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Best Electric Dab Rigs For Sale

August 31, 2020 3 min read

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The evolution of dab rigs is pretty extraordinary. Starting from a simple glass water pipe combined with a nail and blow torch, the electric dab rig has improved the dabbing process significantly to be an easier and safer set up. Dab enthusiasts no longer have to dangerously light a blowtorch to get a hit! Electric dab rigs use electricity to warm the heating chamber and use a “bubbler” for water filtration to provide those smooth dab hits we all look forward to. Here’s a list of the best electric dab rigs for sale that you absolutely need to have in your life.

Leaf Buddi Wuukah Electric Dab Rig

Leaf Buddi Wuukah Electric Dab Rig

Portable dab rigs are an excellent option so you can take your setup wherever you wish! The Leaf Buddi Wuukah Electric Dab Rig is 7.5 inches tall making it the perfect size for travel. Dab lovers especially gravitate towards this cool dab rig because of its LED display at the base that makes it easy to operate. Choose from three different nails: ceramic, titanium, or a quartz nail, and Leaf Buddi makes it even easier to upkeep your electric dab rig by including cleaning tools for convenience. This is the boss of all glass dab rigs, it’s time to level up!

KandyPens Oura

KandyPens Oura dab rig

You probably already know about the KandyPens Oura but here’s a refresher since it will always be a top pick in the dabbing world! This seven-inch portable electric dab rig has four different temperature settings to control hit strength and cloud size, you can customize your device to your liking. There is a touch sensor to turn on and off and after quick heating time within five seconds, you can change the temperature mid-session. Check out our full KandyPens Oura review. 

Puffco Peak

Puffco Peak dab rig

Another OG in the electric dab rig community, the Puffco Peak is an exceptional device that “unlocks the true power of concentrates.” A simple setup with an easy to use single button that includes a sesh mode extending each cycle an extra 15 seconds making this the perfect e-nail for social smokers. Packed with a carrying case with cleaning and loading tools, carb cap and tether, and charger - you have a complete set up and ready to rock wherever! Check out our full review on the Puffco Peak vs KandyPens Oura.

Focus V Carta

Another frontrunner, the Focus V Carta is a sleek device that can cold or hot load your concentrates however you prefer. To cold load, add a small amount of concentrate and choose your temperature setting while firing up your dab rig. To hot load, reverse the sequence and fire up your device before releasing your material. With four preset temperature settings, you can also download the smartphone app to create your own presets! The atomizers (chamber part of the device) on the Focus V Carta have an outstanding reputation for handling a good amount of wax in combination with producing a ton of vapor. A lot of dabbers like this choice for its superior ability to cool down hits that make for a very smooth experience.

Electric dab rigs are excellent smoking devices and you should definitely put thought into your next purchase when you are trying to buy a dab rig online. There are a ton of electric dab rigs for sale so figure out which specs are most important to you and go from there. What is your favorite electric dab rig to use?

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