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There are many household brand names in the cannabis industry but only a few stick out in terms of quality, design and innovation. The top cannabis products provide complete functionality, pass the ultimate durability test, and meet the styles requirements intended for any stoner aesthetic. V Syndicate is one of the more well-known brands that deliver clean products and feature designs to fit any stoner’s vibe. V-syndicate is a brand that takes all stoners into consideration and who doesn’t love to feel included?

Whether you are a people person or not, V Syndicate makes each product with love so you will feel the good vibes even from afar, no matter what. With a large selection of smoking accessories like glass trays made of tempered glass, full color grinders, or even stash jars made of classic metal with a twist of original artwork. This brand brings the heat and really gives such a large selection to choose from for any type of personality. The next time you plan on smoking with friends, try your best to prepare ahead of time and grab some V Syndicate accessories so you can surely impress the pack with these outstanding products to help get you high into the clouds. See what else V Syndicate has to offer as we go over their latest and greatest products that are must-haves to get your hands on!

V Syndicate Grinders

V-Syndicate herb grinders are a masterpiece in itself, whether it is made of quality materials that are nonstick and provide a clean cut, or the flawless designs of each grinder you will see the difference in not just quality but the way it can overall enhance a smoke session. Each grinder gives a sharp shred to your favorite dry herb making it fluffy like the cloud your mind will be floating on once you get high. If you are an avid bong or joint smoker and constantly need to use a grinder, you have definitely met your match with V Syndicate with its sharpshred grinders and nonstick grinder cards. Shred to your heart’s content as much as you want since V-syndicate products make it so simple to grind your dry herb, and the velvety texture will have you feeling like you smoked some top shelf weed despite it being the budget pick. Times might be tough but your smoke sesh does not have to be! 

V Syndicate Clean Cuts T=HC2 Classic Grinder

Take the V Syndicate Clean Cuts T=HC2 Classic Grinder, for instance. Sporting one of the more simpler grinder styles out there, this grinder is anything but simple and performs at a top tier rate. Each V Syndicate grinder can shred legal herbs very evenly and so smoothly without giving the user too much trouble when twisting. Packing each grinder properly where you do not crowd the middle, V Syndicate grinders make it easy to not crowd any part of the grinder with enough room for however much shred legal herbs you need. With fun designs and styles like a stoner Einstein contemplating a large nug, you and the late-genius can become the best of buds while smoking a joint together because teamwork makes the dream work. 

V Syndicate Anonymous Nonstick Grinder Card

V Syndicate Anonymous Nonstick Grinder Card is a definite game changer where you don’t have to lug around a hefty grinder but instead can discreetly slip this in and out of your bag. Conveniently shred legal herbs on the go and fit perfectly into your wallet after use so no one ever has to know what you are truly packing. While this might be in the higher end of your budget, if you plan to roll up on the go this will be your best friend and travel companion. Anyone that has used a V Syndicate nonstick grinder card can agree how seamless of an experience it is to own so don’t hesitate in adding to cart this is a buy you won’t regret. The way to justify smoking accessories is to know that if you use the product a lot you are getting your money’s worth and making it worth your while that it is a solution to your smoking situation. Sometimes something as simple as a grinder card can solve all of our smoking troubles and this one is at the top of this product’s class in terms of build and design. 

V Syndicate Rolling Trays

Another popular product made by V Syndicate are their metal rolling trays and a hybrid rolling tray setup that include a dab mat or wooden side storage. V Syndicate creates fun and durable rolling trays that are often shatter resistant from an accidental drop. We have all been there where we have a little too much at the smoke sesh and commit a party foul, but V-syndicate helps you conceal your lightweight situation and puts all eyes on the product. Trays are extremely necessary when trying to roll a joint properly or prepare a lot of smoking material at once. A V Syndicate rolling tray is a great addition to any collection and for anyone that is looking to add some spice and fun designs to their space. 

