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Is there anything more fun than whipping out a glow in the dark bong and passing it around a group of friends in the darkness? When it comes to choosing a water bong, there are endless styles and designs to pick from, but nothing is more exciting than a glow bong that shines like a beacon in the dark. Everything from mini bongs and percolator bongs to classic beaker bongs and straight shooters can be found with glow in the dark elements, so there’s a glow bong out there that fits every smoking style and personal preference.

Why use a glow in the dark bong?

Why not! Glow in the dark bongs are super fun for the smoker and everyone else in the room too. With every bong rip, the water and sometimes even the smoke can seem like it’s glowing. A glow bong is always the top pick when hanging out with smoking buddies and passing the water pipe back and forth. No light, no problem. The illumination assures that even when the electricity goes out in the middle of a storm, you’ll always be able to find the essentials, a bong of course (just remember where the lighter is). When the glowing effect wears off, simply charge it up again or choose to use it just like a normal bong by not exposing it to UV light so it won’t glow. A few more reasons stoners love glow in the dark bongs include:

  • Changing things up and adding a bit of excitement to every smoking session.
  • It has a super cool look whether smoking or watching someone else take a bong rip.
  • There’s always the option to use the bong as normal without the glow in the dark effect. Want to be discreet? Don’t let the bong get “charged” by keeping it in a drawer or closet away from any UV light before use.
  • Glass artists using a mixture of normal glass and glow in the dark elements have created some super cool, unique pieces that are true works of art. It takes lots of experience and a high level of glass knowledge to create a functional glow in the dark bong that looks just as breathtaking with the lights on as it does turned off.

What features can I find in a glow in the dark bong?

It’s possible to find all the same features in glow in the dark bongs that regular water bongs have, which makes choosing the right bong a lot more difficult. Sought after features include ice-catchers, percolators, a glass or silicone downstem, bong bowls, splash guards, recyclers, a thick mouthpiece, and a curved neck to reduce splashback. Most glow bongs are made from heat-resistant glass, but silicone glow in the dark bongs are also popular. The body of the bong will glow, but the downstem and bowl typically don’t. Silicone glow in the dark bongs have a unique look since they’re opaque and have a very different aesthetic to glass glow bongs. In addition to material, glow in the dark bongs come in all shapes and sizes as well such as mini bongs that are easy to pass and big bongs that are over two feet tall that will push the limits. Stoners looking for smooth, filtered hits should try a glow in the dark bong with percolators or recyclers that aerate and cool the smoke, while on the go smokers may want to try a travel-friendly mini bong or a silicone bong that is nearly indestructible. Another option is a glow in the dark bong sleeve, which is used to make a regular water bong glow. These silicone sleeves fit tightly over the bottom of any bong to help protect the glass and also so it doesn’t slide around on the table and accidentally fall. Overall, there’s a seemingly endless number of options to consider when picking the right glow in the dark bong, but most of it comes down to personal preferences and smoking style.

How does a UV reactive glow in the dark bong work?

The most common type of glow in the dark bongs use UV reactive elements. These elements absorb energy from UV light and release it as colored light. Most glow in the dark bongs will shine a neon blue or green, however other colors such as orange and pink are also possible, but less common. A glow in the dark bong must be held under bright sunlight or artificial light to charge up with UV or it won’t glow. If the bong is opaque with UV paint on the outside, it’s best to slowly turn the bong or use two lights on opposite sides so that the entirety of the bong is exposed to UV and will glow with the same brightness. As time goes on, the phosphorescence will gradually dim as the energy is expended, but will begin to glow again as soon as it’s charged up under UV light. This cycle can be repeated indefinitely.

How does a LED glow in the dark bong work?

LED light up bongs work just like any other LED light such as light strips or fairy lights commonly used in households. They run off of batteries with a few models that have a USB charging cable and will have a power switch or small remote used to turn the light on and off and switch between different settings. Depending on the type of light up bong, the LED light may be removable or a permanent feature. It’s also possible to find a LED glow in the dark bong with different settings to control whether the lights flash, remain the stable, or automatically change color. Stoners who choose LED light up bongs vs UV glow in the dark bongs enjoy having more control and options. Another great thing about LED bongs is that there’s no need to charge them under UV light and the batteries rarely need to be changed.

