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18mm to 14mm Downstem

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Find the perfect fit. Diffused downstem, various length options.

*Length is measured by Inches from the below end of the joint

18mm male joint size to 14mm female

serves as the middle-woman between your bowl and bong, where it percolates the smoke produced from regular herb or dabs as it hits the water. It comes in various lengths and connects with standard 14mm fitting joints for ensuring the perfect fit.

The Good

Adding a percolating effect to anything makes it better. To prove this point, the next time you’re out with friends having a drink, find a straw. When one of your friends gets up to go to the bathroom or steps outside to smoke, stick the straw into their beer and blow bubbles. After they return, they’ll see large frothy bubbles and find themselves immediately elated with your efforts. Except, not really. They’ll actually be infuriated because you’ve likely made the beer go flat. However, when pot smoke percolates, it defuses and creates assist in further down of the smoke, intensifying the cooling effect.

The Bad

If you blew bubbles into a friend’s beer or soda, you now owe them a new beverage.

The Ugly

The friend that’s taking you out is paying for everything, making your deed just that much worse.