V Syndicate Cloud 9 Chameleon Metal Rolling Tray

The V Syndicate Cloud 9 Chameleon Metal Rolling Tray is an accurate depiction of how every stoner is trying to be after work. Whether you plan to light up a joint with the roomie, have a smoke sesh with your closest friends or post up in your bedroom by yourself this cloud 9 chameleon is here to remind you to smoke that extra bowl or take another puff of that joint to get sky high in the clouds as well. Looking at this chameleon is what you wish to feel like right after taking a tolerance break, all freshly baked not knowing which way is up or down. Life as a stoner is swell when the ganja hits you just right and this chameleon is obviously smoking and taking hella puffs of some good stuff. 

V Syndicate T=HC2 Hybrid Metal Tray w/ Dab Mat

Have you ever seen something so simple yet so functional and helpful? If you are a dab enthusiast, you will absolutely love the V Syndicate T=HC2 Hybrid Metal Tray w/ Dab Mat as it is a hybrid rolling tray for both legal herbs dry and concentrated. Roll up or dab away with this conveniently made rolling tray that gets down to business no matter which way you side on the 420 to 710 spectrum. With this hybrid rolling tray you won’t have to choose or grab multiple rolling trays when you can have a two in one! If you have ever considered dabbling in the dabbing world, this might just be your sign! 

V Syndicate Small High Def Wooden Rolling Tray

Switch things up with the V Syndicate Small High Def Wooden Rolling Tray, a 7.5-inch V Syndicate rolling tray that is made of durable wood and has a holographic image of the most inspirational stoners. Take your pick from Alice the Mushroom, Cosmic Chronic, Couch Lock and more. This style of rolling tray is nice to have the raised edges and makes it very easy to clean with how smooth the finish is. It has never been easier to grind your favorite legal herbs and now you can stay clean and organized so you don't wipe up a mess while you are enjoying your post high. 

V Syndicate Stash Jars

V Syndicate is known for making high quality products but is also reliable on innovating new products like smart stash jars. The way V Syndicate has created smart stash jars has users feeling like everything was thoughtfully added to the build of it and really knows what stoners want and need. Not just a stash jar, V Syndicate stash jars have the ability to grind, include a humidity packet for high quality storage and lights up for a prestigious look that will make anyone stop and stare. This is the perfect stash jar to keep on a shelf or take with you on the go, it is very travel-friendly and ready for whatever, whenever! The sleek glass and wood design work cohesively for a luxurious finish that is unmatched when it comes to preserving the quality of your buds. 

V Syndicate THC Elemental Smart Stash

The V Syndicate THC Elemental Smart Stash looks like a true life smart house in mini form. The way this smart stash jar can light up a room while concealing its contents is pure magic but also engineered for that very purpose. With a built-in grinder plate for easy prepping, a funnel and magnetic lid for extra security, there is also a humidity packet included to help get you started on preserving your favorite legal herbs. Available in quarter ounce, half ounce or one ounce sizes, choose which works for your supply and know that no matter what you (and your buds) are winning! 

V Syndicate Hamsa Smart Stash

If you want to truly enhance your smoking accessories collection, the V Syndicate Hamsa Smart Stash is one of the best ways to go for obvious reasons. A true show stopper, each smoke sesh will be lit up with the protective hamsa that will watch over the entire group. Featuring a built-in grinder, a wooden and magnetic lid for extra durability, watch the hamsa design light up while discreetly holding your little green nugs for safe keeping. V Syndicate was really on to something when they created smart stash jars because the best feature about this stash jar is how mesmerizing the designs are but even more impressively its functionality that goes beyond the styles and aesthetics. Stash jars that are not only shatter resistant but play multiple roles in the smoke sesh process and are a true game changer that will make your stoner life a lot easier in the long run. You no longer have to account for every little smoking accessories piece that you need to roll or pack a bowl, when all you need is your stash jar that has the most important contents in it!

V Syndicate Ashtrays

While many stoners often overlook ashtrays as an important necessity to every cannabis collection, a good ashtray will keep a smoker section free and clear of ash and debris that is unnecessary. Ashtrays have always been intended for getting rid of ash and the filters of joints, even ashing a bowl to make room for packing the next. V Syndicate ashtrays are durable, full color ashtrays that will catch you by surprise with how lightweight and functional they are. Bring one of these to every party you go to but make sure to get it back, it won’t be an easy task but keep your eyes on it so it does not grow legs and walk away like most lighters do in a group session. 

