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Empire Glassworks

The Empire Strikes back with Pipes, Rigs, Straws and Bowls

Each piece is crafted by highly skilled glassblowers, comes out uniquely individual and is a great addition to your collection. We’ve curated a delightful collection of goodies including 4 inch straws, 14mm male jointed bowls and Empire Glass pipes. 

Cool Empire Glassworks Bowls & Straws for Sale

As mentioned above, each and every piece created by Empire Glassworks is an idiosyncratic masterpiece. Only made from fine imported glass from the United States and Europe, the colors used are often custom mixed and annealed, meaning they were heated above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and cooled, resulting in a more durable product.

A desert dwellers dream team, the Empire Glass Cactus Bowl and Empire Glass Cactus Straw are sure to prickle your fancy. As the name suggests, the bowl is a beautiful cactus green, 14mm male with an arm and adorned with small dotted accents for a non slip grip and a small yellow and red flower in bloom. The Empire Glass Cactus Straw is also pretty fly for a cacti. This 4 inch dab straw is a noteworthy design due to its compact size and lack of required parts. Carefully crafted and slowly cooled to create a vibrant, durable product unlike any other.

Much like the cactus straw, the Empire Glass Beehive Straw is identical in size at just 4 inches long. Intricately designed as a hive, this compact dab straw is perfect for dabbing honey on the go. To use, you simply heat the tip and dab. Great for travel or quick use at home, these little straws are sure to get the job done, and cleaning is a breeze!

Best Empire Glassworks Pipes

Be sure to check out other favorites like our Presidential Trump Pipe, Avocadope Pipe, and Glass Boobies. We've got you covered whether you want to stick it to the man, are an Avocado and toast kind of guy or gal, or just shamelessly love curves. 

Find out why Empire Glassworks is a reputed name among the cannabis accessory market and add a one of a kind piece to your collection today!