondering what diameter bong bowl you should get, as a rule of thumb, 14mm bowls are standard among small to medium sized water pipes, while 18mm bowls are normally used on larger smoking bongs. If you’re not sure, take a dime out of your wallet if you’ve got one and measure; 14mm bowls are smaller than a dime, while 18mm bowls are slightly larger.

Bong adapters

While it's optimal to get the right size from the get-go you can get a bong adapter that will connect your bong and bowl, or water pipe, or vaporized substances, just make sure it works with your setup. Normally, the bong side of the adapter will be male while the glass bowl generally is female.

What are some types of bowl accessories?

Yes, you can order a water bong online, get it shipped to your door, and use it right out of the box, but did you know that you can fully customize your bongs with different bowl accessories? Not only is this an awesome way to show off your personal aesthetic and style, it’s also the most affordable way to upgrade your old bongs without having to splurge on a new one. Whether you accidentally lost or broke your bowl piece and downstem and are looking for a replacement or simply want to give your favorite bong a new look, these smoking accessories will take your next smoke sesh to all new “highs”.

  • Downstems - Most 420 enthusiasts don’t even think about downstems until one breaks. Downstems are a key part of how a water bong functions as they connect the airpath from the bowl piece to the water. Luckily, removable downstems can be replaced if they get broken. You just need to know the length and joint size that’s compatible with your bong and bowl piece. Downstems come in heat-safe borosilicate glass or durable metal and can provide extra bubbles if the end is percolated.
  • Pipe screens - One of the best bowl accessories are pipe screens and they’re cheap too! Used at the bottom of pipe or bong bowls, these small bong pieces of screen ensure that no small bits of dry herb or ash gets pulled down with the smoke when you take a hit. These large contaminants will normally get caught in the bong water if they do make it into the bong, but can still be accidentally inhaled, especially in dry pipes that don’t use water for filtration. Pipe screens will last a long time and can be easily cleaned if they get too dirty for smoke to pass through.
  • Cool bowl pieces - Bowl pieces for bongs come in countless colors and designs. Whether you want to match your bong, have a unique bong bowl as the showpiece, or show off your personality a bit with a character bowl from your favorite series, the options are endless. Just be sure to pick something you love that has a depth to match your smoking style (i.e. shallow, small bowls for solo sessions). Here at EF420, we’ve got so many cool bowl pieces for just a few dollars, you’ll probably want to get a backup bowl too!
  • Silicone bowl pieces - Are you the clumsy stoner that no one trusts with their expensive heady glass bongs? Then you definitely need at least one silicone bong and bowl piece in your arsenal. Non-toxic silicone is heat resistant and nearly indestructible, so even the most accident-prone smokers won’t need to worry about dropping and cracking glassware. There are silicone bowl pieces that fit on almost every type of bong including traditional glass bongs. Typically the bowl itself is made from metal or heat-safe borosilicate glass that is protected on all sides by a durable silicone skin.
  • Debowler ashtray - If water bongs or glass pipes are your preferred way to toke, you definitely need to get yourself a debowler ashtray. This special type of ashtray is designed just for those that use glassware. The metal spike in the center of the ashtray makes debowling quick and mess-free because no one likes touching and fussing with smelly ash. Instead of getting annoyed to pack another bowl in the middle of the smoke sesh, you’ll be debowling and taking another hit before your buddies even notice it was out.
  • Bong cleaning solution - What’s more embarrassing than handing your crush a filthy bong with floaters in the water and gooey black gunk all over the mouthpiece and bong bowl? That’s right, nothing. Keep your smoking accessories sparkling clean without having to put your back into it. Our non-toxic bong cleaning solutions get the job done quickly with minimal effort and actually limits build-up in the first place while cutting strong odors.

How to find the right downstem?

If you’re a regular toker, you (or a friend) are bound to accidentally break a glass downstem at some point. It’s inevitable. But not to worry, a replacement bowl downstem is cheap. You just need to know the right length and joint size for your specific bong. Most removable downstems are anywhere from 2 inches to 6 inches long with a joint size of 14mm, 16mm, or 18mm. The joint size will need to be the same as the joint size of the compatible bowl. If you still have the broken downstem, measure from below the joint to find the correct length. You can also check the corresponding bong product page for downstem lengths if you purchased your bong from EF420.

How to find suitable ashtrays?

When it comes to ashtrays for smokers who only use glassware, there’s only one type you should own, a debowler. Debowler ashtrays are specifically designed to make emptying out ash from old bowl pieces for bongs as easy as possible. Once the dry herb in a smoking pipe or water bong has completely turned to ash and you’re ready to pack another one, remove the bowl if possible and flip it upside down over the debowler ashtray. Use the central metal spike to help you pick out all the tightly packed gunk and stubborn ash, letting it fall into the ashtray below. Just be careful not to puncture your pipe screen if you use one!

Buy bong bowls online

Whether you smoke from a percolator bong, cheap water bongs, silicone bong, mini bong or beaker bong, bong bowl pieces for bongs are a great yet simple way to spice up your experience every time. If you’re looking for a dope looking smoking bowl for your bong at the best prices and star rating  available, you’re in the right place so check out our wide variety of awesome bowls with user submitted reviews !


What is my bong bowl size?

A bong bowls size is measured by the diameter of the stem protruding from the bottom of the bowl. You'll first need to identify if the bowl is male or female. The size is typically 14mm or 18mm depending on the site you buy from. Everything 420 lists bowl sizes as either 14mm or 18mm.

What is the difference between female and male bong bowls?

A female bowl is typically able to slide over the male joint portion of a bong or dab rig. Female bowls are also known as converter bowls, as you can smoke legal dry herb from a dab rig. Male bong bowls fit snuggly into the female receptacle of a bong, and can easily slide out when clearing a bong rip.

Does the shape of the bong bowl affect its function?

The shape of a bong bowl can affect many aspects of taking a bong rip. The larger bong bowls are meant for sharing, as you can puff puff pass much longer, and can pack a lot more herb. Smaller bong bowls are great for those who sometimes prefer to smoke alone, and know how much herb they need.

What should I do if I have the wrong bong bowl size?

Since most bong bowls need to be the correct size for your bong, you may have to purchase another bong bowl that fits. Remember when purchasing, a bong bowl needs to be able to fit into either the male or female portion of your bong. A male bong bowl fits into a female joint, and vice versa.

Are your bong bowls shipping discreetly?

Yes! As discreet as can be. While views surrounding those that partake in the green goddess have shifted dramatically within the last decade or so, we know that not everyone is comfortable with cannabis use. We’re looking at you mom! So if you want to keep your recreational activities a secret from judgy landlords, neighbors, parents, or roommates, we’ve got you covered. Each order is packaged in Dallas, Texas and shipped discreetly to your doorstep in just a few days so you can test out your new toys in no time. Even if your little sister gets the mail, she’ll have no reason to suspect anything because of the plain boxes and mailers we use that have no mention of 420, smoking, or cannabis. Even if a nosy nancy ends up seeing your credit card statement, we use a nondescript business name that will not cause any suspicion. Just remember to blow out the window bestie!

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