Best 420 Smoking Accessories 2020

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420 Smoking Accessories
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It has been a rollercoaster ride of a year and with all the twists and turns that 2020 has hit us with, we’re still here! The most consistent thing us stoners can rely on is the excellent variety of 420 products for $4.20, because who doesn’t love a good steal? With many 420 smoking accessories  to choose from there’s something for every Mary Jane lover so let’s get to it! Here’s a list of a few of the best 420 accessories to pick up for you and some friends.

EF420 Vertex Vape Pen

vape pen

Everyone needs a good vape pen and where else can you get one for this cheap? The EF420 Vertex Vape Pen is a compact way to get high on the go, just twist in a cartridge! This cheap vape pen is controlled by a button to pre-heat settings and has different colored lights for indication. With an easy USB charger you can juice this baby up in the car before toking and getting on with your adventures, it’s as simple as that! You can find a basic weed vape pen like this just about anywhere, but you can’t beat this deal so stock up while you can.

Bob Marley Lion Metal Rolling Tray

Bob Marley rolling tray

You know what time it is with the Bob Marley Lion Metal Rolling Tray, because who wouldn’t want this beautiful piece as part of their smoking collection? The black metal perfectly enhances the graphics of this weed rolling tray so Bob Marley and the lion head really pop out - even the dreads look 3D! This cheap Bob Marley rolling tray is seven inches wide so you’ll have a nice amount of room to place your smoking accessories  in there and start rolling some joints. This metal rolling tray is an absolute must-have and can make great gifts for friends!

EF420 Kasher Eklipse Clipper Attachment

kasher attachment

The EF420 Kasher Eklipse Attachment is one of those accessories you never knew you needed! This kasher lighter attachment might look worthless but in fact it is extremely versatile - it can be used to clean your glass pipe, roll joints, punch cigars, cut hemp and more! Every stoner needs this cheap kasher lighter attachment and it can fit over most lighters including clipper lighters so you’ll never be without it. You won’t need many tools beyond this one so make sure you grab a couple to stash away for a rainy day!

2 Piece Wood Grinder 55mm

wood grinder

Looking like an old fashion yoyo without the string, the 2 Piece Wood Grinder is a sleek accessory to carry in your bag discreetly. This 55mm weed grinder has a wooden exterior with a metal interior to cut right through the thickest nugs. This cheap grinder also has diamond-shaped teeth on both the top and bottom for an even shred. Never worry about this wood grinder spilling with a magnetic closure so you can take this with you on the go! This grinder will get your weed nice and ground up and ready to roll.

EF420 Grinder Cone Filler

grinder pre rolled cone

Have you ever needed a little help rolling the perfect joint? Have no fear, the EF420 Grinder Cone Filler is here! The all-in-one device you need, just provide the rolling papers and the weed! This cheap weed grinder is the easiest way to get perfect joints every single time without breaking a sweat. Made of plastic, you can throw this in your bag without worrying about it breaking - you’ll want to take this wherever you go and plan to toke!

EF420 Silicone Dab Mat

silicone dab mat

If you need to upgrade your dab setup without breaking the bank, the $4.20 store has a wide selection of dab accessories too! The EF420 Silicone Dab Mat is a simple way to keep your surfaces clean with a non-slip surface made of heat safe silicone. Choose between an 8x8 inch white or black and a round or square mat to complete the ultimate dab space! 

4MM 45 Degree Male Quartz Banger

male quartz banger

This is an essential piece to pick up if you are into dabbing and looking for dab rig accessories.The 4mm 45 Degree Male Quartz Banger is a fan favorite with the EF420 family. Perfect for dabbing at low temperatures, this cheap banger is made of high-quality quartz material that is heat resistant and delivers excellent dabs every single time. Since this is glass you’ll have to be extra careful, but for $4.20 you’ll soon see how this is one of the best investments a dabber can make to enhance their smoking experience.

Rowll Terpenes Pre-Rolled Cone

Rowll Terpenes Infused Pre Roll Cone

The Rowll Terpenes Infused Pre-Rolled Cone is a simple way to make a smoke session extra special. Terpenes are known as essential oils that affect the taste and smell of plants. With a clementine matching profile, this pre-rolled cone is meant to enhance flavor and make it easy to prep a joint and get to toking. With a jar cover included, roll a fat joint and place it back into the jar for safe keeping. Set the mood with some chill music with a nice beverage and enjoy the fruity notes this pre-rolled cone will give to your weed!

King Palm Hand Rolled Leaf

King Palm Hand Rolled Leaf

Say hello to tobacco-free blunts! The King Palm Hand Rolled Leaf are made from organic palm leaves from the cordia tree so you can enjoy the extra slow burning and extend your smoke session. With no chemicals, additives or glue these cheap pre-rolled blunts come in three different sizes to match your level of high. The palm leaf will give an earthy flavor that pairs nicely with some bud, you’ll feel like you are in the tropics with just a few hits. 

With so many $4.20 store steals it will feel like Christmas came early! Whether stocking up on gifts for friends or just wanting to treat yourself, you can do both on a very small budget! EF420 has got you covered with the best 420 smoking accessories that are sure to get you lit. 

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