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Discover the benefits of recyclers & the best products on the market.

It’s common knowledge that recycling is good for the planet, but did you know it’s also great for your dabbing and smoking experience? Just reuse your old cardboard to make a recycled paper dab rig… okay, maybe it’s not that kind of recycling. What recycling means in a glass piece is that multiple chambers and tubes actually loop water along with smoke and vapors around and around a few times before they get to the mouthpiece.

What’s a recycler and how does it work?
Recyclers are generally dab rigs, but there are a few recycler bongs out there as well. They are glass smoking pieces which have several chambers that are connected with one or more tubes. As you pull air through the recycler, it actually creates a circuit that pulls water and smoke/vapors through repeatedly.

The parts of a recycler:

  • First chamber: The lowest chamber in the recycler where the water starts out.
  • Second chamber: The upper chamber.
  • Intake: The tube that pulls water and smoke/vapor up to the second chamber.
  • Drain: The tube that drips water and smoke back down to the first chamber to repeat the cycle. 

Why use a recycler?
There are a few advantages to using a recycler:

  • Extra filtered hits: The recycling process generates huge amounts of bubbles, and those bubbles mean more smoke/vapor contacts the water, so the result is extremely smooth and silky hits.
  • Cooler hits: The recycling process also allows more time for your smoke/vapor to cool to a comfortable temperature.
  • Fresh taste: Don’t sacrifice smoothness for flavor. In a recycler, the smoke bubbles up out of the water much closer to the mouthpiece, so you can get that great flavor you know and love. These offer all the filtration benefits without the drawback of stale smoke.

The 3 Recycler Types

  • External Recycler: These basically just have chambers that are totally separated from each other except by a series of tubes. One benefit of these is that they look extremely cool as smoke/vapor and water whiz through their circuits.
  • Internal Recycler: These are usually classic cylinder bongs or dab rigs that have internal chambers and tubes. These are a more portable recycler option, and more sturdy as well.
  • Perc-Recyclers: These are either internal or external recyclers that also have a percolator. These are great if you are looking for the highest level of smoke and vapor filtration, because they will create extreme amounts of bubbles.

Recyclers are the ideal mix of fashion and function: They look amazing to watch in action and come in a range of awesome designs, plus they really do create excellent, pillowy soft, fresh tasting hits. So if you're ready to reduce, reuse, and recycle, our selection of recycler dab rigs and bongs is sure to please. 

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