9 Beaker Bongs to Add to Your Collection

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big beaker bong

 When it comes to bongs, there are lots of different styles, sizes, designs, and features to think about. Beaker bongs are a classic and have a huge following because of the giant and comfortable rips they can produce. Unlike straight-shooter bongs, beaker bongs have a more mellow and less direct hit. The secret is all about that iconic shape which looks like it came straight out of a chemistry set.

These types of bongs have a beaker-shaped base that is extra wide for added stability so you can stop worrying about your bong tipping over and cracking. Even beaker bongs on the taller side are stable enough to be passed around a group of friends. The large chamber shape holds more water and smoke than other bong styles which means you’ll get comfortable but still gigantic hits. The additional water generates lots more bubbles to quickly filter and cool down the smoke, reducing irritation to your throat. Constantly changing the dirty water before it sours your hit can get annoying. Since the beaker shape holds more water, you won’t have to change it as often as you do with bongs that have a smaller chamber size.

If you’re still not convinced that beaker bongs are for you, scroll down our list and allow us to help you change your mind.


The medium sized 13-inch  Chromoly beaker bong looks like it came straight from the future. As soon as you pull out this bong, your friends will fall in love with the unique iridescent and shiny finish. The heat-safe glass bong is still semi-transparent so you can watch all the bubbling action take place. For an even smoother toke, stack up some ice cubes in the neck using the built-in ice catcher. This bong also comes in an  all gold finish for those who want to stunt.

chromoly bong

Glow in the Dark Louis 3000

If getting blazed in the dark is your kind of fun, then the  Louis 3000 is just what you need. With the light on, this elegant Louis Vuitton inspired piece is already dazzling, but when the lights go out, the details glow in the dark! This bong sits at 14 inches tall and is crafted from clear heat-safe borosilicate glass which can handle extreme temperature changes. The neck is equipped with a three-pinch ice catcher for icy cool hits every time.

glow in the dark bong

Pink Petite

Standing at just nine inches, don’t underestimate the power of this light-pink and clear glass piece. The  Pink Petite percolated beaker may look cute, but it produces some fat, filtered hits thanks to the small shower head percolator located in the base chamber. The perc generates lots of large bubbles that filters out ash and other contaminants in the smoke before reaching your lips for comfortable yet super strong hits.

pink mini bong

Twisted Tower

For a super cool look and a unique smoking experience, try the 16-inch  Twisted Tower. This is a basic beaker bong with no bells and whistles, but has an amazing design. It features a sick twisted glass pattern that goes all the way from the base of the beaker up to the top of the neck. The thick colored mouthpiece adds a pop of color to the otherwise clear glass bong.

Twisted Tower big bong

Pickle Rick

If you always wanted to scream “I’m a pickle. I’m pickle Rick!” then we’ve got the perfect bong for you. Grab the homies, hop on the couch and put on your favorite animated series because this Rick and Morty inspired beaker will make your night. The eight-inch  Pickle Rick bong is a translucent lime green so you can view the bubbles created by the diffused downstem. The outside of the glass piece features the face of everyone’s favorite pickle.

Pickle Rick bong

Peachy Radial

This pink beaker bong may just be the cute little piece you never knew you needed. At eight inches, the  Peachy Radial bong is the perfect size to clean, store, and take with you on the go. Thankfully, the smaller size doesn’t detract from performance. The clear glass is accented by peach colored swirls around the beaker and a matching peach colored mouthpiece. Since it’s see through, you’ll still be able to watch the smoke and bubbles through the eye-catching design. At just under $35, it’s also one of the more affordable bongs to make this list. 

Peachy Radial bong

Tall AF Bong

Are you all about making a statement? Then go big and see if you can handle this ridiculous  Tall AF beaker bong. At 30 inches tall, you better be ready for some behemoth rips like never before. The hand-blown glass bong is clear with colorful swirling patterns on the base, mouthpiece, and upper part of the neck. You’ll need more than one ice tray to fill up the entire neck chamber since the built-in ice catcher is located all the way down above the beaker. Choose from yellow with red swirls, yellow with black swirls, yellow with white swirls, or an all yellow design. Everyone will be asking to take a hit off of this crazy huge beaker.

Tall AF Bong

What the Duck

Sometimes when you get back home after a rough day at the office, all you want to do is kick up your feet and light up with a buddy. Well now you can pack your bowl alongside your new yellow friend. The mini six and a half inch  What the Duck bong has a built-in downstem and splash guard. With less pieces to worry about, this small bong is lightweight and ultra portable. Don’t be scared to take your ducky on an adventure!

What the Duck bong

Fire Beaker

If the hot design of the  Fire Beaker bong doesn’t bring out your inner pyromaniac, I don’t know what will! The 19-inch flame colored percolated beaker has all the best features in one. In addition to a diffused downstem, there is a deep orange colored tree perc so you’ll have lots of filtration power. The ice catcher lets you combine two forces of nature so that once the smoke hits your lips, it’s already icy cool and goes down smooth. Be mesmerized by the swirling hues of red, orange, and yellow as you get blazed.

Fire Beaker bong

Are you ready to snag a beaker bong and get your Walter White on? Check out our huge selection of bongs on Everything For 420 to find one that’s right for you. If you’re on a tight budget, we’ve even got a great selection of high-quality  bongs that are less than $50!

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