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What is a dab pen? I could get poetic about the joys of dab pens, but then we’d be here all day wouldn’t we? A dab pen is simply a vaporizer pen that has been specifically designed to turn wax concentrates into smooth, fresh-tasting vapors and mists. The other kind of concentrate vaporizers pen is for dry herbs, but at the end of the day it’s simply a matter of preference.

Why use a dab pen?

Prior to the invention of portable dab rigs, e-rigs, and dab pens, those who wanted to partake in cannabis concentrates were limited to tabletop dab rigs that required several specialized tools, high temperatures, and manual heating with an open flame. While many serious 710 enthusiasts only use glass dab rigs because of their unparalleled vapor quality, these setups are cumbersome to take to a friend’s house or use while on the go and have a big learning curve. Dab pens, also called wax vaporizers, terp pens, dry herb vaporizers, or concentrate pens are a lightweight, portable option for smokers who want to consume concentrates while out and about. Dab pens are a type of vaporizer, but differ from cart pens and normal vape pens that use e-juice or oil. Instead of being limited to what manufacturers choose to fill the cartridge with, dab pens are compatible with any kind of concentrate including wax, shatter, budder, live resin, and crumble so smokers have more options. These are a few more reasons why dab pens are essential for anyone who dabs:

  • Lightweight and pocket-sized design - Dab pens are the most portable and travel-friendly way to consume cannabis concentrates.
  • Not limited to vape carts - Dab any type of concentrate you prefer and adjust the device’s temperature and settings accordingly.
  • Ultra convenient - Dab pens automatically heat to a precise temperature every time and require less tools and knowledge of dabbing to use. Many dab pens have just one button so even beginners are able to get great tasting dabs on the first try.
  • Quick and discreet - There’s no need to heat up the nail with a dab torch and wait for cycles of heating and cooling like with a normal glass dab rig. Even the cheapest dab pen will heat up and be ready to hit in just seconds. The small size and fewer tools make the dabbing process quick and discreet.
  • Customizable - All wax pens for sale come with between three or four pre-set temperature settings to use as a baseline. These can be customized, sometimes to a single degree depending on which type of concentrate is used.
  • Better vapor quality - Compared to vape pens for carts, dab pens produce larger clouds with intense flavor and potency. Dab pens allow for easy low temp dabbing that doesn’t compromise the plant material’s natural cannabinoids or terpenes.

How does a dab pen work?

A dab pen simply works by heating your wax up to the ideal temperature to create smooth clouds of delicious vapor. But how does it do the job? It all comes down to a few key parts

  1. The battery - Like the mighty mitochondria to the living cell, the battery is the powerhouse of the dab vape pen . A powerful dab pen charger ensures that your vape heats up quickly, and heats your wax up to exactly the right temperature. Many vapers prefer the simplicity and easy use 510 batteries because of the convenience and ease of pre-filled cartridges.
  2. The coil(s) - The dab pen coils are simply the parts of the vaporizer that heat up. There can either be one or two coils in a concentrate vaporizer. Dual-coil vapes usually cost a bit more, but they heat up the wax faster and more evenly so they are worth it to many dab pen vapers. However, single-coil vapes still do the trick, albeit less efficiently. Dual coils also need to be replaced less frequently. The coils are part of a larger part of the vape called an atomizer.

So it’s really quite a simple process - the battery heats up the coils to an optimal temperature for the portable wax vaporizer, you inhale, and enjoy!

Dab Pen Types

  • Chamber dab pens - Chamber dab pens like the Pink KandyPens Donuts Wax Vaporizer are the most common type of best wax pen. The compact wax pen has a simple chamber that you can easily load up with your own wax concentrates. The great thing about dab wax pens that use ceramic plate atomizers is that you get to control exactly what goes in, but the downside is that things can get a little messy, and you have to transport your wax separately.
  • Cartridge dab pens - Rather than a chamber to load up wax, portable dab pen cartridges like the Vertex Vape Pen take in pre-filled cartridges (most are disposable, but there are a few refillable options like the Discreet Kind Pen). Think of cartridges as the coffee pods of the dabbing world. Their main benefit is convenience: You don’t have to deal with sticky wax, you can easily carry the dab pen cartridge with you, and you simply just click it in and go.
  • 510 batteries - These are batteries that work very similarly to cartridge dab pens. You can insert the cartridges directly into the battery, insert a 510 thread, and vape away. A dab pen battery is usually shorter and smaller than other styles, and it looks almost exactly like a lighter if you’re looking for a discreet vape battery.

