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If a 510 thread battery seems like the right choice for your vaping needs, have fun browsing our variety of 510s below!


As more and more vapes hit the market for 420 related use, 510 cartridge batteries have started to become one of the most popular styles of vape pens with usb charger ports. You may ask, how do 510 thread batteries work and why do so many people prefer them? 510s consist of a battery, which has an essential oil cartridges chamber. They are incredibly easy to use as all you have to do is insert the filled cartridge, slip the mouthpiece in, and turn them on to start vaping in no time!

What are 510 Batteries?

Although their name implies that they are just a battery, 510s actually have everything you need to vape from except for one thing: a cartridge. Most 510 thread vape pen battery chargers lacks buttons and magnetic adapters, require that you buy pre-filled cartridges, but some newer models come with most cartridges that you can refill yourself. The number 510 simply comes from the size of the connector thread that joins the cartridge to the battery.

Why use a 510 thread battery?

510s have been gaining in popularity because of three key benefits:

  • EASY ASSEMBLY - Unlike some vape pens which have many complex parts, 510 thread vape battery chargers are probably the simplest and most intuitive styles of vape pens. If you don’t want to bother with too many loose parts to clean and keep track of, 510s are you best bet.
  • DISCREET - Most 510 Thread Batteries are very compact and easy to slip into even a small pocket. They also look a lot like lighters, so prying eyes are unlikely to linger on them for too long. So you can easily use it on the go, just take it out of your bag or pocket and use draw activation for a fast start.
  • AFFORDABLE - 510 Batteries come in a range of quality levels and prices, so you’re sure to find a great one no matter what kind of budget you’re looking at. The Airis Mystica II 510 Battery is only $14.20!

    Things to Consider

    Although all 510 batteries work in essentially the same way, there are a few things you may want to think about when you’re shopping for yours:

    • Voltage - The correct voltage range for 510 batteries is 3.3v to 4.8v (adjustable voltage settings). For ceramic heating elements, you can still fire them at about 3.3-3.5 volts. The reason for this range is that different cartridge materials require different temperatures, low voltage pulse, variable voltage, such as ceramic which is a poor heat conductor and therefore would need higher voltages to be heated effectively. Some 510s even have adjustable voltage settings, and pre heat mode. At Everything for 420, we make sure to carry 510 vape batteries that have more power and the right voltage for the cartridge materials.
    • Mah - It might be hilarious to say, but Mah (milliamp hour) is just a funny abbreviation that indicates how long your vape cartridge is going to stay charged for. Mah starts at 200 and ends at around 900 for vapes, with 900 holding the longest charge for vaping experience.
    • Cartridge type - Although the majority of 510 cartridges will fit into any 510 battery pen, because of universally compatible connection type, certain brands create their own special vape cartridges for their own products.

    Best 510 thread battery for cartridges

    • Wooden Vape Pipe Battery - If you love the look of an old fashioned wooden tobacco pipe then you should be toking the Beleaf pipe battery pronto which fits most any 510 thread battery!
    • Airis Mystica II - This is a sweet average oil cartridge battery set that you can take a hit from while it's charging up, although it charges up in no time. Airis Mystica 2 mini also contains lithium batteries, which hits all day long.
    • Leaf Buddi TH 420 Vape Kit - This portable 510 battery if you're looking to go in incognito mode. Your parents will likely think this 510 thread with long battery life is a walkie talkie and stable variable voltage settings so just don't get too blazed or they might start to question.
    • Leaf Buddi Ceto V2 Vape Mod - If you are looking for something a bit stronger than your average vape pen batteries you'll love this Einstein box mod vape. This cheap vape mod will make you ponder Einstein's Theory of General Relatively and just how crazy the universe is.

    Buy a 510 Thread Battery Online

    Check out our fine selection of 510 threaded pens with maximum battery capacity in our Everything for 420 online headshop - best in the vaping industry! We deliver discreetly so you can really stock up and you won't have to worry about getting any looks from the neighbors.

    Are 510 thread batteries environmentally safe?

    510 thread batteries are the most common type of battery for vape pens, making this an affordable and popular option since a cheap 510 thread battery can fit most vape pens on the market. 510 thread batteries are as environmentally safe as any other battery, so it does take some extra steps when disposing of it to ensure that it is done safely but other than that this is a popular type of battery that can be found easily. 510 thread batteries are an excellent and reliable option because a 510 thread vape pen is simple to use, quick to charge, and is very completely portable and ready to be used at any moment. A 510 thread battery easily connects to the concentrate cartridge, click the power button a few times and watch the magic start to happen when you inhale. While you are not allowed to fly with a 510 thread battery, easily check it into your luggage and you are well on your way to vaping anywhere in the world you go.

