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Poke Ball Silicon Wax Container

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Small, silicone wax container, Pokémon design

Ready for a silicone wax container that's the very best, like no container ever was? This container is ideal for holding various kinds of waxes, regardless of consistency. It’s the perfect size to hold a small amount of concentrate and it fits well in a pocket or carrying case.

⚡GOTTA CATCH 'EM BALL - Poketastic Design

⚡HIGH QUALITY SILICONE - Durable Material, Easy Cleaning

⚡SMALL & PORTABLE - Pocket-Ready


The Pokémon Poké Ball Silicon Wax Container is sure to impress your friends who play Pokemon Go or just grew up in the 90s. Just make sure to empty it around any weird friend that might grab the container, shout, “I choose you, Charizard!” and throw it to the ground as they look on helplessly while your concentrate slops onto the rug.