Amazing Percolator Bongs to Try Right Now

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cool percolator bongs

Find out what kind of perc setup is best for your smoking style and budget. 

Percolator bongs are one of the most popular types of bong styles out there and it’s no question why bongs with multiple percs are now the norm. Percolators have impressive cooling and filtration power so you can take massive, smooth hits every single time. Though silicone or primitive straight shooter designs are often more affordable, percolator bongs allow you to take comfortable rips that don’t hurt your throat, a necessity for those all night smoking sessions.

Percs come in lots of different designs, each with their own aesthetic. Nowadays many bongs will have more than one perc, possibly of different styles stacked on top of each other for even more percolation power. Some of the most common types of percs are tree, honeycomb, turbine, Swiss, donut, matrix, inline, and UFO, but there are many others. But don’t worry, they all function very similarly. Choose a perc setup that looks cool to you, is durable, and has a decent amount of bubbles without too much drag.

This roundup of percolator bongs covers a variety of price points and will help you decide what kind of perc setup is best for your smoking style and budget. We want to make it easy for you to find the percolator bong of your dreams! Here’s all the dirty deets on our current favorites.

Turtle Bong

Surf’s up! Take your love for the ocean to new ‘highs’ with this adorable marine themed  Turtle Bong. Perfect for after your dawn patrol surf sesh, this seven-inch bong is a great size for those on the go. Inside is a mini aquarium featuring a yellow sea star and his red fish friend ready to play in the rolling bubbles. The highlight of the piece is the beautifully handcrafted turtle on the outside peacefully waiting for the next set of waves. The hand-blown borosilicate glass material means that the bong is heat resistant and less prone to cracking. It has a showerhead style perc for extra aeration and a built-in ash catcher so you’re not breathing in any junk like ash or resin.

turtle bong

O Snap

If you’re looking for giant hits and an incredible appearance, the  O Snap Bong is what you need. The 15-inch bong’s main feature is the donut downstem that connects directly to the first of two matrix percs for double the cooling and filtration. That sweet design on the neck isn’t just for looks, the three horizontal rings act as mini-chambers to chill the smoke down until the very last second. Most of the bong is made of clear heatsafe borosilicate glass so you can view all the features at work, while pops of an accent color along the base, mouthpiece, and donut gives your piece a fun bright look. The O Snap Bong comes in amber or midnight blue.

o snap bong

Mad Scientist

Are you ready to discover the secret formula to get wrecked? Add the  Mad Scientist Bong to your chemistry set and elevate your high. Don’t underestimate the size of this bong. At just seven-inches, this piece has all the features you need for comfortable rips and is easy to travel with and store. Watch as the matrix percolator creates thousands of bubbles to filter out all the harshness before the smoke moves up the angled neck, created this way to prevent splashback. Even your clumsy friends won’t have to worry since the small water pipe has an extra wide base. The clear bong comes in either teal, yellow, blue, or key lime accents.

mad scientist bong


The Punisher

There’s no such thing as too many percs and with  The Punisher Bong, you’ll soon find out just what eight percs can do. This monster 16-inch bong features a futuristic clear design with small pops of color. The smoke never stood a chance against the five cross percs and three disk percs that create an insane amount of bubbles in this ultimate cooling and filtration setup. Watch as the smoke hits the turbine spikes in the neck and is forced into a tornado before being inhaled. This bong also features a built-in splash guard and a double ice catcher. What more could you want? After getting baked out of your mind, the only thing you’ll be doing is punishing yourself for not getting one sooner.

the punisher bong

The Highlander

This basic yet ultra smooth beaker bong is a must-have if you’re on a tight budget.  The Highlander uses two of the oldest style of percs in the game: a diffused downstem followed by a colored tree perc. Keep things icy cool with the built-in ice catcher and thick mouthpiece that prevents any splashback. Standing at 10 inches, this bong is just the right size for passing to your friends. Choose from a clear bong with pink, grey, midnight blue, green, teal, or jade accents.

highlander bong

Asteroid Bong

Is there anything cooler than inhaling space smoke through an asteroid? No, there isn’t. Whether you’re the one taking the rip or just waiting for your turn,  The Asteroid Bong creates a unique and pleasurable smoking experience that’s interesting to watch. At 11 inches tall, this water pipe has a double dose of percolation. The bottom chamber is equipped with a matrix perc, while the large purple asteroid functions as a Swiss perc. The smoke and water mix within the asteroid’s craters for fascinating visuals and a mellow hit that won’t strip your throat.

asteroid bong

Have you got your eye on one of these glass beauties? If you need a little more convincing check out our  full list of bongs to find a design and feature combo that is right for you.

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