Dab Rig Shopper’s Buying Guide

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Bubblegum Dab Rig
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With the holidays coming up, what better time than now to start researching about different styles and brands of dab rigs for your favorite pothead (or maybe just for yourself). Dabbing has caught on in recent years and is now a big part of stoner culture. From the latest features and designs, to the hottest new recycler dab rig, there are lots of things to take into account when shopping for a new piece of glass.

What is a dab rig?

What bongs are to dry herb, dab rigs are to concentrates. A dab rig is an essential tool needed for dabbing, the act of vaporizing potent cannabis extracts like wax, crumble, budder, or shatter. Dab rigs work exactly like your everyday bong, but have an upgraded bowl called a nail used specifically for high temperatures and even heating. Tabletop dab rigs are filled with water and sometimes have extra features like percolators or recyclers, which adds additional filtration.

Types of dab rigs

When it comes to dabbing, technique and the type of concentrate used is just as important as the type of dab rig setup you have. Some people prefer the silky smooth vapor and simplicity of an e-rig, while others like to stick to the original method using a water bong, where they have full control of everything from the temperature to the airflow. Dab rigs typically fall into two general categories: tabletop dab rigs or e-rigs:

Traditional tabletop dab rigs

  • Glass Dab Rigs - Essentially a water bong with a dab nail instead of a smoking bowl.
  • Mini Rigs - Exactly what it sounds like, petite dab rigs that are six inches or smaller.
  • Silicone Dab Rigs - Drop-proof dab rig made of heat-safe silicone.
  • Recycler Rigs - The same idea as a recycler bong, but for dab rigs.


Also called portable dab rigs, these high-tech devices are easy to use and require less tools. This new type of dab rig has an internal heat source that automatically controls heating and cooling cycles for you and are made to be taken on the go. The latest product to change the dabbing game is the Airis Dabble 2-in-1 Vape which can be smoked like a vape or used instead of a dab nail to turn any bong or glass dab rig into a powerful e-rig.

Best Dab Rigs For Sale

Tabletop dab rigs

Bubblegum Dab Rig

This cheap dab rig resembles a bubblegum machine, complete with loose marbles that look like gumballs. The eight-inch Bubblegum Dab Rig comes in in green or pink and features a mini matrix percolator for comfortable dabs that don’t hurt the throat.

Girl at beach with Bubblegum Dab Rig

Double Barrel Dab Rig

Some say too much filtration is a bad thing, but one dab from the Double Barrel Dab Rig and you’ll almost certainly disagree. The highlight of this percolator dab rig is the dual jellyfish percolators and curved neck. With this 11-inch glass dab rig, you’ll have silky smooth tokes every time.

Double barrel dab rig

Electric dab rigs

Grenco Science G Pen Roam

The G Pen Roam e-rig by Grenco Science is the most travel-friendly dab rig you’ll ever find. The water is held in a spill-proof borosilicate glass hydrotube that is fully protected by an aluminum alloy shell. In addition to the portable dab rig, the complete package includes a metal dabber, micro USB charging cable, and travel case so you can start dabbing as soon as you open the box. For more info, check out our G Pen Roam product review.

Grenco Science G Pen Roam Portable Dab Rig at the gym

Puffco Peak

As the most customizable of portable dab rigs, the Puffco Peak has a sleek volcano-shaped design that adds an elegant touch to your dab routine. The e-rig heats up in just 20 seconds and has four heat settings to choose from. The Peak electric dab rig can dish out around 30 dabs on a full charge, which takes just two hours. If you’re looking for Puffco Peak accessories check out the travel pack in our online headshop. We also did a full review on the Puffco Peak that will help you make the right decision.

Puffco Peak Portable Dab Rig on a Wall

Kandypens Oura

Available in five pastel colors, the Kandypens Oura electric dab rig is lightweight, easy to use, and made for smokers on the go. It has four temperature settings that go up to a whopping 1090°F and will automatically shut off when not in use to save battery life because the last thing you want is to reach for your e-rig and it’s out of juice. Read through our Kandypens Oura review for all the details.

Pink Kandy Pens Oura E-rig

Dab rig nails and accessories

For more information about dabbing and roundups of some of the best dab products, check out our articles Best Electric Dab Rigs For Sale8 Best Dab Tools, and our Puffco Peak vs Kandypens Oura buying guide.

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