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Glass Pipes - Heady Hand Pipes

Uniquely designed, top quality glass pipes at everyday low prices.

Glass pipes come in a rainbow of colors and shapes and are a classic way to smoke your favorite dry herbs or tobacco. Our selection of glass hand pipes has the traditional spoon shape with a round bowl and straight stem. The bowl on a spoon is slightly larger than a chillum or one-hitter. You can pack enough herb to smoke for a session on your own or to share with friends. Some pipes have small bumps that make them easier to hang onto or pass around without dropping it. The carb on the side of a spoon’s bowl helps you clear the pipe chamber.

Even though we have a selection of pipes for only $14.20, don’t think you won’t find something beautiful and unique. Each glass pipe is like a work of art. Check out this Clouded Swirl Pipe with a slightly different shape from your everyday spoon or this Red Sallys pipe!