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Huge Bongs - 16 inches and up

Go big or go home. Or go big at home with massive, filtered hits.

If you’re looking for a monster that you’ll want to run to, not away from, a huge bong might be the Godzilla smoking accessory of your dreams. Bongs over 16 inches tall are ideal for seasoned smokers who are looking for gargantuan hits.
Here’s why advanced tokers love huge bongs:

  • MAMMOTH HITS - If you’re looking for a challenge, gigantically sized bongs like the Tall AF or the The Quadruple Jelly Fish Perc bong may be the perfect way to test your limits, or get your smoking to the next level.
  • GET ZONKED FASTER - Just one hit from one of these bad boys might be enough.
  • IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS - They’ll go nuts when they see the size of your new bong, and even more when you hit it.
  • STATEMENT PIECE - A giant bong will add a certain flair to your home or chill den that will let people know who they’re dealing with

Here are some features you should consider when shopping for a huge bong

  • PERCOLATORS - Since these rips are going to be extremely huge, filtration can make the smoking experience much more comfortable. Percolators make sure you still get massive hits, but without the coughing fits.
  • ICE CATCHERS - Cooling down those enormous rips is also helpful in making the experience a lot chiller (no pun intended).
  • BUILT-IN DOWNSTEM - In a giant bong, a built-in downstem may make it easier to use the piece, especially if you have shorter arms.
  • REMOVABLE DOWNSTEM - A removable downstem makes a bong slightly easier to clean, and they’re easy and cheap to replace if you break it or lose it.

So if you want the King Kong of bongs at a ridiculously low price, you’re sure to find the perfect monster below.