    How to clean a 510 thread battery?

    It is pretty easy to clean a 510 thread battery, all you need is some isopropyl alcohol, a couple of cotton swabs, water, and a small cloth. Soak the cotton swabs in some isopropyl alcohol and use them to clean the connectors of the 510 thread battery and any dirt or oil that are stuck on the threads. Once the connectors are cleaned, use either the cotton swabs or a small wet cloth to wipe down the rest of the battery and other parts of the device like the outer part of the wax cartridge. Cleaning a 510 thread battery periodically can provide better longevity for the 510 thread battery condition as you use it over time. 

    How long does it take to charge a 510 thread battery?

    Depending on how much juice is actually in a 510 thread battery, from its completely dead state it should take a few hours at most. If you are using a 510 thread battery directly out of the package, there should be at least half of its battery life left and it is suggested that you run the battery completely dead the first time using it so you can have a fresh and full charge moving forward. It is best to charge a 510 thread battery to its fullest but try not to charge it overnight or for too long as that can ruin the condition of the battery over time. 

    How to fix a common 510 thread battery?

    There are a few reasons that typically contribute to why you would need to learn how to fix a common 510 thread battery, and many times it is a simple and quick fix. Before running online to add more 510 thread vape pens to your cart, try a few of these solutions to troubleshoot a 510 thread battery that does not work. 

    Poor 510 thread vape pen connection

    Most times, a cheap 510 thread battery has a bad connection between the cheap 510 thread battery and the cartridge. An easy trick to avoid too tight of a connection is to secure the vape cartridge and once it is tightened, twist it the opposite way to loosen it just a bit. Not a complete turn, but just a notch so that it does not tighten and deliver poor performance or not work at all. Avoid using a cartridge that is loosened too much, so again loosen it just a notch and test out your 510 thread vape pen so that it delivers a smooth hit with a clear airflow and battery connection. 

    Dirty 510 thread battery and cartridge

    After a lot of use or if storing your vape pen poorly, dirt and debris can begin to build up over time or with constant use. By regularly cleaning the battery thread and cartridge area that connects to the battery will ensure that there is a clear airflow to make sure that a smooth smoke can happen. Using isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs to clean your 510 thread battery vape pen and doing this on a normal basis will help your device to look, feel, and perform like it is brand new even if it is well broken in. 


    Why are prefilled 510-thread vape cartridges so popular?

    A 510 thread vape pen is so popular because prefilled 510-thread vape cartridges offer convenience, portability and discretion all in one. A prefilled cheap 510 thread battery vape pen is an excellent choice for users that want a travel-friendly option that they can toss after it is done. Some customers have a personal preference to get prefilled 510 thread vape pens because it is one stop for them to enjoy the vape experience, rather than needing to find a cartridge to go along with their 510 thread battery. Prefilled 510 thread battery vape pens are best for those that need a pen that can be used and tossed, typically when traveling to different cities and needing to toss your supplies before heading out to the next destination. A prefilled 510 thread battery vape pen offers the ultimate convenience without needing to prepare anything else. Just order your favorite flavor of a prefilled 510 thread vape pen and immediately enjoy a vape session the second you get the device in your hands. 

    What should I do to maintain a 510 thread battery?

    Cleaning a cheap 510 thread battery is an easy and simple way to properly maintain it and avoid any unnecessary build up. A 510 thread battery is very quick to clean and if you do it on a regular basis it will be even easier to do every time you have to do it. Having a normal cleaning schedule will ensure that you are not only cleaning your 510 thread vape pen but the rest of your cannabis accessories that require a good cleaning as well. Using a 510 thread battery regularly is also recommended because leaving a cheap 510 thread battery unused for long periods of time might affect the battery and its performance. Also, storing a 510 thread battery properly is ideal to avoid any accidental damage. If you are storing a 510 thread battery with the cartridge attached, it is recommended to unattach or leave the pen upright so that the cartridge contents do not spill or seep through when laid on its side. 

    Is your shipping discreet?

    You know it! Our warehouse team is excellent at staying under the radar yet ensuring your package is secured and shipped in an efficient amount of time, all while making it look like a typical delivery because who needs to know about the special goodies you just treated yourself to? Your nosey neighbors or roommates will not suspect a thing, and we know you will enjoy unwrapping your delivery because we try to make it feel like it is Christmas with every package we ship. Whether you are buying bongs, rolling papers, or a 510 thread battery - we handle everything with care and make sure our items are as discreet as can be. We like the motto of minding your business, but who would we be if we did not look out for you? Our customers love us so much because we make sure we protect your business too, and when all is said and done you have your goodies to partake in our favorite pastime. 

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