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510 Cartridge Battery Vaporizers

Discover the benefits of 510 batteries and browse our collection.

As more and more vapes hit the market for 420 related use, 510 batteries have started to become one of the most popular styles of vape. But what makes 510 batteries special? Why do so many vapers prefer them? Find out below! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

🔋 What are 510 Batteries?
Although their name implies that they are just a battery, 510s actually have everything you need to vape from except for one thing: a cartridge. Most 510s require that you buy pre-filled cartridges, but some newer models such as the Discreet Kind Pen come with cartridges that you can refill yourself. The number 510 simply comes from the size of the connector thread that joins the cartridge to the battery,

⚙️ How to 510 batteries work?
510s consist of a battery which has a cartridge chamber. They are incredibly easy to use as all you have to do is insert the filled cartridge, slip the mouthpiece in, and turn them on to start vaping in no time!

🤷 Why use a 510 battery?
510s have been gaining in popularity because of three key benefits:

  • EASY ASSEMBLY - unlike some vapes which have many complex parts, 510s are probably the simplest and most intuitive styles of vape. If you don’t want to bother with too many loose parts to clean and keep track of, 510s are you best bet.
  • DISCREET - Most 510 Batteries are very compact and easy to slip into even a small pocket. They also look a lot like lighters, so prying eyes are unlikely to linger on them for too long.
  • AFFORDABLE - 510 Batteries come in a range of quality levels and prices, so you’re sure to find a great one no matter what kind of budget you’re looking at. The Airis Mystica II 510 Battery is only $14.20! 

Things to Consider
Although all 510 batteries work in essentially the same way, there are a few things you may want to think about when you’re shopping for yours:

  • Voltage - The voltage range for 510 batteries is 3.3v to 4.8v. The reason for this range is that different cartridge materials require different temperatures, such as ceramic which is a poor heat conductor and therefore would need higher voltages to be heated effectively. Some 510s even have adjustable voltage settings. At Everything for 420, we make sure to carry 510 batteries that have the right voltage for the cartridge materials.
  • Mah - It might be hilarious to say, but Mah (milliamp hour) is just a funny abbreviation that indicates how long your vape is going to stay charged for. Mah starts at 200 and ends at around 900 for vapes, with 900 holding the longest charge.
  • Cartridge type - Although the majority of 510 cartridges will fit into any 510 battery, certain brands create their own special cartridges for their own products.

Does a 510 battery seem like the right choice for your vaping needs and preferences? If so, have fun browsing our variety of 510s below!