Why You Need a Mini Bong in Your Collection

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Bigger isn't always better.

Forget that overused saying that “bigger is always better” because, in the world of bongs and pipes, no one size is superior to the rest. From four-inch  mini bongs to three-foot behemoths, each bong’s design, size, and features come together to create a unique smoking experience. In other words, there’s always a time and place for each!

A mini bong is great for a first-time user to get accustomed to bong rips. To the novice smoker, bongs may seem like a more complicated way to get high, but they actually give you very comfortable yet huge hits which often means less irritation and coughing. The water in the bong is the key. As you inhale, the bubbles that are created cools down and filters the smoke before it reaches you so that you can take giant hits.

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Bongs are made out of either silicone, ceramic, or glass. Silicone bongs are popular because they are often less expensive than glass or ceramic styles and ultra durable. You won’t need to worry about dropping them on the floor. If you really want to chill your smoke, then a ceramic bong will do just that because it’s a low heat conductor. Most people think that the best bongs are created from borosilicate glass, which is durable and heat resistant so it can be used over and over again without fear of cracking.

So you want to have that smooth toke you can only get from a bong, but worry about how to take your bong along with you? A mini bong is just what you need. Now that you know the bong basics, let’s break down all the details about mini bongs so you can see why you should add one to your collection.

What are mini bongs? 

Here at Everything For 420 we like to consider any bong under six inches tall a mini bong. They may be small, but they pack a powerful punch! Just like normal-size bongs, mini bongs come in different designs, materials, and styles to choose from.

Traditional Mini Bong

These work exactly like a normal bong and often come in straight shooter or bubble bottom varieties, which work best in miniature sizes. Once lit, the smoke passes through the downstem and is chilled by the water before collecting in the chamber. When the smoker removes the bowl and inhales, the filtered smoke travels up the neck of the bong and then you’re well on your way to getting baked.

Traditional mini bongs can come with lots of additional features like ash catchers or splash guards which are used to prevent dirty water from getting up into your mouth. They are also customizable—so now you have a reason to get that sweet alien-shaped bowl you always wanted.

Carb Bong

Carb bongs are unique because they’re somewhat like a mix between a bong and a pipe. For one, the slide and bowl are securely fitted with a silicone rubber seal and do not have to be removed, which makes carb bongs great for travel. They work the same way as a traditional bong, but you’ll have to cover the hole on the side to control the airflow and fill the chamber with smoke. Then instead of removing the bowl and slide, all you have to do is inhale and release your finger from the hole, just like a pipe. This type of bong is great if you’re on the go since you’ll never have to double check that you have all the pieces. Its no-frill design means less customization is possible, but you’ll still get huge, smooth rips out of it.

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  • Price - Because of its size, these teeny bongs are much more affordable than full-sized water pipes, so they’re great as a secondary piece or for those making their first bong purchase. We even have a few that are less than $5—yes, it’s true. Check them out here. With mini bongs you can still get high-quality, heat-safe borosilicate glass plus all the perks of a normal bong, just shrunk down in size (and price).
  • Convenience - The ultra-small size of these bongs make them the perfect on-the-go smoking accessory and super easy to clean. Since they are less than six-inches tall and are extra lightweight, mini bongs can easily fit in your backpack, large purse, or travel bag and are perfect for sharing. Carb bongs are even better for traveling since they’re low maintenance and don’t have any removable pieces that can get lost or broken.
  • Exceptional cannabis experience - Many smokers are surprised the first time they try a mini bong because for its size, it packs a good bowl for some pretty impressive tokes. With the right bong and a bowl, you can still get that amazing water filtration for smooth, huge hits that large bongs are known for. You also won’t have to sweat about your heavy and expensive piece getting accidentally broken at your next smoking sesh.
  • Cute look - Just imagine yourself pulling out a four-inch ultra mini bong from your bag at a party. You’ll be the talk of the night! An adorable bong, the size of a soda can is not going to scare anyone off and even recreational smokers will be ready to get ripped. It’s also the perfect size and weight to pass around with friends.
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    Is a mini bong right for you?

    If you’re more of a homebody and like to reserve your smoke outs for when you can chill on the living room couch, then maybe a normal or extra-large bong is more your style. Though it’s always nice to be able to pull out a secondary bong to switch things up because for the price, why not? However, if you regularly share your bong with friends or want to be able to easily bring along your bong to parties and other outings, then a mini bong is just what you’re looking for!

    Are you ready to add a mini bong to your collection? Whether you go for a traditional style, or a tiny carb bong, at Everything For 420 we’ve got you covered with funky colors and designs. Grab your mini bong and get to bubbling.

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