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Portable dab rigs, which are essentially vaporizers made specifically for smoking concentrates, are making quite a stir amongst the cannabis community. Dabbing has been around for a while, but the practice didn’t really become mainstream until portable rigs were introduced. Remember those days when you had to find all of your dab tools, heat up the nail red hot with a torch, and hope your wax got evenly distributed? Thanks to innovative companies like Puffco, those days are long gone.

The designers and engineers at Puffco loved their concentrates but hated the hassle of dabbing so they had their minds set on building smoking accessories that produce the most potent and flavorful hits while still being simple to use. Typical table top dab rigs are notoriously difficult to get the hang of (or get a consistently great tasting dab) and Puffco wanted to bring the 710 culture to the masses by utilizing the latest technology to create a product with no learning curve. That’s when the Puffco Peak e-nail was born. It’s so straight forward that your grandma can learn to dab in minutes, plus the Peak doesn’t have any wicks, glue, or plastic in the airway which can create a bad flavor and toxic bi-products.

Don’t just take it from us, the makers behind this revolutionary electronic smart rig have won multiple first place awards for High Times Best Vaporizer across various categories. Due to the rise in dabbing, there are lots of portable vaporizers flooding the market, but the Puffco Peak immediately stands out from the crowd with its sleek and elegant design that has endless possibilities for customization, making it one of the best dab rigs available.

Pink and black puffco peak

Using Puffco Peak

  1. Plug in your Peak until fully charged. While charging there will be a white blinking light. When the light goes off, you’re ready to go! A full charge takes roughly two hours.
  2. Remove the glass from the base and fill with water to just above the air holes. This is key since the electronic base can never get wet.
  3. Pop the glass back into the base with the intake holes on the glass and atomizer aligned.
  4. Turn on the rig by holding down the button for three seconds. Once on, you can click through the heat settings indicated by colored lights: low (blue), medium (green), high (red), or peak (white).
  5. Use a dab tool to add your favorite concentrate to the bottom of the bowl and pop on the carb cap.
  6. Click the button two times to begin heating. When the Peak hits the right temperature it will vibrate and flash its lights. That’s your signal to give it a huge rip!

Puffco Peak sesh mode

Most Peak owners say that sesh mode is their favorite feature (kind of like the secret menu at In-N-Out). This special mode gives an extra boost of heat and extends each cycle an additional 15 seconds so you can still take those giant rips you’re used to or share with friends. To access sesh mode, just give the button a double click and you’ll be able to reach your peak high.

girl smoking puffco peak

Puffco Peak Review


Now, the important question: How much is the Puffco Peak? Right now on our online headshop, the Puffco Peak is going for $342 with free shipping! That’s even cheaper than buying it on the Puffco website. The smart rig also comes with a one year limited warranty on the electronic base. Most high-quality  electric dab rigs run around this price. Take the KandyPens Oura for example which is a little more expensive at $354. If you’re looking for a side by side comparison of these two smart rigs, check out our portable dab rig buying guide.


The Puffco Peak measures in at 7 inches tall and has a maximum width of 2.75 inches at the base.

Heat settings

The device has four unique heat settings based on preference and how much concentrate you’re planning to load. It takes one click of the button to cycle through the different temperature settings, which are indicated by colored lights: low (blue), medium (green), high (red), and peak (white). The temperatures range from 450 to 600 degrees fahrenheit with a 20 second average heat up time.

Battery and charging

By giving the button a triple click, you can see how much battery life your rig has left. A green light means there’s 100% to 60% left, orange is between 60% and 20%, and red means you have 20% or less (in other words plug it in). The peak uses a micro USB charging cable and takes two hours to fully charge which will get you roughly 30 dabs. 

So, can you use the Puffco Peak while charging? Well, technically yes though it’s not recommended. You can get a dab out of it, but the Peak won’t actually be charging since all the power will be used to heat it up. The best thing to do to save battery life is to simply remember to turn off the device after each use by holding the button down for three seconds.

puffco peak colorful accessory


The Peak was created to be just as unique as you are. While the standard model is black, Puffco continuously releases special limited editions and collaborations like neon glow in the dark, gold chrome, a recycler glass, and the rainbow colored psychedelic Vision Lightning Peak. There are also one-of-a-kind handmade glass attachments that make it look like you’re taking rips from an avocado or a sriracha bottle. If your stoned friend accidentally drops your e-rig, it’s possible to purchase the atomizer, charger, ceramic bowl, glass stand, tether, and carb cap individually if you ever have to replace any broken pieces. On the go smokers can also opt for a travel glass that is virtually unbreakable, belt clip, cup holder insert, silicone glass cover, and travel bag to make daily life with the Peak even easier.

Is a Puffco Peak worth it?

Investing in a smart rig of any kind will dramatically improve your dabbing experience. The Puffco Peak will help you to get the most out of your concentrates thanks to the precise temperature control that helps reduce waste and save time. The e-rig is perfect for sharing with friends, taking along to parties, and carrying around during your busy lifestyle. The minimal tools needed, handy carrying case, and saved time already makes the Puffco Peak worth it.

If you’re already convinced, we’ve got the Puffco Peak for sale along with other top of the line dab rigs at our online headshop Everything For 420.

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