LED lighting vs UV reactive glass

Glow in the dark bongs can be separated into two categories based on the method used to create the glowing effect. These are light-emitting diode (LED) lights or UV reactive glass. Light up bongs that use LEDs will shine brighter than UV reactive materials and can produce almost any color or pattern of colors. LEDs run off of batteries, can also be controlled by a remote or smartphone, and can shine in different sequences so it looks like the lights are dancing or flashing. UV reactive glass or other UV elements like glow in the dark paint typically only glows in green or blue, though a few other colors are also possible. The color can’t change and the bong will need to be held under UV light before it will glow.

How do you charge a glow in the dark glass?

All glow in the dark bongs except for those powered with LED lights need to be exposed to  ultraviolet (UV) light in order to glow. This means the bong should be placed under bright light such as sunlight or artificial light like lamps or lights in the house to “charge up”. In general, it will take 4 hours of exposure to UV light to glow for 4 hours, however this depends on the element used to create the glowing effect. Glow in the dark bongs made from mixing borosilicate glass with phosphor dust during the glassblowing process glow brighter and longer when “charged” with natural sunlight vs artificial light bulbs. No matter what method of UV light is used to charge the pigments, the glowing effect will slowly get dimmer and dimmer over time. To keep glow in the dark bongs shining bright in a dark room, the bong needs to be intermittently “charged up” under UV light. Typically 15 minutes of charging every hour or so will help to keep the glowing effect going strong. Light up bongs that use LED lights usually run off of normal batteries and don’t need to be charged before use. LED lights use very little energy to run and will last for a very long time.

Are glow in the dark bongs safe?

Yes! Glow in the dark bongs are completely non-toxic and safe to smoke from, touch, and clean. Glass artists create glow in the dark bongs by melting heat-safe transparent borosilicate glass and coating it with UV reactive phosphor dust before heating it up and melting it all together. The phosphor powder is entirely mixed in with the glass and is hardened in place once the completed bong is cooled. This same method is used for glow in the dark silicone bongs. The other common type of element used is UV reactive paint, referred to as phosphorescent paint, which also contains phosphors in order to emit a glow. The most common types are silver-activated zinc sulfide and strontium aluminate. Both of these materials are used in all types of glow in the dark products from children's toys and makeup to clothes and glow sticks. UV paint is used when bong artists only want a certain part of the water pipe to glow and is a popular choice for character bongs and bongs that are not made from glass. The inside of the bong that is in contact with the smoke and water is never painted with glow in the dark paint for an added layer of safety.

How long will a glow in the dark bong last?

Most glow in the dark bongs will continue to glow for the life of the bong, though painted bongs can get scratched and lose some of their glow. Glow bongs blown with phosphor dust mixed into the glass are the most beautiful and long-lasting and will glow for around 3 or 4 hours when “charged” for an equal amount of time. Black light painted bongs will glow as long as they are under a blacklight. Glow in the dark paint lasts for up to 12 hours when exposed to UV light such as sunlight and slowly gets dimmer over time. These paints are the most common and usually glow green or blue.

Does this type of bongo clean differently than a regular one?

Luckily, glow in the dark bongs aren’t any harder to clean than regular water bongs, bubblers, and smoking pipes. Depending on the style and material the bong is made out of, there are different steps to take in order to clean out any resin build up and gunk. Glow in the dark bongs with lots of interior features like percolators are more difficult to clean than simple beaker bongs. All bongs should be cleaned regularly for the best performance and taste, plus it’s a little disgusting when someone hands over a bong filled with black residue and ash (politely decline). Glass glow in the dark bongs such as those painted with UV paint or blown with glow in the dark glass can be cleaned with a mixture of 99% isopropyl alcohol and rock salt (epsom salt or another type of coarse salt works too). Fill a sealable plastic bag with the mixture and let the bong sit in it for a few hours or more depending on how much residue there is. Be sure that the inside of the glow bong is filled to the top with the alcohol and salt mixture. After a few hours, give the bag some hard shakes (the salt acts like a scrubber), rinse it inside and out with fresh water, and the bong should be as good as new.

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