Portable Clear Glass Bong - 4"

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Material: Glass
Height: 4"
Style: Finger Carb

*Shapes may vary*

The Portable Clear Glass Bong is the perfect sized carbed bong to port between locations for smoking sessions. This glass bong both cools and filters the hits you take, plus it’s small enough to easily relocate.

Note: like many glass pieces, colors will vary in hue slightly.

The Good

We all have that friend who keeps a smoking device in their car and maybe you do it yourself. It makes it easy to take a rip before heading into a potential stressful situation like going to work or trying to get your bank to remove an overdraft charge. Though it’s difficult to take a bong with you in a car, it’s certainly possible. This bong, if secured well enough to prevent tipping, is great a companion for after your commute to the office. Dealing with coworkers and the management is unavoidable but it becomes a little less taxing when stoned.

The Bad

Getting a little too high before walking in the doors then getting slammed with a bunch of work.

The Ugly

Lifting your head after subtly taking a hit to see someone nearby had been watching.