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focus v carta dab rig
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Today, dabbing has become one of the more popular ways to smoke amongst cannabis enthusiasts and it seems like every company wants to get a piece of the pie. When the first portable dab rig was introduced, it was a game changer for the 710 community. Now stoners can take their favorite concentrates on the go without having to fumble with multiple tools or struggle to remember where they left their butane torch. With brands continually coming up with new smart rig designs, it’s hard to weed through all the options and find the right piece that looks great, works with your smoking style, and is worth the price (if you didn’t notice, portable dab rigs aren’t cheap).

Just like with every new high-tech toy, there were some issues when smart rigs first arrived on the scene. Smokers often complained about low vapor volume, short battery life, and poor heating. Focus V set out to find solutions to these common issues and designed the granddaddy of portable e-rigs with all the features you’ll ever need. It’s no surprise that the Focus V CARTA quickly became one of the most popular smart rigs out there!

Focus V CARTA Review

  • USB and rechargeable battery - Having two power options is the main reason people choose the CARTA over other options. Most portable dab rigs quickly lose battery life then need to be plugged in. With the Focus V CARTA, you don’t even need a power outlet since it can also run on two 18350 rechargeable batteries. Pack your CARTA and a few sets of batteries and you’re ready to smoke during any adventure, even a week-long camping trip.
  • Dry herb and concentrates - Whether it’s wax, budder, or your favorite bud, this electronic dab rig is compatible with both dry herb and concentrates. It’s extremely versatile, working in a variety of situations so you can smoke whatever you feel like at the moment (or whatever you have on hand) and you’ll never get bored. To change between pot and concentrates, simply swap out the atomizer. The one with the ceramic chamber is made specifically for dry herb, while the titanium version heats concentrates better (more on atomizers below).
  • Lots of accessories - The Focus V CARTA was built to be customizable and unique. Choose from limited edition hand blown glass attachments in transparent pink or swirling designs or opt for the popular bubbler attachment for even smoother draws.
  • Bluetooth capability - Yup, even your dab rig is connected to an app. Once paired to your smartphone, you’ll be able to change the preset temperature settings down to the last degree. The CARTA app also has a dab counter, remote control function, and more.
  • Affordable price - Right now the Focus V CARTA complete set is going for $242, which is much more affordable than comparable portable dab rigs. For example, two other highly sought after smart rigs, the KandyPens Oura and the Puffco Peak are around $340.

Focus V CARTA app

To utilize the full potential of your portable dab rig, download the Focus V CARTA app and connect your smoking device via bluetooth. You’ll be able to unlock additional features like the dab counter, session counter, monthly statistics, precise temperature controls, custom heat settings for concentrates vs dry herb, and a run timer. You can customize the temperature presets depending on the type of concentrate and terpenes used so you can get the most flavor out of your weed. It will take a bit of playing around to find the best heat setting for what you’re smoking, but when you hit the sweet spot, lock it in for later. The app is available for iphone or Android and gives you complete control over your CARTA, even remote access.

Focus V Carta Atomizer

Focus V CARTA accessories and parts

The Focus V CARTA complete set from Everything For 420 comes ready to go with all the pieces you need to light up and give it a deep clean when you’re finished (just don’t try to clean it while blazed). The bundle includes a USB-C charger cable, titanium bucket, metal dab tool, silicone concentrate container, glass carb cap, alcohol cleaning wipes, and a handy travel case. The Focus V CARTA is customizable with limited edition glass attachments such as the trending water bubbler. If a party foul ever occurs, you can easily find replacement parts online so you can get right back to dabbing.

  • Atomizer - The dry herb atomizer is made from ceramic, while the concentrate atomizer is crafted from titanium, which better handles the high and low temperature cycles needed to vaporize concentrates. Replacing a Focus V CARTA atomizer takes mere seconds and is backed by a six month manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Replacement buckets - Buckets come in quartz or titanium. The Focus V Carta titanium bucket is extremely durable and praised for its ability to retain heat, ultimately saving you battery life. Another option is a quartz bucket which some people prefer since it won’t interfere at all with the taste of the vapor.
  • Carb cap - Any person who dabs knows the importance of using a carb cap. It’s the only way to retain heat and control the airflow needed for large plumes of tasty vapor. The Focus V CARTA carb cap is made from heat-safe clear glass that won’t get too hot to the touch.
  • Batteries - Has your vape ever died in the middle of a session? Well it won’t happen with the Focus V CARTA that can also run on batteries. Extra batteries are always great to have on hand when out and about. Each smart rig takes two 18350 batteries that last a surprisingly long time. If you end up misplacing your charging cable, don’t worry. The CARTA uses a standard USB-C cable available everywhere.

Have we convinced you yet? Head to our online headshop where you’ll find the Focus V CARTA for sale in addition to a wide selection of official CARTA accessories. If you think that this smart rig isn’t right for you, check out our other dab rigs, weed vapes, bongs, or glass pipes and find the right fit.

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