AFM Glass

What does AFM glass stand for?

AFM is an acronym for Alien Flower Monkey glass. AFMglass is a popular glass company based in Los Angeles, California that is widely known for working with elite glassblowing masters that craft unique yet fully functional smoking accessories. An AFM bong, AFM dab rig and other smoking devices are one of a kind with an unbeatable price tag to go with it. Dating back to 2014, the Alien Flower Monkey glass company has been around for several years and has made a household name for itself as one of the top American made glass brands in the United States. Alien Flower Monkey is a funky name already but extremely fitting for an out-of-this-world experience with every AFM glass product. Choose from different accessories like a beaker AFM bong, straight tube pipes, AFMglass pipes, AFM dab rigs, and more. American made glass by Alien Flower Monkey delivers a top tier experience with every toke for a smooth hit every time. Typically, American made glass can get pretty costly and for good reason, but Alien Flower Monkey glass is worth every penny. AFM glass is considered to be cost efficient considering the high quality materials and craftsmanship that goes into every AFM glass piece. A work of art and a smoking device all in one, you definitely get what you pay for!

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Why choose AFM glass products?

An AFM bong or AFM dab rig compared to imported bongs and other cheaply made devices will show its worth instantly through its quality build, unique design and powerful performance. Alien Flower Monkey glass offers extraordinarily unique pieces that will scream this is an AFM glass piece almost instantly. There is no denying an Alien Flower Monkey piece and why would you want to? AFMglass is American made glass made out of scientific glass and other top quality materials that is made to last. Scientific glass blowing takes experienced technique and abilities to produce high quality products and Alien Flower Monkey glass never misses! From AFM bangers and other AFM dabbing accessories, there are so many AFM glass accessories to choose from that will fit right in with your current collection. AFMglass is great for 420 and 710 users alike, so take that as a sign to grab some Alien Flower Monkey glass because who doesn’t love a company that caters to both?