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The Ringer - 22in

The Ringer - 22in

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Huge bong with twin matrix percs and shatter-glass percs

You are about to fall so madly in love with this Huge bong, you’re gonna want to put a ring on it. The Ringer has everything you could ever want to create a flawless dabbing experience. The recycling nail, which keeps wax in motion, makes sure you can use every last drop your supply. Two shatter-glass percs plus two matrix percs each filter and diffuse through dozens of tiny holes for extreme smoothness. The handle also acts as a recycler, looping vapors through the percs multiple times for supreme filtration and concentration. The percs and chambers of the rig cool vapors to comfortable temperatures, but you can use the ice catchers as well to get icy-cold hits for the complete Ringer experience. The Ringer’s extreme cooling powers, unbelievable filtration, and magnificent hits are sure to spark love at first light.

💍 Elegant design you’ll want to showcase

💍 Impressive at 22” tall

💍 Sturdy at 4.63lbs

💍 18mm female joint

💍 4mm thick heat-stable borosilicate glass

💍 Triple ice catcher

💍 Two matrix percs

💍 Two shatter-glass percs

This bong has been carefully constructed to incorporate all features into its beautiful and ornate design that you’ll want to show off as part of your decor, not hide away in a drawer. So if you’re looking for a bong that truly has everything, look no further, because The Ringer is definitely The One.

*This bong may also be used as a dab rig; a banger is not included with this item

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The Ringer - 22in

The Ringer - 22in
Giant 22-inch dab rig smoking device with recylcing nail 2 shatter-glass percs triple ice catcher ash catcher robotic look
The Ringer - 22in
Use code OCT23 and take 10% OFF COUPON COPIED