V Syndicate Pussy Vinyl Square Glass Ashtray 

Talk about a conversation starter, the V Syndicate Pussy Vinyl Square Glass Ashtray is one of those syndicate smoking accessories pieces that stops someone in their tracks to ask a few questions. Now, why is a cat running the DJ booth and spinning pizza on it, and why does the pizza look so delicious? And can we talk about the cat floating in a galaxy? Too many questions to ask sober but it might all make sense the second some legal herbs are smoked. This glass ashtray might look fragile but it is made of heat resistant glass and able to take all the smoke, literally.

V Syndicate T=HC2 Einstein Round Metal Ashtray

Need something more simple in an ashtray and one that also comes with notches for holding joints? The V Syndicate T=HC2 Einstein Round Metal Ashtray is a wonderful budget option pick that will last you ages. This fun design of Einstein pondering weed will never get old and you, too can ponder over your favorite nugs. This is also a great addition to any group session so every individual can feel free to rest their joints on the notches available. It is the little things that matter and make all the difference! That’s what makes V Syndicate so special, a brand that thinks about the small stuff to make a stoner’s life just a bit easier.

Best V Syndicate smoking accessories

Some of the most functional and fun syndicate smoking accessories are available to buy in just a few clicks. Add to cart and watch your stoner life get easier instantly, since V Syndicate products are intended to put a smile on a stoner’s face and have them think, “they did that”. You can never go wrong with some V Syndicate in your life, the brand that treats you like a friend and gives the best homie vibes all around. 


What is V Syndicate?

Established in 2010, V Syndicate has quickly become a household name when it comes to innovative, quality smoking accessories that are in line with the modern 420 lifestyle. Most famous for the V Syndicate rolling trays and The Original Grinder Card, the brand’s products feature exclusive artwork like Einstein examining a nug, scenes from Alice and Wonderland, and a cat DJ spinning pizza on a turntable that are perfect for smokers who aren’t afraid to show off their favorite pastime to the world. All the items are made with sturdy, high quality materials such as tempered glass, medical-grade stainless steel, and heat-resistant silicone that’s built to last, despite an accidental drop or two (it happens). With a strong focus on function and making stoner’s lives easier, V Syndicate smoking accessories will soon become an essential part of each smoke session. If that’s not proof enough, V Syndicate has also collaborated with some of the most famous ganja lovers like Cheech and Chong, Snoop Dogg, Wonderbrett x Russ, and Wiz Khalifa.

What is V Syndicate famous for?

While many of the brand’s products are well-known within the cannabis community, V Syndicate is most famous for inventing the The Original Grinder Card. The genius, portable design of the V Syndicate grinder card makes grinding large nugs while out and about quick, convenient, and mess free. Slim, lightweight, and only the size of a credit card, the V Syndicate grinder cards fit easily into a wallet, pocket, or purse so you’ll never forget your herb grinder again. Crafted from durable medical-grade stainless steel with a non-stick surface, breaking down a nug is just as easy as shredding a block of cheese. The grinder cards are available in lots of cool designs like a vintage cassette tape, an ace of spades playing card, and even an herb grinder that looks like a Game Boy. Other popular accessories include the tempered glass V Syndicate rolling trays, ashtrays, smart stash containers with a built-in herb grinder, hybrid rolling trays that can be used for dry herb or dabbing, and Roll N Go sets that include a metal rolling tray with a magnetic cover for easy storage.

Is your shipping discreet?

While most V Syndicate designs are on the more open and bold side, we understand that some people prefer to be discreet about their recreational activities and that’s totally fine too! Even with widespread legalization and changing perspectives regarding cannabis use, we understand that some roommates, parents, or landlords may not be on board. With our ultra discreet shipping policies, we go above and beyond to keep your secret safe until you want to share it. Each order we receive is hand packaged by our team in Dallas, Texas and sent in a plain box or mailer. There are no logos, pot leaves, or mentions of 420 on the outside to arouse suspicion. Even the business name shown on the shipping label and your credit card statement is nondescript, so if someone else ends up getting to the mail before you get home, they won’t know what fun items are waiting inside the box.

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