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Percolator Bongs

A collection of percolator bongs and the perks of using one.

What are the perks of percs? It’s all in the bubbles, baby. What percolators do in a bong is create holes that generate more bubbles which filter and cool smoke for smoother, fresher hits. There are lots of different types of percs, such as tree percs, UFO percs, and honeycomb percs, which can be part of either a straight tube or beaker style bong, and percs are also extremely popular features in dab rigs, if you prefer wax to flowers.

Here are a few of the most common kinds of percs available, though there are many others available as well. Just remember, all of them do the same things in different ways: filter, diffuse, and cool smoke.

  • Tree percs have different “branches” that are usually slitted, creating even more bubbles
  • Matrix percsare one of the most effective kinds because they have dozens of holes to create insane amounts of bubbles
  • Swiss percs are actually amazing to watch in action. The “holes” in the glass
  • Inline percs work look like a long cylinder full of slits. These are very effective at producing lots of bubbles
  • Inset percs are one of the coolest looking ones, they are usually made of colored glass which sits inside the main chamber and forces smoke and vapors around it, which filters and diffuses.
  • Turbine percs actually force smoke and bubbles to swirl around in a little tornado, which is super fun to watch

Want to take monster hits without killing your throat in the process? Shopping for a bong that just looks really cool with its detailed features? A percolator bong might be perfect for you. Luckily we have a wide variety of percolator bongs for any preference, at the best prices available. Just look below!