9 Best Bongs for Your Valentine

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February is the month of love and nothing says I love you like a brand new shiny bong and the smell of weed in the air. Itā€™s always difficult to choose the right gift and the added pressure from Valentineā€™s Day doesnā€™t make the process any easier. Thatā€™s why weā€™ve compiled a list of some of the best bongs to gift that special someone in your life. If youā€™re single this year, donā€™t worry, we also mention a few water bongs that will be perfect for your Anti-Valentineā€™s Day party or solo smoke sesh.

Mini Bongs

Mini Smoke Box

At just 3.5 inches tall, this handheld mini bong is as small as it gets. But donā€™t let its looks fool you, theĀ Mini Smoke BoxĀ has a stable box-shaped base that allows more smoke to accumulate for big rips and huge plumes of smoke. The curved neck and splash guard assure thereā€™s never any splashback even when taking the hardest hits. Itā€™s also ultra portable which makes it a great little gift for those who like to smoke on the go. The clear glass piece is embellished with a variety of cartoon designs and you can choose from a jade, teal, or yellow colored mouthpiece with a bowl to match.

Mini Smoke Box Yellow

Dragon Ball Mini Rig

You donā€™t have to be a fan of anime to appreciate the workmanship and beauty of this intricate bong, though it is definitely any Dragon Ball enthusiastā€™s ideal gift. TheĀ Dragon Ball Mini RigĀ by Empire Glass is truly a work of art and is just as cool to look at as it is to smoke out of. An Eternal Dragon is curled around the neck of the mini glass bong and sits above one of its yellow Dragon Balls complete with a five pointed star. The petiteĀ glass water pipeĀ is just six inches and is delicately crafted from a mix of opaque and transparent colored glass that is completely heat resistant.

Empire Glass Dragon Ball Bong

Bongs for her

From the Bottom of my Heart

Show her your love with this popularĀ heart-shaped bongĀ in translucent cobalt blue. This bong is known for its smooth, clean hits thanks to the diffused downstem and large main chamber. Since itā€™s not too small or too big, this nine-inch bong is the ideal size for lighting up after work and also for passing around a group of friends. She wonā€™t have to worry about accidentally breaking it either since this piece is very streamlined and sturdy with no delicate interior features. Gift your girl this bong and she may just invite you over the next time sheā€™s toking up.

Blue Heart Bong

Pineapple Express

Sheā€™ll be reminded of a tropical getaway and her favorite strain of weed when sheā€™s smoking out of the adorableĀ Pineapple Express bong. This water bong has cute aesthetics that are fun to look at and functional since the 3D eyes of the pineapple also provide extra grip. Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, the 11-inch piece sits on a thick clear base that prevents the glass fruit from rolling over. Itā€™s summertime all the time with the Pineapple Express bong in hand!

Fine China

This bong is so elegant, it could probably fool her mom into thinking itā€™s a high-end vase. Inspired by traditional Chinese porcelain, the 10-inchĀ Fine ChinaĀ bong has an extra-deep bowl thatā€™s great for parties and long smoking sessions. In addition to the classy aesthetics, this glass piece has virtually no drag and produces giant, filtered hits that are easy on the lungs. This white and blue bong has a delicate and fragile look, but is actually blown with thick, durable glass walls and has a series of splash guards so nothing besides smoke ever makes it up past the neck. If this bong is too delicate for bae, weā€™ve also gotĀ silicone bongs, so you never have to worry about a messy break-up.

Fine China Bong

Bongs for him

Venomous Monster

If heā€™s into Marvel villains or unique gifts, heā€™ll love the crazy details of theĀ Venomous Monster Bong. With its sharp teeth and long twisting tongue, this piece comes straight from the comic books and is made to look as if Venom swallowed a glass beaker. Everytime he goes for a hit, heā€™ll be able to see the bubbling smoke and water within the supervillainā€™s open mouth. Just like youā€™d expect from your typical beaker bong, the 12-inch Venomous Monster gives huge, direct hits. He may not gain alien shape-shifting superpowers, but heā€™ll definitely get baked real quick.

Venom Marvel Bong

High Roller

Is your boo all about gettinā€™ that money? Gift him with the next best thing, the metallic gold High Roller Bong. This 12-inch tall beaker is covered top to bottom in Benjamins and always seems to become the center of attention. When filled with ice, the built-in three pinch ice catcher helps cool down the smoke for comfortable icy rips. Beakers are the best for sharing and everyone will want to take a giant rip from this bong. Pair it with theĀ $100 bill king conesĀ that will look like he accidentally used his cash as rolling paper.

Benjamin High Roller bong

Bongs for yourself (because you deserve it)

Ghost Rider

The completely transparentĀ Ghost RiderĀ is the classic percolator bong youā€™ve been dreaming of. Each rip will pull the smoke through the inline perc and tree perc, aerating and filtering out contaminants along the way. Since the entire bong is see through, youā€™ll be able to watch all the bubbling action take place. The 16 inch height of this piece gives the smoke more space to concentrate and cool down before itā€™s inhaled.

Double Single

Multiple percolators, high-quality glass, portable size, theĀ Double Single BongĀ has it all. With back to back honeycomb percs and a turbine, this glass bong is super fun to watch whether youā€™re the one taking a rip or not. The turbine perc creates a sweet little vortex that uses the filtering power of the water to the fullest leaving you with smooth fresh hits. At eight inches, this piece works well as a bong or a dab rig and comes in grey, blue, or green.

Double Single Percolator Bong

For more cheap bongs and other Valentineā€™s Day gift ideas, visit our online headshop and head over to theĀ Pop of Pink Collection.

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