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What are the perks of percs? It’s all in the bubbles, baby. Percolator bongs create holes that generate more bubbles which filter and cool smoke for smoother, fresher hits. EF420 prepares a lot of percolator bongs for you - tree percs, inline percs, and honeycomb perc bong at the best price. So let's choose!


If you are typically used to smoking from a pipe then you know how harsh the hits can be. Percolator bongs filter, cool and moisturize your hits with features like tree percs, honeycomb percs, and different types of percolators to take away the harshness of a bong rip. Filtering smoke through water not only cools down the hit but is also much healthier as it removes toxins from smoke. Percolators help with this by removing the byproducts of combustion like ash and tar, especially since water has the superpower of attracting non-polar contaminants. The smoke gets cooled down as it travels through the different percolators and can even turn into water vapor for more moisturized, smooth hits. For the best smoking experience, it is best to purchase products with percolators for a smooth smoke throughout. But the best percolator bong is the one that is convenient for you.

Percolator Bongs


There are lots of different types of percs, such as tree perc, UFO percs, and honeycomb percs which can be part of either a straight tube or beaker style bong, a glass bong and percs are also extremely popular features in dab rigs, if you prefer wax over flowers. Just remember, all of them do the same thing in different ways:  filter, diffuse, and cool smoke.

  • Tree percolators have different “branches” that are usually slitted, creating even more bubbles.
  • Matrix percolators are one of the most effective kinds because they have dozens of holes to create insane amounts of bubbles
  • Swiss percolators are actually amazing to watch in action. The “holes” in the glass
  • Inline percolators work look like a long cylinder full of slits. These are very effective at producing lots of bubbles
  • Inset percolators are one of the coolest looking ones, they are usually made of colored glass which sits inside the main chamber and forces smoke and vapors around it, which filters and diffuses.
  • Turbine percolators actually force smoke and bubbles to swirl around in a little tornado, which is super fun to watch.
  • Honeycomb percolators look like a small disk that creates tiny bubbles and an even level of filtration. 

Tree percolator bongs

Tree percs offer a great water show since there are many branches in a tree perc that offer multiple points of filtration. The bubbles that occur when a bong hit is being filtered through a tree perc looks similar to a waterfall just flowing bubbles after bubbles. Get creative with your setup and put an LED light underneath or near your  bong to truly set the vibes to get real high. Tree percs are often a fan favorite when it comes to choosing a perc bong as the tree perc looks cool when it is being used and even when it isn’t. Tree percs are also just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the specs of a perc bong so if tree percolators get you excited, there are many that combine with tree percolators well to create the ultimate filtration system.  Truly one of the best percs that are made of durable glass around. 

Matrix percolator bongs

Matrix percolators are one of the best percolators you can find in perc bongs because of how effective the filtration is. Beyond creating a ridiculous amount (but totally necessary amount) of tiny bubbles with its small holes, matrix percolators will raise your expectations when it comes to fully filtering a bong hit. A matrix perc looks really cool as well with how many holes it has and the levels to make it a bigger build than most other percolators. A matrix perc is much easier to clean than other percolators so keep this in mind if you are wanting to conveniently clean your bong water and cheap percolator bong regularly to keep its longevity. 

Swiss percolator bongs

Looking similar to cuts of swiss cheese, there are uneven slits that will generate a circle of bubbles to filter the smoke before hitting the mouthpiece for inhalation. Swiss percolators look really cool inside of a straight tube perc bong, especially when the glass bong has extra glass thickness to help deliver super smooth hits. After smoking out of a swiss percolator bong you might just crave the munchies for a charcuterie board with a full cheese spread and the works. And to be fair, no one would blame you because swiss percs tend to do that.

Inline percolator bongs

Inline percolators look like horizontal tubes that have slits in them to filter for super smooth hits throughout. Smoke passes through the slits of inline percolators and can even offer a cooler hit if paired with an ice catcher to hold ice cubes. Inline percolator bongs can produce more bubbles with enough of an inhale, forcing smoke to filter through the inline percolators longer thus making smoother hits overall. Inline percs are easy to clean and pretty sturdy within its smoking accessories so you do not have to worry about it easily breaking in your percolator bong. Watch the cool smoke dance through the slits of the long cylinder inline percolator as the filter sort of does its job.

