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Silicone containers - Store Your Concentrates

Concentrates are valuable and often come in very small quantities. This means it is important to have proper storage so your valuable investment does not break down or lose its flavor or smell over time. The biggest enemies in the storage battle are light, heat, and moisture. Experts recommend choosing a storage container that is as close to the size of your concentrate as possible so there is very little air left in the container.

At Everythingfor420.com, we have a wide variety of wax silicone storage containers in different sizes, colors, and shapes and for $4.20, you can get containers that are the perfect size for what you have. If you want to carry your concentrates with you on-the-go, check out our key-chain container. We have a great mini dabbing kit with two container spaces and a dab tool in a tin case. We also have unique options like this plastic Pokeball.