Collection: Empire Glassworks

Each glass smoking accessory is crafted by highly skilled glassblowers and comes out uniquely individual.

The Empire Strikes back with pipes, rigs, straws and bowls

Each and every piece created by Empire Glassworks is an idiosyncratic masterpiece. Only made from fine imported glass from the United States and Europe, the colors used are often custom mixed and annealed, meaning they were heated above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and cooled, resulting in a more durable product. 

Best of Empire Glassworks 

Although the brand is known especially for its gorgeous glass pipes, you can also snag a unique smoking bowl, honey straw, carb cap or go big with a beautiful water pipe. 

Empire Glass pipes

Dragon Ball Pipe - If you're wondering who the fire breathing dragon is, it's you after you take a puff from this cool dragon pipe!

Portal Gun Pipe - Ever wanted your own portal gun after watching Rick and Morty? This Rick and Morty pipe will definitely get you lifted into another universe!

Phallus Spoon Pipe - Although it's on the short side, this thick glass pipe is so realistic you might do a double take especially after a few hits in. Warning: If you add this bad boy to your collection, expect nonstop penis jokes!

Empire Glass bongs

Galactic Flagship Water Pipe - Are you ready for takeoff? The Galactic Flagship water pipe will get you there. Grab hold of the reinforced rocket arm and watch the smoke filter through the honeycomb percolator before you get blasted!

Empire Glass bowls

Glowing Unicorn Bowl - Who said unicorns aren't real? This glow-in-the-dark bowl will make you question that entirely after a few hits! Activated under black light, this glass bowl makes the perfect stoner gift! 

Empire Glass Cactus Bowl - A desert dwellers dream team, the Empire Glass Cactus bowl and Empire Glass Cactus straw are sure to prickle your fancy. As the name suggests, the bowl is a beautiful cactus green, 14mm male with an arm and adorned with small dotted accents for a nonslip grip and a small yellow and red flower in bloom. The Empire Glass Cactus Straw is also pretty fly for a cacti. This 4 inch dab straw is a noteworthy design due to its compact size and lack of required parts. Carefully crafted and slowly cooled to create a vibrant, durable product unlike any other.

Ramen Bowl Mini - This ramen smoking bowl is so original and all too realistic, that you may think that the steam coming off of it is from the noodle soup, and not the massive hit you just took! 

Unique glass pipes for sale 

Find out why Empire Glassworks is a reputed name among the cannabis accessory market and add a one-of-a-kind piece to your collection today! 

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