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8 Straight Tube Bongs to Add to Your Collection

October 02, 2019 4 min read

best straight tube bongs

Do you enjoy your weed like your coffee, effortless and strong? Well, straight tube bongs, also known as straight shooters, give you just that and more. They produce some of the most direct, hard hitting tokes of any bong style, which many smokers prefer. With a straight tube design, you’ll be sure to get the freshest hits without any funny business.

Straight tube bongs can be easily spotted because of their classic shape. They have a single straight cylinder making them one of the most basic styles of bongs out there. The simple design means that straight tubes have a low amount of drag for easy pulls and gargantuan hits. This style is also one of the easiest water pipes to clean. That’s important because let’s be real, no one wants to hit a bong full of black sticky tar. Made from heat-resistant glass or silicone, straight tube bongs come with either a carb or a removable bowl. The choice is really up to your smoking style and aesthetic preferences.

Are you looking for a bong that fits your personality? We’ve got some of the funkiest straight tube bongs in town! These are a few of our favorites.

Dotted Bong

After passing through three chambers, the smoke in the 15-inch Dotted Bong is concentrated and cool. This multi-chambered straight tube bong is made of heat-safe borosilicate glass which was hand-blown right here in the U.S.A. Its built-in downstem and ice catcher means you can stop worrying about finding multiple pieces and focus on what matters most, getting baked. The Dotted Bong comes with green, blue, white, or amber trim.

Dotted Bong

Rosey Straight Shooter

This cute 12-inch piece is the perfect size for passing around with friends. Pops of bright pink adorn the base and thick mouthpiece, which also doubles as a splashguard. The Rosey Straight Shooter features a diffused downstem for added filtration, while the three-pinch ice catcher cools things down so you can have the chillest night in.

Rosey Straight Shooter

Quadruple Jellyfish Perc

What’s better than one jellyfish perc? Well four of course! Standing at a whopping 25.5 inches, the Quadruple Jellyfish Perc might just be the coolest piece you own. The four percolators are stacked on top of one another generating an insane amount of bubbles that filter out ash and other contaminants from the smoke before it reaches your lips. Stack a few ice cubes on the ice catcher for an even smoother bong rip. This bong comes in jade green or black.

Quadruple Jellyfish Perc

Silicone Bong

If you’re accident prone, silicone is your best friend. The Silicone Bong is popular because it’s shatterproof, heat-safe, and available in a variety of eye-catching graphic designs. Choose from Rick and Morty, the American flag, 100 dollar bills, graffiti, or Pokemon inspired prints. The angled chamber, removable downstem, and ergonomic grip make this straight tube bong super simple to use. All the bongs except for the Rick and Morty design come apart at the neck for easy cleaning and transport. You can throw any of the silicone bongs right in your bag without a second thought and pull it out again whenever you feel the urge.

Silicone money bong

Knotted Straight Shooter

At 19 inches, the Knotted Straight Shooter produces some instant and giant hits for a great high. A colorful yellow and black swirling pattern around the mouthpiece and base give this bong the look of a stained glass masterpiece. You can get some smooth rips thanks to the three-pinch ice catcher and diffused downstem that filters the smoke and chills things down. 

Knotted Straight Shooter

Torpedo Bong

Call up your buddies and get ready for an explosive smoking experience when you launch the Torpedo Bong. Coming in at 32 inches, this massive straight tube won’t hold back once its target is set. Be prepared for potent, percolated rips thanks to the honeycomb and jellyfish percs, which create a giant cloud of bubbles. The thick glass piece has a large base, tapered mouthpiece, and an ice catcher that can hold dozens of ice cubes.

Torpedo Bong

Triple Puncture Straight Shooter

A wise man once said, you can never have too many percs and he was right. The Triple Puncture Straight Shooter has a wide base for added stability and a thick colored mouthpiece to reduce splashback. With three honeycomb percs, you’ll get tons of aeration, filtration, and cooling power for comfortable bong rips every single time. This 12-inch bong has a super cool look when all the bubbles are rolling and comes in blue, green, or white.

Triple Puncture Straight Shooter

Ice Catcher

Are you one of those smokers who make a point to keep things icy cool? Then this bong is for you! Keep your smoking sesh below zero with the medium-sized Ice Catcher bong. The multi-layered ice catchers allow you to enjoy those direct hits that straight tubes are known for while instantly cooling down the smoke so you can last all night long. A built-in ash catcher and diffused downstem add a final touch. Pick up this piece for your next chill night in.

Ice Catcher bong

Straight tube bongs are so effective at what they do that they might just become your new favorite. With their super direct hits, you’ll be flying higher than a kite in the wind. Here at Everything For 420, we’re continually adding new pieces to our bong collection so check back regularly to see what’s new! You may just stumble upon the water pipe of your dreams.

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