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Orb Dab Rig - 12in

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Two percolators

The Orb Dab Rig is otherworldly! Standing at 12 inches tall, this colored accented work of art is made from heat stable, top quality borosilicate glass and features an angled mouthpiece, as well as a built in downstem with a quartz banger nail. Also included are not one, but two percolators for added filtration, which reduces the harshness of your smoke and ensures you will have an exceptionally smooth pull without coughing up a lung. The main chamber contains a massive, purple orb-shaped swiss cheese percolator, and a clear colored stereo matrix percolator beneath.

🌑 12 Inches Tall

🌑 Stereo Matrix Percolator

🌑 Swiss Cheese Percolator

🌑 Angled Mouthpiece

🌑 Built In Downstem w/ Quartz Banger Nail

If you are looking for a functional piece that reduces the harshness of smoke while also producing a spectacular visual, this is the dab rig for you!

Blast into orbit with your very own Orb Dab Rig today!