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Banger? I hardly know 'er! Well, never mind that, because you'll need to turn up the heat on a great quartz nail or banger for every dabbing preference and dab rig.

What are quartz bangers for? 

When looking at dab rig setups, you might have come across quartz bangers, and it is natural to wonder what they are actually used for. A quartz banger for sale is typically meant for a dab rig because it is considered a banger nail used in consuming wax concentrate, also known as dabs. Quartz bangers are an excellent material for dabbing because it preserves the flavor of the wax concentrate so each hit is flavorful and as effective as possible. A quartz banger can be used in a dab rig or water pipe. It is popular because of its beautiful yet durable material that delivers a high-quality experience with every single use. Sure, quartz bangers might put you at a higher risk of breakage or damaging it because of how fragile a quartz banger can be, but is well worth the purchase because of how effective it is in delivering a nice quality high. 

Are quartz bangers better than glass? 

Some users would say that quartz bangers for sale might be better in glass due to their high resistance to heat, becoming much more sturdy and reliable to use over glass bangers. Even compared to using titanium banger nails, quartz bangers can withstand heat without the risk of an explosion which also helps in retaining a hot enough space to place a dab and turn it into vapor. A quartz banger might be better for glass (especially when dabbing) because of its ability to hold the right amount of heat. If using glass as a banger nail you will run the risk of it breaking and causing a potentially risky situation and further damage to the dab setup. A quartz banger can also heat up much faster than other types of banger nails, so it is not very comparable to glass because of its high durability to heat. Overall, you can find a cheap quartz banger if you really want to but highly suggest investing in a good quality quartz banger so you can get the full experience. 

How to use quartz bangers? 

It is quite simple to use a quartz banger, all you need is some easy instructions and a few practices to get down the technique. Your quartz banger will need to be heated up with a torch so that it can get hot enough to hold the wax concentrate and melt it into vapor. Before placing your desired amount of wax onto the quartz banger, heat it up with the torch by evenly distributing the torch heat across the surface of the quartz banger. Try to avoid heating up the glass and other parts of the dab rig setup as only the quartz banger is meant to be heated up at temperatures this high. Doing this for about 20 to 30 seconds should ensure an evenly heated surface, then place the wax onto the quartz banger with a dab tool and commence with your dab hit to see how the magic works!

How do you clean quartz bangers? 

Just like you would clean your bong setup, your dab setup (including a quartz banger) can be done with simple household items you already have laying around. Using isopropyl alcohol, use this and warm water to clean the surface of the quartz banger and its surroundings to break up any leftover debris and disinfect the area. If a quartz banger has a lot of residues that will not come off after a quick wipe down, soaking the quartz bangers in a solution of hot water and isopropyl alcohol should do the trick in lifting the leftover gunk that is left behind. A lot of users like a quartz banger because of how easy it is to clean and maintain, and doing so regularly will ensure its longevity so it can be part of a dab setup for a pretty long while. A quartz banger can get messy and sticky, however, its material does pretty well in response to doing dabs on it so you do not need to expect to scrub your quartz bangers the way you might need to with glass bongs or other products that get dirty easily. 

How can I tell if my quartz banger is real? 

While it might not be pretty, there is one tried and true way of whether to tell if your quartz banger is real or not. A cheap quartz banger should still be made of quartz banger material, and if you ever suspect that one of your bangers might be glass and not quartz bangers there is a method that will tell what it is immediately. Heat up the suspected banger nail, and once heated up drop it in a bucket of water. If your banger is glass, it will explode but if your banger nail is a quartz banger it will stay intact. Another way is to compare it to glass and tap it lightly against your tooth. By comparing both glass and the suspected banger nail, if it is glass it will have a different feeling on your teeth than a confirmed piece of quartz that has a totally different feel. FYI, quartz will feel a lot less stressful on your teeth than glass would, you can feel that it is definitely glass while quartz gives off a different vibration. You can either do this or use it and if it breaks easily then you know it was never a real quartz banger to begin with.

