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On a brisk Los Angeles evening in December 2017 we hovered over our monitors with space heaters blasting, when suddenly: our website was born! (Hey, it was at least 60 degrees F!) Finally, months of product testing and passing out over our desks came to an end! Our mission was this: offer everyone the chance to grab quality essentials at accessible pricing! Thus, our name, “Everything for 420” was symbolic in two ways: our limitless selection, and our literal $4.20 prices!

We spent a year hurriedly packing thousands of orders with pipes, mini bongs, papers, bangers, and more! Our entrance into the industry was met with the blessings of some very professional stoners. We turned to those who ordered from us to ask, “What should we stock next?” It took them seconds to say, “Bring out the high ticket items!” So we listened, but kept our $4.20 Store as one tab on our ever-expanding site! From $14.20, to $42, up to $420! We did it all! We shipped discreetly to as many countries as possible so that all could enjoy!


Our progress came full circle while during another unforgiving California winter in 2020, we realized something… We became one of the TOP 3 online headshops in North America! We danced, we shed a few tears (mostly because we took some intense bong rips) and vowed to bring our customers more each year! We quadrupled our customer support team, packed our warehouse to the brim, and brainstormed some wild ideas!

The year is now 2021, and our minds are racing with possibilities! Our team is filled with the most caring, positive people—better than we could have imagined. We see their love and dedication, and how they pick up any task without hesitation. There is already an abundance of surprises in the works, but for now, we’ll tell you this...


The Bud to Bud Sub Box was our big hit in 2021! We’ve wanted to work on a 420 subscription box for a while now, but ramped up our energy after seeing the increasing call to shop safely online. But now that it's 2022, you're gonna have to check back here to see what wild rides we take you on next!

TLDR; (we get it, you got bowls to smoke) We’ve got fast, discreet shipping to most countries, offer you high quality glass smoking accessories on the low, and want you to always feel like you’re part of our smoky community! Hit up our newsletters, drop us a line, or tag us in silly shenanigans on Instagram.