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Stoners looking for portability and sheer convenience with their smoking accessories will find the perfect solution with Stiiizy products. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to find an acceptable setting to light up a joint, and if you have a busy schedule it is important to smoke on the go without losing too much time for the important stuff. Stiiizy has changed the game with pods, vaporizers, and now a wide range of cannabinoids. Choose from vape pens, gummies, pre-rolls, and more — Stiiizy smoking accessories are more than worth the hype. 

Is a Stiiizy worth it?

All Stiiizy products are high quality and affordable, especially considering Stiiizy’s flavorful vape blends, delicious gummies, and convenient starter kits to help any stoner complete the ideal setup. 

Is Stiiizy good for beginners?

Stiiizy products are an excellent option for beginners as there are many smoking accessories to try. As a beginner, it is more important to know what you are consuming in a product. From a Stiiizy standpoint, here are a few pointers on what to look out for when deciding on which Stiiizy products to add to your cart. Stiiizy is mostly known for its easy and convenient vape pens and gummies, but you can always purchase other popular Stiiizy smoking accessories like a Stiiizy blunt or Stiiizy pre-rolls.

Stiiizy patented pods

One thing to know about Stiiizy is its patented pods and how they hold their own. Stiiizy pods are notorious in the vaping industry because of their unique design, tasty flavor profiles, and its own battery system. Unlike other vape carts or vape pens, Stiiizy pods are not compatible with typical 510-thread batteries and require their own setup. Luckily, Stiiizy supplies beginners with Stiiizy starter kits to make the entire smoking process simple and efficient. 

What Stiiizy strains to buy

Whether a beginner or an experienced smoker, Stiiizy has always taken quality control of its products above and beyond. Regardless of what strain is purchased, all Stiiizy products are extracted from natural plants for that organic and botanical sensory experience. From tasting like popular cannabis trains to our favorite fruity flavors, bystanders typically mistake Stiiizy products for a nicotine pen thanks to its (nearly) masked smell. A quick guide to identifying mixed blends:

  • Delta 8. While you might still feel a bit high from taking this cannabis type, Delta 8 is more of a mellow type of cannabis as compared to its counterparts. Delta 8 is a great option that many cancer patients take advantage of, as it helps curb nausea and boosts appetite. 
  • Delta 9. We know this as the “OG THC”, usually the type of cannabis that gets us high in the clouds and couch-locked. Delta 9 will not be directly on a label, but the most comparable will be THC-A (when exposed to heat) and THC-P. 
  • Delta 10. Even less potent than Delta 8, Delta 10 is much more comparable to CBD than any other type of cannabis due to its very mild effects. Delta 10 does have a similar sativa effect that might encourage an energy boost and mood-uplifting effect.
  • HHC. Hexahydrocannabinol is a cannabinoid that produces a nice buzz without the brain fog that is typically accompanied by Delta 9. HHC is known to be an appetite stimulant and also helps many users with insomnia. 
  • THC-P. Definitely more potent than Delta 9, THC-P is usually mixed into a blend to balance out its heavy effects. THC-P is said to help with nausea, anxiety, and lowering stress levels. THC-P is not ideal for beginners as it is known to be much more potent than Delta 9 THC and this is not to be taken lightly. There is a good reason why THC-P is typically mixed into a blend of other cannabinoids, so take notes before adding to cart!

  • Stiiizy edibles

    While Stiiizy is popular for its well-made vape pens, Stiiizy edibles are where it's at as well! Definitely worth a try, Stiiizy gummies can help you unwind after a long day and wake up feeling refreshing AF and ready to take on your crazy schedule. Stiiizy gummies are an excellent way to get yourself calmed and on cruise control whenever you need to, and its reusable jar helps you keep your stash organized and available. You really cannot go wrong with trying Stiiizy edibles and at such an affordable price you can taste test as many as you need! The Stiiizy X-Blend Gummies come highly recommended, pun intended. 

    Why buy Stiiizy?

    There are many trust brands that we carry, and Stiiizy consistently makes our customers satisfied with their purchases and continues to come back for more. Stiiizy is always reliable in terms of quality and delivering what they advertise their products will do, working with natural plants when extracting for Stiiizy pods goes a long way and shows in its taste and performance. Stiiizy customers of ours rave about its flavor profiles and how smooth of an experience it is using Stiiizy products, so make sure to read all customer reviews before buying so they can tell you what they liked about it first. 

    A little about Stiiizy

    A California-based brand like Stiiizy started off with small roots and is veteran-owned, starting modestly in 2017 and quickly disrupting the vape market with its ergonomic, patented pod designs. Stiiizy has rapidly grown to be a greatly appreciated ethical brand that produces high-quality products with consistent performance. Stiiizy is recognized as an inclusive brand that focuses on exceeding high industry standards and promoting a healing, transformative experience. Now popular across the nation, Stiiizy is a trusted brand that continues to break industry barriers and stay true to its company mission — creating value for their customers. 

    From the best brands and products to outstanding customer service available at your fingertips, EF420 makes sure buying smoking accessories is an easy and effortless process. If you want to chat more about which Stiiizy products are best for you, contact us and our team will be happy to chat with you one-on-one to help you anytime.

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