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When it comes to enjoying concentrates, there’s no easier way to take dabbing on the go than with a smart rig. Table top dab rigs are great for smoking at home, but most cannabis enthusiasts want to dab while going about their daily routines and the only way to do this without lugging around glass and a bunch of tools is with a portable dab rig. 

Portable dab rig, smart rig, e-rig, vaporizer, the popular high-tech smoking device goes by many names but they all do the same thing–vaporize concentrates via a built-in heat source. All smart rigs have a chamber to load concentrates, a mouthpiece, and an internal heat source which runs through preset heating and cooling cycles. Portable dab rigs are easier and more discreet to use, quicker to heat up, and less messy than traditional rigs. G Pen is one of the biggest names in the vape game with various designs and styles available. The new G Pen Roam vaporizer has quickly gained traction among the 710 community for its sleek aesthetic, smaller than average design, amazing vapor quality, and easy cleaning functions. Here’s all you need to know about the newest concentrate vaporizer to join the G Pen family.

G Pen Roam review

  • Water filtration - One key difference that makes the Roam stand out from other dab rigs is its innovative water filtration system. Some e-rigs don’t use water and if they do, smokers need to be very careful not to damage the electronic components with accidental spills. The G Pen Roam features a fully self-contained borosilicate glass tube that is completely spill proof. With just a few millimeters of water, you can experience a smooth, tasty dab that is free of ash and other contaminants. No more coughing fits!
  • Battery and charging - If you ever find that your device is dead, you won’t even need to blink an eye. The durable 1,300mAh lithium-ion battery uses pass-through technology so you can smoke while it's charging. The Roam uses a normal USB cable and takes one to three hours to charge completely. On a full charge, it will have up to 48 minutes of heating time, which gives you at least 12 activations. It’s extremely frustrating when you’re ready to smoke only to discover that your portable dab rig turned on in your backpack and is dead. As an added safety measure, the G Pen Roam requires the on/off button to be pressed five times in a row so you can be sure the device is off and stays off when not in use.
  • Display - Unlike some other e-rigs that need to connect to an app for full control, the Roam has a small LED display with three straight forward buttons (on/off and temperature up or down). The screen displays the battery level, temperature in fahrenheit or celsius, a thumbs up when ready to hit, and other useful icons. To relay additional messages to the smoker, the device uses haptic feedback.
  • Heating - Unlike a table top dab rig, you don’t need to wait for heating and cooling cycles. The Roam takes mere seconds to heat up and will give you either a thumbs up icon or vibrate when ready to take a rip. You can choose a customized temperature between 600 to 800°F with 25°F increments, or quickly use one of the preset options when in a hurry. Concentrates are loaded into a quartz tank, which helps save power since this material heats up quicker than titanium or glass.
  • Cleaning - The G Pen Roam is one of the easiest smart rigs to clean and if cleaned often, rarely gets clogged. The max heat setting was created just for burning off any remaining sticky icky that may be left over after your session and the airway, mouthpiece, and heating chamber are easily accessible. Simply turn on max heat, wait for a few minutes, then clean with a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol and your G Pen Roam is as good as new!
  • Durability - All of the smart rig’s internal components are safely enclosed in a sturdy aluminum housing. The quartz tank has an additional protective housing and the glass hydro tube is safely located in the center of the device. The removable mouthpiece is crafted from unbreakable silicone. If anything does happen, individual pieces can easily be swapped out.
  • Competitive price - Right now the G Pen Roam vaporizer complete kit is going for $254 on our online headshop. You’ll get the complete set which includes a sturdy hemp carrying case with slots for concentrate containers, a dab tool, and a USB charger. Just for comparison, luxury vapes like the KandyPens Oura or the Puffco Peak cost around $340. You may be thinking, whoa, I can get a cheap vape for less, but in the realm of high-tech smart rigs, this is a great deal.

Final thoughts

If you’ve been dying to test out a smart rig for yourself, the G Pen Roam is a great device to get you started. There aren’t many portable dab rigs on the market at this price point with the same quality and features that the Roam offers. The size is amongst the smallest of smart rigs at just six inches tall and it’s also one of the only brands able to figure out a spill-proof way to incorporate water filtration. G Pen has a huge following and lots of experience in the world of vaporizers with both dry herb and concentrate options that come highly recommended.

Visit our online shop where we have the G Pen Roam for sale as well as the popular G Pen Connect, which is a revolutionary concentrate nail alternative that turns any glass into an electronic smart rig.

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