Honeycomb percolator bongs

Honeycomb percolators look similar to a beehive but offer a flat and even level of filtration. Honeycomb percolators and honeycomb bongs are usually in straight tube glass percolator bongs because they need to sit within the perc bong and be well balanced. Honeycomb percolators can be stacked one on top of the other for more filtration and can also be easily cleaned, making it a popular choice in both mini and big bongs alike. A honeycomb perc in a glass bong is really a sight to see when paired with your favorite dry herb. 

Downstem percolator bongs

Downstems are pretty underrated when it comes to talking about percolators and features of ultimate filtration in percolators. Downstems can be found in many percolator bongs and can even be added to a regular bong that does not have percolators in them. Downstems are excellent additions to any bong that needs just a bit of filtration from the jump without overpowering the flow of a bong hit. 

A downstem is actually one of the most important aspects of a working bong because without it, a bong would not function properly. A downstem is the connection between the bowl of cannabis and the water chamber that creates the smoke and ability to allow percs to function. A downstem is an easy fix to any cheap bong for sale that you want to add some extra pizazz to, and the best perc for your bong just might be a slitted downstem to solve all of your troubles!

Percolator Bongs 2


We have got some crazy looking water bongs with 10+ different styles of percolators but if you're looking for a cheap perc bong that is simple but works like a charm, we have listed our top picks that are all under $50:

Percolator Bongs 3


Want to take monster hits without killing your throat in the process? Want a water pipe that just looks really cool with its detailed features like the best percolator bong? A percolator bong might be perfect for you. Luckily, at Everything For 420 we have a wide variety of perc bongs for any preference, at the best prices available. Perc bongs are an excellent choice when it comes to expanding your smoking accessories collection, as it can really offer a one of a kind smoking experience that a typical bong or water pipes cannot provide. A percolator bong can be bought at both budget friendly or investment level prices, it really depends on the build and quality of a perc bong that determines its price overall. Sometimes, there are multiple percolators that work in conjunction with the other, and these can typically run a pretty hefty price if there is a lot of hardware going on. Combining features like turbine percolators and showerhead percolators you are getting more for your buck as compared to buying a water pipe that does not have any type of filtration or the same build as a percolator bong does. We have different types of percolators - double percolator bong, tree perc, triple perc bong, and honeycomb perc bongб so you can come, see, touch, and choose the best one for yourself.


What do percolators do in bongs?

Percolator bongs are great for marijuana smokers looking to cool down their bong rips, regardless if it is a cheap percolator bong or not it will always deliver. A standard bong percolator diffuses and cools down the smoke that is pulled into percolator bongs, creating a much better smoke sesh with glass bongs when there are inline percolators and a diffused downstem to add more filtration. Percolators are great for filtering the smoke through different water chambers in a bong. Whether for tobacco usage or mixing in legal dry herb, a regular bong will not hit as smoothly as glass bongs with percolators to filter your material of choice. While you can find percolator bongs at your local smoke shop, user submitted reviews found that there is a much wider selection of percolator bongs for sale on our website plus free shipping deals make it an unbeatable deal. When you buy percolator bongs online you are opening yourself to a bigger and better variety to get yourself the best of the best. 

Are percolator bongs better than standard bongs?

If you want to be able to take massive bong rips that don’t feel like hot sandpaper on your throat, get yourself a percolator bong. Percolators are special interior glass features that work together with water to generate as many bubbles as possible with each inhale. This intense bubbling action improves smoke aeration, filtration, and cooling for smooth, comfortable tokes. There are numerous types of percolators, each with their own advantages and drawbacks which include the overall aesthetic, how fragile the design is, how easy it is to clean, and the type of aeration it can produce. Most cannabis enthusiasts agree that bongs with percs are better than those without simply because inhales are easier and less harsh, however they aren't the best for taking on the go. Percolator bongs do have one major drawback compared to standard bongs though and that’s drag. Percs add resistance to each inhale since the smoke needs to travel through a longer route. For the most direct hits with a percolator bong, choose one that has just one or two percs. In general, the more percolators the bong has, the more drag there will be, however keep in mind that bong shape also affects how direct each hit is.