What are the quartz banger types? 

There are actually a few different types of quartz bangers and it is important to be aware of most of them so you know what your options are! While some quartz bangers for sale are more popular than others, it is a good idea to know all the choices you have at your disposal. Grabbing a few different types of quartz bangers can show you which style you prefer over another and just how high-quality quartz bangers are compared to other banger nails! Here are a few quartz banger types to keep your eye on:

  • Thermal quartz bangers. A common and popular option for a quartz banger is a thermal quartz banger, which holds heat retention better than most banger nails in general. With the ability to heat up the outside and inside of this quartz banger you can quickly take a dab and also hold its heat so you can take another dab back to back if you want.
  • Color-changing cadmium quartz banger. This type of quartz banger is when quartz banger changes color on the bottom to indicate it is hot and ready to take a dab. This is for those that want to dab at the same high temperature every time and do not want to use another device to gauge how hot the quartz banger is. 
  • Twin quartz bangers. If you want double the high or double up with someone for a dab hit, a twin quartz banger will be the winner and help you both elevate at the same time. 
  • Recycling quartz banger. Pretty self-explanatory, this type of quartz banger will recycle the dab hit and filter it for an extremely smooth hit. This type of quartz banger is typically more expensive than most but definitely worth every penny. 
  • What to keep in mind during shopping for quartz bangers? 

    A few things to keep in mind when shopping for quartz bangers is to always check the quality. Not all quartz bangers are the same when it comes to quality control, so knowing who you buy your cheap quartz bangers from is a good idea because you want to purchase from a trusted source like us. Our customers have always raved about the quality of our products and the level of trust helps them buy the best setups for themselves without paranoia and second-guessing. Usually, there are different levels of quartz bangers where there are cheap quartz bangers for sale or more expensive versions that offer higher quality smoke sessions. If you end up with a cheap quartz banger, it will most likely break and not last as long as a higher-end quartz banger, resulting in a lower return overall when it comes to justifying the cost. 

    When shopping for quartz bangers you will always want to check their functionality and that it is compatible with your dab rig setup as well. Doing this will make sure that you can use it with your existing dab rig setup and that you can properly add it to your collection. 

    Look at what type of quartz banger you are purchasing or would like to purchase, as this will help to eliminate any unnecessary types of quartz bangers you are not interested in from the jump. There are so many quartz bangers to choose from that it is quite easy to get lost in it all and forget what you are even doing when it comes to shopping for quartz bangers for sale. If you narrow down what you want and need in a quartz banger, use that as your criteria while quartz banger shopping because that will guide you in the right direction without taking unnecessary stops along the way. 


    What is a quartz banger?

    A quartz banger is a banger nail that is used for concentrates in dab rig setups. Typically known as one of the best materials to use for a banger nail, a quartz banger nail holds heat very well and is extremely durable so you do not have to worry about it breaking on you when applying heat. Quartz bangers for sale are so popular because they not only look aesthetically pleasing but are highly functional and can elevate a dab experience thanks to the way a quartz banger can hold the flavor of concentrates to allow its full potency to come through, making each dab hit highly effective (pun intended). Quartz bangers come in different shapes and sizes so you can choose which type of quartz banger is best for your own dab rig setup. Just starting out? That is the perfect opportunity to build your collection, grab a few different quartz bangers and see which are your favorites. 

    Is your shipping discreet?

    Our shipping is as discreet as discreet can be! Our phenomenal warehouse and customer service team work hand in hand to provide the best shopping experience at EF420, and that includes a level of discretion when shipping out your products. Because who needs to know that you just ordered a few quartz bangers and a whole new dab rig setup beside you? Absolutely nobody, unless you want to tell and shout us out then we would totally be for that too. But in case you would rather not market us to your neighbors, we will always make sure your products are discreet and also secure so there are no slip-ups with the delivery man when he throws your package at your door. Even though he lacks any ounce of care for your package, we care for both of us and will make sure you get your package in one piece and how we intended to get it to you. Trust!

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