Collection: Big Bongs & Huge Bongs

If you’re looking for a monster that you’ll want to run to, not away from, a huge bong, a big bong, large bong might be the Godzilla smoking accessory of your dreams.


Weed big bong over 16 inches tall with reliable glass thickness is ideal for seasoned smokers who are looking for gargantuan hits with some great clarity using the best smoking accessories.

Here’s why advanced tokers love huge bongs

  • MAMMOTH HITS - If you’re looking for a challenge, gigantically sized rips with filtered bong water, you’ve got to try the likes of the Honeycomb Missile Bong or the The Quadruple Jelly Fish Perc bong may be the perfect way to test your limits, or get your smoking to the next level.
  • GET ZONKED FASTER - Just one hit from one of these biggest bongs might be enough.
  • IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS - They’ll go nuts when they see the size of your new biggest bong, and even more when you hit it.
  • STATEMENT PIECE - Large bongs will add a certain flair to your home or chill den that will let people know who they’re dealing with.

Features to consider when shopping for a huge bong

  • PERCOLATORS - Since these rips are going to be extremely huge, filtration can make the smoking experience much more comfortable. Percolators make sure you still get massive hits, but without the coughing fits.
  • ICE CATCHERS - Cooling down those enormous rips is also helpful in making the experience a lot chiller (no pun intended).
  • BUILT-IN DOWNSTEM - In a tall bong, a built-in downstem may make it easier to use the piece, especially if you have shorter arms.
  • REMOVABLE DOWNSTEM - A removable downstem makes a bong slightly easier to clean, and they’re easy and cheap to replace if you break it or lose it.

Why use big bongs?

They say bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to bongs, that’s up for debate. Here at EF420, we consider big bongs to be any water pipe that’s 16 inches or taller. These giant bongs are statement pieces that get everyone talking and wanting to pack a bowl and give it a spin. When it comes to veteran tokers, huge bongs can offer up a bit of a change from the normal routine and will be a challenge that tests out your true limits to more smoke. The larger size comes with a bigger chamber for absolutely massive bong rips that are nearly impossible to hit in one go. Some stoners may complain that cheap big bongs have too much drag, but this isn’t the case for all giant bongs. Choose a style known for direct hits like straight shooters and beaker bongs that have just one or two percolators. A few reasons to add a huge beaker bong to the shopping cart include:

  • Massive bong rips - There’s a lot more space for internal features like percolators and an extra-large chamber for smoke to accumulate. This means chilled and filtered enormous rips that are massive, yet still pretty comfortable.
  • Immediate high - It’s believed that bongs get you higher, but it’s actually all about how large hits from a bong are compared to other smoking devices. When it comes to giant bongs, the size of a rip is taken to entirely new levels and will absolutely get you instantly blazed.
  • Fun to use with friends - Smoke sessions with friends are a lot more fun when big bongs are involved. Not only is it the most extra thing you can bring to a party, everyone will be waiting in line to give it a go.
  • Head turner - While some stoners like to toke on the low, huge bongs are always the center of attention and life of the party.

Big bongs vs small bongs

While big bongs are fun to use, they aren’t the most practical in every situation as smaller bongs. Small bongs are more travel-friendly and simple to pass around a group, easier to store, and quicker to clean. They also produce smaller rips than their larger counterparts due to the smaller main chamber and typically have fewer internal features because of space constraints. Small bongs are also better for those who partake in dabs and flower since the bowl can be swapped out for a banger, though some cannabis enthusiasts like to do this with giant bongs as well. Overall, it’s good to have a main everyday small bong in addition to a big bong, so you have options depending on the situation and personal preferences.

Best huge bongs for sale online

  1. Wizard Staff Bong - Donning double matrix percolators and an ice catcher this 18 inch big bong is perfect if you're looking for massive filtered hits but something you can still bring with you to the next sesh.
  2. Sestina Bong - With 6 honeycomb percolators and 24 inches, this straight shooter will get you zooted and most likely level you. It's also really easy to clean with it's clear base in spite of its monster size.
  3. Honeycomb Missile Bong - One of our largest bongs, at 35 inches the Honecomb Missile features 5 honeycomb percs and an ice catcher so grab your ice cube tray you're going to use the whole thing!

Big bongs near me

If you're looking for a huge bong near you stop by our online headshop from the comfort of your couch while you're binge watching Rick and Morty for the third time. We've got big glass bongs from 16-35 inches, these are big and tall bongs and for sale! That's the size of a small child, so get ready because one hit without a doubt could give you couch lock so grab a glass of water and prepare for the munchies ahead of time! These huge bongs with user submitted reviews found to be great smoking pieces!


Who should I buy a big bong?

Big Bongs, or huge bongs, are great for anyone looking to get huge bong rips in one go. Big bongs are great for those looking to impress their friends, or even clear a whole bowl in one epic bong rip! If you're looking for a fun way to smoke, there's nothing wrong with a big bong!

What are the features of the big bongs?

Big bongs can have tons of different features. Our big bongs are typically over 18" tall, almost two feet of bong ripping power! Some of our big bongs also come with percolators, ice catchers, built-in and removable downstems. Get a big bong that fits your needs!

What are the best big bongs you have?

We like to treat all of our big bongs and huge bongs equally, so the best big bong is the one that fits what you need! If you like a huge bong that's easy to travel with, check out the Silicone Extendable Bong. If you like a bong that's easy to smoke, check out the Quadruple Jelly Fish Perc.

Is your shipping discreet?

Giant bongs are anything but discreet, however if you don’t want others finding out about your new purchase, your secret is safe with us. We don’t want your landlord or grandma freaking out after seeing your collection of huge bongs after all. When an order is placed, our hardworking team of cannabis lovers in Dallas, Texas pull the items, wrap them up carefully, and pack them in a plain box or mailer that has no indication of what’s inside. That means no logos, weed leaf designs, or mention about 420 and smoking. Not even the mail carrier will know what goodies are waiting to be used inside that massive box! We even go as far as using a nondescript business name on the shipping label and your credit card statement so not even the nosiest of Nancy’s will get suspicious if they get to the mail before you get home from work.

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