Do bongs with percs get you higher?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that percolator bongs and all bongs in general get you higher faster than joints, blunts, vapes, or pipes. The reason is actually very simple and has nothing to do with losing potency or the type of flower used. Each hit of a bong is much bigger than other smoking devices since there is a larger chamber for smoke to accumulate (just think about the interior space of a pipe vs a bong). Essentially, one massive bong rip is not equivalent to taking a large hit from a pipe or joint as you probably know oh too well. This is because percolator bongs utilize the power of water to make each toke more comfortable, so in addition to more smoke accumulation, smokers are able to take larger than normal hits without having a coughing fit or burning throat. This generates a more direct and sudden high that’s felt almost instantly. So yes, you will get higher when smoking the same weed if you use a bong with percs vs rolling a blunt or joint.

How to use a percolator bong?

Learning how to use a percolator bong is fairly easy, and is not much different than using a regular bong without percolator features. The only difference to be aware of is maybe how much water to put into the main chamber in case you need to fill it up to a specific level in the water chamber for the percolators to work at its best. A percolator beaker bong always sits inside of the glass bong so you never have to feel you are using at your own risk and could potentially brisk by your bong and break it. While you will want to handle it with care, especially when cleaning your perc bong to clear off bong water and other caught up residue, make sure you are being mindful of how fragile the inside pieces of your perc bong can be. 

When using a perc bong, make sure the bong water is properly filled up to maximize the percolator’s features and capabilities. For instance, if you have a matrix percolator, you will want to fill up the bong water to a specific space in the chamber where it will just cover the matrix and its small holes. The rule of thumb to using a perc bong is to make sure the slits and holes that are used for filtration are covered with bong water so as the proper flow of water is present so the bong can perform correctly. 

Percolator bongs are used very similarly to regular bongs. Percolator bongs have different chambers to filter smoke, you will need to make sure correct water levels are added in order to not clog or spout out of your joint. Light your bowl once it is packed, lift the bowl to clear the smoke! It is as simple as that, try not to over complicate the easiness of using a percolator bong. The best percolator bongs online have cool designs, like double perc bong, that are paired with other percolators and features you cannot find in a regular bong. 

Are percolator bongs hard to clean?

They don’t call it sticky icky for nothing! Stubborn resin quickly builds up on any type of smoking device and can be a pain to clean. While it may take a bit more time to clean than a regular water pipe, percolator bongs aren’t particularly difficult to clean. The trick is using coarse salt and being patient. To clean glass percolator bongs, you’ll need isopropyl alcohol, coarse salt, a sealable plastic bag or silicone bong caps and a cotton bud or two to clean out the bowl.

How to clean glass bong with percolator step-by-step

  1. Begin by emptying any ash and removing the bong bowl. Put the bowl into a sealable plastic bag and add isopropyl alcohol until the bowl is covered and a spoonful of salt.
  2. Shake the sealed bag for at least two minutes, then let it soak for at least an hour. Extremely dirty glassware should be left to sit in the alcohol overnight for the best results.
  3. Do the same process with the bong, being sure that salt gets inside to scrub out the percolators and interior walls. If the bong is too big for a plastic bag, use silicone bong caps to seal up the openings before shaking. Since some percs are more fragile than others, be cautious with how hard you’re shaking.
  4. After leaving the percolator bong and bowl to soak, dump out the solution and inspect it to see if it’s clean. If there is still resin buildup, use a cotton bud soaked in alcohol to pick out the pieces or repeat the process until the bong is sparkling clean.
  5. Finally, rinse the percolator bong with fresh water and let it dry out completely before using.

Is your shipping discreet?

Ready to hit the checkout button on a new percolator bong, but don’t want your roommates finding out about it? You won’t have to worry about a thing since our team of specialists at EF420 package and ship everything ultra discreetly for this exact reason. Whether you’re worried about your parents getting to the mail before you get home or your nosy landlord, who doesn’t share the same open views on cannabis as you do, we’ve got you covered. When an order is placed, each item is packaged carefully by hand inside a plain box or mailer at our warehouse in Dallas, Texas. These boxes have no logos or mention of smoking, cannabis, or 420. We even go as far as using a mundane business name on the shipping label and your credit card statement that won’t draw attention or arouse suspicion. Just don’t forget what you’ve ordered and be sure to open up the box in private!

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