How do you clean dab pens?

The most dreaded part of the 420 lifestyle is cleaning up sticky resin. Unfortunately, all smoking devices including dab pens require regular cleaning to work at its best and continue to produce fresh, flavorful vapor clouds. Dab pens are very easy to clean, all you need is isopropyl alcohol and cotton buds. Start by removing the mouthpiece and soaking it in isopropyl alcohol for 20 minutes if the material and design allows. Using an alcohol soaked cotton bud, pick off any stubborn resin, rinse in fresh water and set it out to dry. The same can be done for dab pens with atomizers, but if it is a coil style, these can get damaged and should be left alone. Dab pens that have a heating element, like chamber, can be cleaned with a cotton bud and a little alcohol. Remember to also wipe down the thread. Once all the pieces are completely dry, replace them and run the dab pen through a cycle or two to be sure any leftover alcohol is burned off before dabbing.

Dab Pens for Sale Online

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Are dab pens better than vape pens?

A dab pen and vape pen differ in many ways, but one is not arguably better than the other. With a vape pen, you primarily vaporize THC liquid which is heated up by a battery, this is considered a healthy alternative to smoking. A dab pen heats up actual concentrate for a much more potent high.

What is the difference between a dab pen and a cart?

A dab pen is primarily used to vaporize concentrate or "dab" by heating the material with a coil to point of combustion. A dab pen will produce a much more potent hit and high. A cart or cartridge is used in vape pens, and is primarily a THC liquid that is consistent with flavor and potency.

Do wax pens and dab pens smell?

If you want the potency and flavor of dank weed, the wax pens smell comes with the territory whether it’s in the form of dry herb or concentrates. Dab pens do have a distinct marijuana smell, though not as much as some other types of smoking devices. This also depends on the specific type of concentrate used as some strains have stronger aromas than others. When not in use, dab pens will hardly smell at all. Unlike the lingering smoke from joints, blunts, glass pipes, or bongs, the vapor from a dab pen dissipates in just one or two minutes and even quicker if taking a dab outdoors. The best way to take stealthy dabs is to take several small dabs instead of one massive dab that will create a giant cloud and take dabs in a highly ventilated area with the windows open or outside. For those trying to be extra discreet, exhale each dab into a personal air purifier like the Smoke Buddy that completely eliminates odors.

How long do dab pens last?

Unlike disposable vape pens that are meant to be used and thrown away, dab pens need higher temperatures that require a more powerful lithium-ion battery. Dab pen batteries are rechargeable, typically with a USB or USB-C charging cable that plugs right into the wall outlet, battery pack, or car. The amount of time a fully charged dab pen will last varies widely depending on the brand, mAh of the battery, usage, and what temperature setting is used. On average, dab pens take between two and four hours to fully charge and can last for days, sometimes up to two weeks with regular everyday use. Most dab pens have an auto-shut off feature that will automatically turn the device off to save battery life when not used for a certain amount of time. High quality dab pens last a very long time, have a warranty, and many have cheap replacement parts so there’s no need to purchase an entirely new vape if a single part happens to break.

Is a dab pen suitable for beginners?

Dab pens are very user friendly and allow beginners to take flavorful dabs the first time they use it. They are perfect for those who use concentrates but want something more portable than a traditional dab rig setup and veteran stoners who already use cannabis products regularly. However, novice smokers who are new to the 420 scene or those who use dry herb and have never dabbed should be wary. Cannabis concentrates used for dabbing are much more potent than dry herb and can be overwhelming for those who aren’t regular smokers. Not only are dabs up to four times more potent than flower, it can be difficult for newbies to dose concentrates correctly since it takes such a small amount to get blazed (around half the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen). Whether a seasoned toker or new dabber, start out extremely slow when using a dab pen for the first time. You can always take a second dab, but you can’t go back after taking a massive dose.

Is your shipping discreet?

You may be purchasing a dab pen to take discreet tokes after school or in your room, but what about the shipping? Will other people know what you’ve purchased? Here at EF420, we take being discreet very seriously since we’ve all been in a situation where a landlord, roommate, significant other, or parent isn’t enthusiastic about your smoking habits. Each order that’s received is packaged at our warehouse in Dallas, Texas in a plain box or mailer. The outside of the box won’t have any logos or mentions of 420 in sight, so even the mail carrier won’t know what lies inside. We even go as far as using a different, nondescript business name on the shipping label and your credit card statement to keep nosy Nancy’s out of your business. Even if someone else ends up getting to the mail before you get home, there’s no reason at all for them to be suspicious.

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