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It's time to STOCK UP, BLAZE UP & SAVE on these RED-HOT 420 sale smoking accessories and devices while certain supplies last. Use code HOT30 at checkout.

Cheap bongs & smoking accessories for sale

If you're looking for cool bongs,glass pipes, water pipe, heat resistant silicone bongs, dab rig, all the smoking accessories or other smoking essentials on the cheap without breaking the bank our 420 Sale items are a steal with up to 30% off.

Ball on a Budget!

Smoke with a peace of mind by grabbing awesome discounts from your favorite online headshop. If you're on a tight budget or love the opportunity to save on some high-end smoking devices, you've come to the right place. Make sure you're prepared to participate in 420 shenanigans with the best-in-class glass bongs with smoother smoke, cool rolling trays, quality herb grinders and pretty pipes. These will serve you all year long, keeping you blazed through thick and thin.


How much quality product will I buy on sale?

Everything 420 has some of the best sales in the business. If you're looking for quality products at a discounted price, you've come to the right place! This sale has listings from trusted brands and highly reviewed pieces. Stock up on rolling trays, grinders, bubblers, water pipes, and more!

How often are items on sale updated?

Everything 420 believes in providing the best quality products we can at an affordable price. The sale is constantly updated with new, top notch glass pieces worthy of any smoker's attention! Check on the sale once in a while and you might find that piece you've been looking for at a great price!

How to get a 30% discount on a product?

Our 420 sale has a ton of interesting new, exciting and different products all at 30% off the original price. When checking out with your sale items, input code "HOT30" and voila! You've just snagged some quality product on the down low!

Sale 30% is the maximum?

The sale currently offered in the 420 Sale is 30% off the original price. We are constantly updating the sale, so check back regularly for some top notch quality items that you'll be sure to love. Use code "HOT30" at checkout to snag the deal!

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