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We're all about a high quality smoking experience without breaking the bank. That's why we offer cheap bongs and bubblers starting at unbelievably low prices so you'll still have some cash in your wallet to spend at the dispensary. At Everything For 420 you'll find the silicone bong, mini bong, percolator bong or bubbler that speaks to your soul. From a three-foot tall monster or a nearly unbreakable silicone bong to a cute and colorful bubbler that fits in the palm of your hand, we've got a wide range of water pipes to choose from. Our inventory is constantly changing, so remember to check back often for the trendiest styles and designs. Your wallet won't take a hit, but you will.


When it comes to smoking herb, there is nothing quite like the power of water. Water pipes, also known as bongs and bubblers, draw the herb’s vapor through water in order to filter and cool it for the perfect, smooth hit. Weed bubblers are great for traveling since they're often smaller plus they have the added appeal of being able to be used with or without water, depending on your preference and situation. So what are you waiting for? Throw out that harsh homemade gravity bong and see what you've been missing!

On the blog we break down the key differences between a bubbler vs bong, water bong and bubbler types, how to clean your glassware, and how to choose the right smoking accessory for you, but here’s the quick and dirty:

  • Bong Pros: smoke longer, stronger high, easier to clean, many styles and materials to choose from, great for sharing, lots of customizability.
  • Bubbler Pros: more stealthy and durable, easier to handle, quick to use, great for traveling, handheld, can be used with or without water, often cheaper than your standard smoking bong.

What Bong or Bubbler is Right for You?

  • Straight Shooter - Best if you want the most direct rips possible with no drag. Straight shooters are also the easiest bong style to clean.
  • Beaker Bong - Very stable base for those who are accident prone. Beakers produce huge, strong hits that are less direct than a straight shooter.
  • Percolator Bong - Percs aerate the water, creating more bubbles for extra comfortable hits that don't hurt the lungs.
  • Recycler Bong - This type of bong is super cool to watch in action. The multiple tubes circulate water and smoke for fresh filtered smoke.
  • Carb Bong - Easiest bong to use since this style uses a non-removable bowl. Smoke it just like you would a pipe.
  • Hammer Bong - The chamber has a flat bottom so the bubbler can stand upright without tipping.
  • Sidecar Bong - The bowl and chamber is off to the side for a unique look and less splashback.
  • Double Bubbler - Dual water chambers means more filtration, cooling, and smoke for giant, flavorful hits.
  • Concentrate Bubbler - Designed specifically for smoking concentrates.

Buy Cheap Glass Bongs & Bubblers

We keep our products at low prices because we believe that everyone should have access to the right tools to achieve the best smoking experience possible. All of our weed bongs and bubblers are beautiful and functional, so whether you are looking for a silicone bong, silicone bubbler, mini bong, small bong, mini bubbler, percolator bong, beaker bong or water bubbler, you’re sure to find something special! Some of our best bongs online include the Colored Spiral Bong, this unique Chaos Theory Glass Bubbler or the handcrafted Cobra Snake Bong!'



What are bubblers?

A bubbler is similar to a bong, in the sense that smoke is pulled through water in order to filtrate a hit. Bubblers tend to be much smaller and more compact. A bubbler can be considered a type of bong, although a much smaller, portable version.

How to choose a good cheap bong?

If you're looking for a great bong at a cheap price, you've come ot the right place! Everything 420 carries bongs that will fit anyones needs and price ranges. When looking to purchase a bong, choose one that fits your needs and price range.

What bong size to choose?

When choosing the size of a bong, there are a couple of things to consider. If you prefer to smoke solo, you might want a medium sized bong that delivers filtrated bong rips. If you're a social smoker, consider a smaller bong that can trave. If the party comes to you, consider getting a huge bong!

Are bongs and bubblers the same thing?

Bongs and Bubblers are not the same thing. A bong is typically much larger than a bubbler, more durable and provides larger rips. A bubbler is very portable, easy to use on the go, and some can even fit in your pocket. Bubblers are great for quick, easy, and incognito rips.

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