Must Have Bongs and Pipes For Travel

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Smokers come from all walks of life and the stereotype that smokers hang out on the couch all day is essentially an idea from the past. These days most people are constantly on the go and when cannabis is part of your lifestyle, you never know when the right moment to light up will present itself. For this reason, it’s important to have that one accessory that you know will survive the inside of your backpack or glove compartment. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to find specially designed bongs and pipes for travel. Whether you’re choosing a special piece for weekend trips, or just looking for a pipe that you can easily take along on your daily routine, your smoking accessories should be able to withstand all of life’s adventures, no matter where it may take you.

Obviously, some pieces are too fragile for travel. This typically includes bongs with delicate percolators, thinly constructed glassware, or intricate designs. The most durable materials are silicone and metal, but we’ve also got some extra thick glass pieces that have made the list. Here are a few bongs and pipes for travel that are less likely to break in your bag or slow down your on-the-go lifestyle.

Revolver Pipe

Get your hands on a  Revolver Pipe and you’ll be the coolest pot smoking gunslinger in town. Pack up to six tiny bowls in the rotating chambers, perfect for those quick one hitters or a game of Russian roulette. On the opposite side of the metal pipe there’s a built-in grinder making this piece the ultimate all-in-one accessory. The metal is very durable and on-the-go users can quickly unscrew the stem for even easier storage and transportation.

Revolver Pipe

Yellow Flower

Don’t let the sweet aesthetics fool you, this water pipe is no delicate flower. The organic curvy shape is unique among bongs, but what really makes the  Yellow Flower stand out is the extra thick glass, particularly around the base and mouthpiece. The flowing base design is cool to look at and also makes this piece virtually untippable. At five inches, the Yellow Flower is a medium-size bong, but because of its sturdy construction, you won’t have to worry about cracking like you normally would with other bongs of the same size. Spread the love and show your flower power with this charming yellow bong.

Yellow Flower

Rasta Mini Carb Bong

Every reggae fan will love this red, yellow, and green  Rasta Mini Bong that will only set you back about the same as your morning coffee. At five inches tall, this bong is the same size as a soda can and can be easily stored in even the smallest of spaces so you can take it along no matter where you go. Carb bongs have no removable bowl that way you’ll have less pieces to worry about when you’re ready to light up. Turn on your Bob Marley playlist (we know you’ve got one) and drift away into that mellow mood.

Rasta Carb

Silicone Ice Cream Cone Pipe

Most pipes are already ultra portable, but when it comes to glass, there’s always a risk of cracking or chipping. That’s not the case with silicone. Silicone is not just shatter proof, it’s also heat safe. This pipe includes a high quality borosilicate glass bowl, which is safely cushioned by silicone on all sides. Just like the neighborhood ice cream truck, once you pull out the  Ice Cream Cone Pipe it’ll have all of your friends racing over to give it a taste. You have two iconic flavors to choose from: Strawberry or vanilla. 

Ice Cream Cone Pipe

Rainbow Silicone Beaker

With its vibrant colors and swirling psychedelic pattern, the  Rainbow Silicone Beaker will transport you back to the good ‘ole 1960s. You’ll still get those powerful bong rips you expect from a beaker without the anxiety associated with caring for glassware. Throw it in your gym bag or backpack and pass it around at a party without a second thought because this bong is almost entirely drop proof, though it does have a glass bowl.

Rainbow Beaker

Mini Smoke Box

This teeny-tiny bong may not look like much, but the  Mini Smoke Box  is equally cool to look at as it is to hit. The square-shaped base chamber makes for gargantuan hits that you’ll have to see to believe. At 3.5 inches tall and not even 3 oz, this little guy fits right in the palm of your hand or even your smallest purse. Take the Mini Smoke Box along on your next outdoor adventure and it’ll quickly become your new smoking buddy.

Mini Smoke Box

Stealth Silicone Bong

Straight tube bongs give some of the most direct hits around, but aren’t really travel friendly. That’s because you haven’t met the  Stealth Silicone Bong yet. At a 13 inches, this water pipe is the real deal if you want a full-sized bong that is nearly unbreakable. The entire piece except for the bowl is made from high-quality silicone and comes apart at the neck so it’s even easier to pack and transport.

Stealth Silicone Bong

Bottle Bong

Just because a bong is made for travel doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice durability for effectiveness. The nine-inch  Bottle Bong is crafted with thick glass on all sides and features an inline percolator for smooth and filtered hits. Vertical percs like the one in this bong are typically less likely to crack compared to more complex styles. In addition to lots of percolation power, you’ll also get the cool bottle-like aesthetics and a stable green base to save you from accidental tipping.

Bottle Bong

We’ve got more where that came from! Head over to  Everything For 420 to check out more bongs and pipes for travel.



How to properly transport travel bongs?

If you're taking your travel bongs on the go, you might want to make sure their safely secured for travel. Depending on how large your travel bong is, try wrapping it in bubble wrap, or even a towel to make sure your travel bong doesn't break. Try placing the travel bong in a place it won't move.

Can travel bongs be carried on an airplane?

When traveling by plane, you may be wondering if you can bring your trusty travel bong. This largely depends on where your flying from and to, as some places will not permit this. However, if you do bring a travel bong, make sure there is no THC residue, and it's safe and secure in your travel bag.

Do travel bongs need special care?

Travel bongs need to be secured so it doesn't break! Depending on what type of travel bongs you might have, for example, a glass travel bong will need to be specially placed in a bag and wrapped with bubble wrap or cloth for safe storing. Some bongs made of silicone need much less precaution.

How to choose travel bongs?

If you're looking for a travel bong, it's best to pick something that's highly durable and easy to store. Everything 420 recommends looking into our wonderful silicone bongs! These travel bongs are very, very hard to break and are the perfect travel bongs! The only part that can break is the bowl!

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