Portable Dab Rig Buying Guide: Puffco Peak vs. KandyPens Oura

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puffco peak dab rig

When the latest in technology and design meets smoking culture, it’s a match made in heaven. Now there are more ways than ever before to enjoy cannabis flowers, oils, and concentrates. Two companies, Puffco and KandyPens have created high-tech products that take dabbing to an entirely new level. Before, it used to take some trial and error to learn how to get great tasting dabs, but now anyone can get into dabbing–no experience necessary. We know you’re curious, so we’ve created a side-by-side comparison of the hottest portable dab rigs on the market right now: Puffco Peak and KandyPens Oura.

What exactly is a portable dab rig?

If you think of a vape as the electronic equivalent of a pipe, than a portable dab rig can be considered the upgraded e-version of your typical table-top dab rig. Nowadays, dabbers who are constantly on the go don’t need to be inconvenienced by cumbersome rigs and multiple pieces. They now have the option to use a fully-contained portable rig made specifically for traveling. Similar to a vape, portable dab rigs, also called e-nails, have an internal heat source with multiple heat settings to choose from based on your personal smoking preference. Now you can leave that torch at home! An old-school dab rig usually takes around three minutes to heat and cool, while portable rigs are ready to party in mere seconds with the click of a button. That means an easier and faster smoking session with much less down time. They are so simple to operate that even a complete noob can create smooth, perfect dabs every single time.

Puffco Peak

Set out to enhance the way we consume concentrates, Puffco has made a name for itself in just a few years. The company has won multiple High Times Best Vaporizer awards around the country and their latest product, Puffco Peak is gaining lots of praise from the 420 community. Puffco Peak is a smart dab rig that “unlocks the true power of concentrates.” With precise temperature control, haptic feedback, an easy to use single button, and sesh-mode, this e-nail is perfect for social smokers. Sesh-mode extends each cycle an extra 15 seconds so you can still take those giant hits you’re used to. The Puffco Peak has a sleek and classy design and arrives with a carrying case, extra ceramic bowl, four cleaning swabs, a loading tool, a carb cap with a tether, and a charger.

Puffco Peak case

KandyPens Oura

KandyPens has created many different types of vaporizers, but none is as acclaimed as the Oura. The portable dab rig has won numerous accolades such as Best Portable Dab Rig of 2019 by The Vape Critic and Best E-Nail 2019 by The Vape Guide. Oura fans gush over the thoughtfulness that went into this rig’s many useful features and high-quality manufacturing. Don’t underestimate the power of this intelligent portable vape. It may be small, but it heats up in just five seconds and is compatible with concentrates or oils. One of the unique features is the automatic four minute shut off, which extends battery life so that when you you’re ready to pull it out again for a second sesh, the device still has some juice in it.

KandyPens Oura Pink



The two portable dab rigs are similarly priced. The Puffco Peak starts at $380 with limited editions for $399 and the KandyPens Oura is $350.


Both portable dab rigs measure in at seven inches tall.


The Oura and the Peak both have four heat settings to choose from, however the Oura gets much hotter with the lowest temperature setting starting at 620 degrees fahrenheit and a maximum temperature of 1090 degrees. On the other hand, the peak ranges from 450 to 600 degrees fahrenheit. The Oura also heats up in just five seconds compared to the Peak’s 20 second average heat up time.


The battery life is identical for the two rigs. Both products take two hours to fully charge and you can get roughly 30 dabs out of a full battery. The peak uses a micro USB charging cable, while the Oura is fitted with a USB C.


There’s a lot to say about the Peak’s accessories and customization options. The base model is black, but Puffco provides many special edition colors such as neon glow in the dark, sunset, and rose gold chrome. If you drop your Peak or just want to swap out old pieces, you can purchase carb caps, tethers, atomizers, glass stands, extra chargers, and ceramic bowl replacements individually. Puffco currently has three unique hand-made glass attachments: an avocado, sriracha bottle, and Petra, a clear design with a diffuser. On the go users have the option of purchasing travel accessories like a belt clip, cup holder insert, travel glass, silicone glass cover, a travel bag, and more.

With the Oura, you can choose from classic black or five pastel colors including salmon pink, lavender, and turquoise. In case of an accident, replacement pieces are available for the glass, carb cap, and atomizer.


The Puffco model comes with a one year limited warranty on the electronic base and a one month warranty on the atomizer. KandyPens has a more generous policy, a lifetime warranty on all parts.

KandyPens Oura parts

The verdict

Honestly, you can't go wrong with either of these portable dab rigs. The Puffco Peak and Kandypens Oura are very similar when it comes to battery life, size, and price. They also both have LED lights, haptic feedback, and replacement parts. However KandyPens is the clear winner when it comes to the warranty offered. Though both e-nails have four temperature settings, the Oura heats up faster and has a higher maximum temperature. The e-nails also differ in features since the Peak has sesh-mode and the Oura has a four-minute automatic shut off. If you're looking for a beautiful modern design and lots of ways to personalize your rig, the Peak might be right for you. If you prefer direct hits without skipping a beat, the hotter temperatures and quick heat up time of the Oura might be more your style. Both are great products that are essential for dabbing on the go. It doesn't matter which portable dab rig you choose to go with, your smoking experience will be forever changed.

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