Best Bongs for Under $50

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Are you on a tight budget but don’t want to settle for a basic looking bong? Don’t worry, there are lots of high-quality bongs for under $50 and we’ve rounded up the best of the best. Our affordable bongs are some of the most popular because there are so many different styles, sizes, colors, and features to pick from. A low price doesn’t always have to equal low quality. Nearly all of our bongs are made with thick, heat-safe borosilicate glass that is made specifically to handle extreme temperatures. With cool aesthetics and high quality, you’ll never guess that these bongs are so affordable! Let’s take a look at a few of our most popular bongs for under $50.

Hive Mini Bong

You know what they say about mini bongs? They’re the ultimate travel buddy. At six and a half inches, the  Hive Mini Bong fits into your backpack, purse, glove box, drawer, or anywhere else you need to store it. It’s also super easy to pass around with a group of friends. The curved beehive shape and small shower head perc add to this bong’s interesting look and reduces the hardness of each hit. They don’t call this water pipe the hive for nothing. As soon as you bring this bong out, your friends will be buzzing around you like bees waiting to take a hit.

Hive Bong

Corkscrew O Bong

This water pipe has such a cool look, no one would ever guess that it costs less than $35! The eight inch  Corkscrew O Bong is well-made with thick glass and comes with lots of handy features. From the double mouthpiece and splash guard to the shower head percolator and main feature, the donut perc, this piece has everything you need for a flawless smoking sesh. To top it off, the bong has a twisted glass neck and colorful forest green or yellow accents so you can get blazed in style.

Corkscrew O Bong


The  Elixir Bong looks like it could be found in the potion’s classroom at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The bubbling “potion” churns and filters the smoke within the round chamber base thanks to the percolated downstem. Crafted from high-quality heat resistant borosilicate glass, this elegant bong can withstand the hottest and coldest of temperatures. Each water pipe comes with a bowl featuring a slide handle so as soon as you open the box, you’ll be ready to make magic. The body of the bong is clear, but you can choose from either black or lavender details. Fall under the Elixir bong’s spell and reach new highs. 

Elixir bong

Warp Pipe

It’s-a me. Mario! Retro gamers and Nintendo fanatics will love the Mario-inspired  Warp Pipe bong. Navigate the green pipes just like the pint-sized Italian plumber and watch out for the Piranha plant glass slide. The 10-inch bong is cool to look at and has a sturdy round base so the piece won’t tip over. The angled pipe helps keep the dirty bong water from touching your lips when you take extra hard tokes. Turn on the console and call up your friends because the Warp Pipe bong was made for those all night gaming sessions.

Warp Pipe mario bowl


This cute recycler bong packs a lot into just six inches and is less than $35! With the dual-chambered  Grippers Bong, you’ll maximize filtration and cooling, plus it’s super easy to clean after a session. In addition to the external recycler, the bong also has a curved neck and two splash guards so you can rip this little guy as hard as you please. The combination of these features means this water pipe will give you some silky smooth hits that won’t hurt your lungs.

Grippers bong


One hit from the  Blastoid bong and you can expect to be flying high into outer space. This bong’s futuristic design centers around the blue upside down sprinkler percolator. Each sprinkler forces smoke through the water for extreme diffusion and cooling for extra comfortable hits. At eight and a half inches tall, it’s a great piece for passing around with friends and is stable enough because of the generous beaker base. Fill up the chamber neck with ice for frosty smooth hits that you can smoke all night long. Hold on to that sofa because with this bong, you’ll be blasting off in no time.

Blastoid bong

Beaker Zong

Looking for some crazy cool aesthetics that won’t break the bank? The  Beaker Zong stuns with its eye-catching zig zag shaped chamber neck that’s not just for looks. The special shape gives the smoke more time to cool down and combined with the large beaker base, you’ll get those smooth, fat rips you know and love. Colorful swirling details and a matching bowl top off this 10-inch beaker, which comes in five vivid colors.

Beaker Zong bong

Mermaid Bong

Do you ever wish you could be a mermaid for a day? Well you’ll be one step closer to your dream after a few hits from the dazzling  Mermaid Bong. This water pipe is embellished by detailed scales in green, blue, and purple hues that descend from the mouthpiece down the neck. You’ll feel like you’re rolling in the waves thanks to the massive bubbles generated by the shower head perc. By the time you inhale, the smoke will be filtered and cold like the ocean depths.


Mermaid bong

Not everyone wants to shell out hundreds of dollars for a bong and here at Everything For 420, we get that. That’s why we always stock products at a range of price points so you can find the perfect water pipe that fits your budget and smoking needs. Check out our collection of  affordable bongs starting at less than $5! Yes, you read that right.

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