Best Movies to Watch Stoned

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Whether you’re hanging out with friends or just smoking solo, adding a movie to the mix is one of the best activities to do and most memorable moments you can have while stoned. Some smokers like that the altered state gives them an elevated understanding of a film’s deeper meanings, while others enjoy the vibrant colors of nature documentaries, or silly comedies that become all the more funny when cannabis is involved. It doesn’t even matter which genre you decide to choose, you’ll appreciate the cinematography, acting, and soundtrack so much more while baked out of your mind. So throw on a comfy hoodie, roll up a fat one, and choose one of these stoner favorite films from your streaming account.

Ridiculous comedies for a night of uncontrollable laughter

Ace Ventura Saga

As funny as these movies are when sober, you’ll be rolling on the floor laughing when you watch them again while high. Those jokes that were so childish and sill are now absolute gold. From his flashy outfits and outlandish voices, to his over-the-top faces, Jim Carey will keep you giggling from start to finish. By the end of it, you may even have thoughts of becoming the world’s greatest pet detective yourself.

Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

When all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a Will Ferrell movie. The original Anchorman film is so chock full of funny one liners that you can drop one at any time and nearly everyone in the room will know the reference. Call up a group of buddies to come watch it with you and you’ll have one hell of a night in.

Sausage Party

Is this just an entertaining movie about daily life for products at a grocery store, or is there something more going on here? Seth Rogan is a master of cannabis-laced comedy and Sausage Party is no exception. If you look past the adult humor and anthropomorphic hot dog buns (and that weird grouchy douche), you may even have a philosophical revelation of your own. Is there really an afterlife waiting for us in the “Great Beyond”? Who knows.

Austin Powers Saga

Remember that time you got high and laughed so hard you thought you may have broken a rib? Let me guess, you were watching an Austin Powers movie? “Yeah, baby! Yeah!” With characters like Fat Bastard and Dr. Evil (don’t forget Mini Me), there’s no shortage of seriously quotable lines and memorable scenes.

Moody films that are sure to blow your mind

Sin City

Get lost in the dark and corrupt world of Sin City, which follows the intertwined stories of complex characters like Marv, Nancy Callahan, Gail, and Kevin. The vibrant pops of color within the black and white film was done via a special color processing technique that will draw you in from the opening scene.

Shutter Island

This Martin Scorsese thriller will leave you absolutely speechless (high or otherwise). Shutter Island sets out to make you question everything, even your own sanity. And that incredible build up and final twist will make you want to restart it again from the beginning because...what just happened?

Mad Max: Fury Road

Yes, we agree that the original 1979 film is amazing, but look at the acting, stunts and cinematography in Mad Max: Fury Road! The fast-paced dystopian thriller has insane action scenes and elaborate costumes that immediately capture your attention. This is one of those movies where you might realize you’ve been staring at the T.V. without moving for an hour straight.

Kill Bill

Every single one of Quentin Tarantino’s films would be a great addition to this list, but the vivid hues and artsy fight scenes elevate Kill Bill to a stoner movie league of its own. This brutal tale of revenge follows the katana wielding protagonist, The Bride, who is set on killing everyone who had a part in ruining her life. The well placed moments of tension and suspense coupled with intense fight scenes make this a great one when you’re lit. Just don’t go playing with katanas. 

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Documentaries you can zone out to while learning something new

Chasing Coral

Chasing Coral documents the severity of coral bleaching and highlights why we should care about this vital cause. Yes, the truth is a little depressing, but this eye-opening Netflix documentary may just give you a reason to bike to work once in a while instead of drive. The underwater scenes full of shimmering multi-colored fish, branching coral reefs, and graceful divers will keep you entranced and glued to the screen.


This documentary was filmed on 70 mm film over the course of five years and features mesmerizing images from all corners of the globe. Spectacular high definition visuals showcasing magnificent landscapes and daily life in various countries are set to a relaxing and peaceful soundtrack for a mellow night spent on the couch. If you can’t get enough of director Ron Fricke’s style in Samsara, also check out Baraka, which is equally breathtaking and can be found on Amazon Prime Video.  

Bonus picks: Movies that are just as high (or higher) than you are

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Harold and Kumar Saga

The Big Lebowski

Dazed and Confused

Friday Saga

This is the End

Pineapple Express



The Wolf of Wall Street

Enter the Void

Cheech & Chong Saga

Dude, Where’s My Car?

Did we miss your all time favorite movie to watch stoned? Leave your recommendations in a comment below.

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