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Double Barrel Bong - 11in

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Out in the wild, wild west, every cowboy needs a double-barrel at his side. So giddy up, it’s time to draw the Double Barrel Bong. This bong’s two distinct chambers each contain a large tree percolator, while a third UFO perc sits at the very top. As concentration grows within each chamber, the percs are hard at work on filtration. The result? An experience smoother than the slickest outlaw you know.

🔫 3X FILTRATION POWER - Triple Perc Filtration System
🔫 CHAMBERED BONG - Double-Chambered Cylinder
🔫 HIGH QUALITY - Heatsafe Borosilicate Glass
🔫 FEWER LOOSE PARTS - Built-in Downstem
🔫 MEDIUM BONG - 11” Height & 1.8lb Weight
🔫 DURABLE - 4mm thick glass
🔫 18mm female joint with bowl included

    The transparent design allows you to watch the percolators and chambers in action, while the green glass accents at the base, mouthpiece, and top of the tree percs add a few pops of color. So grab a few dank tumbleweeds and pony up to use this piece at your nearest saloon. Yee-haw, partner, this one’s a winner.

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